Saturday, October 14, 2006

If anyone notice, since tag-board is not working, I decided to switch to C-box. This is coz I saw lotsa people using it and doesn't seem to bring a lot of problems to the user like tag-board did.

My mum picked me up from work yesterday. Sent me to my office. Pick up my salary. The accountant was funny. A very fast transaction indeed. I didn't even get to count my money yet. I directly walk to the bank with mum. Bank-in my money and walk back to the car. Hee. Yes, now it's the fun part. I have to check the price of Canon A710 IS camera here. I hope so badly that the price would still be around RM1300 with a lot of free gifts (well since it's raya season)?

Went to pick my sis up from work at around 4:30pm. Went to Karamunsing coz my sis wanted to see some clothes. Ogie! I saw the pants I wanted. In a really kewl blue-greenish color. FINE! It's turquoise! >_<" The only sad thing maybe, THEY DUN HAVE MY SIZE!!!! Am I really that fat? *sigh~

Went off around before 6pm. Went to Sugar Bun Jalan Gaya. Mum wanted to eat that talapia thinggie for a long time. Eat eat eat. Went home around 8pm. I was gonna shower and maybe eat the nasi lemak that my bro bought earlier but I was too tired and sleepy. So, I told my sis that I'll take like few minutes nap. *pftttttttt. It's a long sleep hahahahaha. I slept till 4am till my bro woke me up hahahaha. Coz he's going to the airport for an early flight to KL this morning. He got this Pump It Up dance competition thinggie with this 4 friends. Representing Sabah. Gewd luck to him and his team mates! :D

Surprisingly, I'm not sleepy. Well, I'm actually typing in the dark rite now. Letting my fingers do most of the job. Noted: Yahoo email new layout >_<" is kewl but so annoying. Oooo so btw, my sis sent me this. Juz wanted to share with everyone. Coz I think this is kewl in a very creepy kinda way. Enjoy viewing. These are some "Realistic Sculptures" by Ron Mueck from Australia. Well, I follow exactly the email title. Hehehehe..


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