Sunday, October 22, 2006

Last nite, went to Servey Likas with mum and 2nd sis. Bought quite a number of stuff. Lotsa ppl. Annoyed. I dislike going to places with lotsa ppl. It was quite far to park the car. Thank gawd, I'm not the one driving. Well, I can't drive yet. Leg still pain every now and then. Weak~! Anyways, as we were paying at the counter, there's this malay lady (I'm not a racist of any kind, it's juz that, I dun like typical malays). *hiks. Wut a statement. I'm sorry if I offended anyone who read this but I seriously dislike ppl patting my shoulder. They could say "Excuse Me" loudly, seriously I dun mind. Rather than patting my shoulder. That is so ewww~. So yes, the story is actually, somebody pat my shoulder instead of saying excuse me coz they wanted to go to the other counter. *shiesh! Where's ur manners?! *sigh. And they say Malaysians are friendly. *geez~. Some juz hmm u know wut I mean? *sigh. Juz dun pat my shoulder(s). Sometimes I find stewped ppl, they would like talk to each other hoping that we will move. Wot? Like hello?! Dun they know how to say "Excuse Me"?! >_<"

Anyways, I took some photo with my new camera. Enjoy viewing. Am still figuring out some functions so, bare with me >_<"

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