Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a "lousy" day.

I forgot that I've red about my feng shui about this month. The thing is, I couldn't remember when is it that I have maybe a lil "bad luck". How unfortunate. *sigh.

This morning, the Research Officer pissed me off by blaming me for not giving him the documents that my brother cc to me. Which doesn't make sense coz he should be the one to inform my brother if he didn't receive the email. And since it's not my duty to give him, obviously...I'm the type of person who can't tolerate idiots. Idiots by mean blaming me for something I didn't do. So, basically, I gave the RO a piece of my mind. Yes, I got a really bad temper when it comes to this kinda thing. I get very serious when that happens. I go ballistic and I barely know wut the hell I'm toking about. So, I yelled at him, even he's older than me. Older not superior, since he's the same level as me even he's older ok. Old or young. I seriously give no shite if u're wrong. That's the feeling of being me. Not happy about it but yes. I am and will be like this till the rest of my lives. I think. Not fond of it though coz when I get really really angry, my whole body will start shaking or I'll be feeling cold. >_<" The only thing that will cool me down is to stay calm. *sigh I hate myself. Anyways, things could not get even worst. The line died on me after that. *sigh >_<" o me gawd. I called TM Customer Care and guess wut they told me? My connection hang? *geez. But guess again, some of the people outside (meaning my colleague), can online >_<" oh crap.

Uh uh, now this is the fun yet painful part. I went to toilet, wanna pee, as I about to sit on the toilet bowl, I could feel my left leg making a crack sound. >_<" ouchie. I sprained my knee. That's so painful. As I dun really care about the pain since it wasn't that painful at first, I walk back to my room and try to massage it and walk around for awhile. But then, I realized that at some point, it got really really painful and I breakdown and cry. Sad and pathetic but true. It was too much pain for me till I was crying when I called my mum. The initial idea was to swap cars with my dad coz I drive a manual car and he drive an automatic. Instead, he sent me to "sinsei" for massage. Oooo it felt gewd but when I reach home, ooooooooooo u can't imagine how painful it is. Now I'm still in pain even I took 4 of the pills that the "sinsei" gave me earlier. Which I'm suppose to take earlier but I was fasting. So I waited till 6 something to actually take it. I have to take another 2 different medicine around 10pm. I have to take 4 of the earlier medicine tomorrow morning. And etc for the next 3 days. So, I won't be going to work since I'm won't be able to drive to work and the stairs are killing me. Now I know how my mum felt when she twisted her knee, I think it's the knee too. So, here's a photo of my knee. >_<" I'm in so much pain.
taken using my handphone. so it's not so clear

taken using the digital camera

one of my medicine

another medicine

Oh, guess how I walk? Very slowly, like dragging the leg. I felt like a walking zombie >_<"


  1. Hmm... tht looks bad. Well, walk like a zombie, look like a zombie, can act in next resident evil movie :P

    Just a nice thought for you. My friend injured his right knee a month ago... still hurts... and he injured his left kneee 3 years ago. Says it sometimes hurts still, especially if cold.... :)

    Anyways, hope you get better soon. Careful, if not they have to chop it off leh.

  2. poor thing la mas!
    i hope u'll get better soon... i've gone through ur experience b4 and it's aint fun!

  3. heahhaeh thanks guys...yeah i hurts like hell. yesterday, after awhile, i can't walk at all. i had endure the pain even while sitting down. Oohhh, I can't squat at all. I can sit. Last nite when i wanna sleep, i had to carry it up the bed and i can't move it everywhere i want. Well at least it's better today. i can at least walk a bit. but i can't squat as yet.