Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I had a dream. It's a weird dream. I kept thinking about it. Somebody once told me, if you dreamt of someone, it means that that someone is thinking about you? Not sure how true is that but I won't put my hopes up high. >_<" I know I know. I should stop thinking about him but somehow I dreamt about him last nite. *sigh. So, is he thinking about me?'s hopeless. Move on...

So, today, calling Indonesia again. At some point I was bored of dialing coz the phone keypad thinggie is kinda hard to press. *sigh and some keep passing me around. It's so annoying. This is why I kept saying to people that IT person dun really have great communication skills. >_<" Not fond of calling strangers and ask them. It would be different if I know people >_<" wuargh, I'm so gawddamn sleepy. Oooo another 4 days and it's mum's b'day. Uh uh must get her pressie. Er, I want my money!~!!!! Bonus!! I want money!!!! I want camera~!! Want want want! Yes I am obsess. Kill me now! mwahhahah kill! Die die die!


  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Kill can... die cannot...

    Anyways, dun worry, you're old... can't last all THAT much longer! :P

  2. hahahahahha *rofl. oh thank yew. feels gewd knowing it *rofl