Sunday, October 08, 2006

I couldn't sleep. So, I was browsing forum while waiting for download to finish and was designing another webbie layout. >_<" i put kitties on the bed. hehehehe. They are so cute. Ohh anyways, I'm thinking. Been thinking a lot about the camera that I might get. I hope I make the right choice. Heheh. Ooo another thing. I'm gonna get a water heater for my room. The other day went to the mall to check price. RM450 above >_<" the ones with pump. Wooo, and gonna come out of my own pocket money. *hiks~ Yesterday I spent RM100++ for bra and shoe. Heheheh once in a blue moon.

Oooo ogie, now I'm sleepy. Oooh, I was downloading America's Next Top Model Cycle 7, latest episode. >_<" I stewpedly go download the same episode. Argh~! Have to download the new one *sigh~

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