Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's 1st day of hari raya. Fewd was delicious. Oooo~! I forgot to take photo of it >_<" Noiiiiiiiii!!! I forgot. Oh ogie nvm. Anyways, would like to thank everyone who sent me sms or msg to wish "Selamat Hari Raya". I would name em one by one but hmmm, too many. So, I took 74 shots this year with my new camera. I'm gonna post some of it. Most of the shots are for my eldest sis. She got lotsa frens coming over. Sadly to say. Only one of my and my bro's fren, Marrisa came. TQ AGAIN MARRISA!!! :D

family photo. from left (1st row): dad, mum, lyne, daniel (lyne's fiance)
from left (2nd row): tina, me and my bro

this used to be the parking area.

the newly renovated living room. my dad arranged everything. he could do the interior nicely no?

the cake my dad bought.

a funny shot of my sis pointing (in this case, poking) my bro's stomach *rofl

me and my 2nd sis.

my bro's ms. j alexander pose?

the chatters XD

Noted: Amy, get well soon! :D


  1. Wishing you and family Selamat Hari Raya.!

  2. i misssssssssssssssssssss out raya this year bcoz of sickkkkkkk~~~

    can re-play ka?

    yer, cannot go to ur plc this yr, seems very colorful la ur plc this yr. FUH, the green color wall so "geng" the color!

    who are the chatter?

    p/s: psst.. mas, put in last yr's raya pics and act as it was this yrs.. ;p i cant belived i missed all the open house. Darn it!

  3. thanks aceone..

    heahhahaha too bad amy. u lost it! XD gawd. but still raya bah..can come my house oso if u want? owez open house one. bring ali sekali. he oso did not come my house de~

    amy. the chatters. by nicks ka?

    by nicks are member`, cubexx a.k.a duck-boy (my bro), ^^Angel^_of_Darkness a.k.a Kichigai (me) and DJ Girl.

    Zaman dulo dulo~