Monday, January 07, 2013

CSPian Year End Trip 2012 - Nagapuri (Part 2)

I'm so delaying this post.  

29th Dec 2012 - Saturday - Day 2

Went for walks along the beach.  Daniel has been attracting sandflies.  It was me, Kuya, Ihsan and Daniel walking.  Rendy meet us halfway.  Took photos, like a bunch of em.  I think we walk for almost 2km, not too sure about the distance cause I forgot to track it.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

CSPian Year End Trip 2012 - Nagapuri (Part 1)

I have been waiting for this trip like forever.  There's a lot of stuff been going on throughout last year and Nagapuri is the best place to relax.  I went to this place last year but I did not blog about it cause of the overwhelming number of photos taken during that trip that I sort of wasn't in the mood to write anything about it.  I think we had around 12 people for last year's trip.  There were new faces for this trip but the number had been reduced to 8 cause some had to work.  5 cars for carpool reduced to 3.  It's ok.

We had 2 days and a night's trip last year and we increased the number of nights there this time cause it was that much fun.  I think some of us were in the state of not wanting to go home.

Lets begin.

So I thought combining 3 days post might be a wee-bit too long, so I'm gonna make 2 parts.  And this is part 1.

28th Dec 2012 - Friday - Day 1

The girls carpooling again.  Kuya is driving again.  Sleep deprived Kuya and Massy.  I think I was overexcited? Maybe, I'm not sure what was my reason but I probably had around 2-4 hours of sleep (vague memory is vague, I think I was compiling the playlist, yes I compile songs for roadtrips lol but not everyone likes my taste in music but I'd like to think that I have good taste in music? yes? I only manage to compile up to 40 songs for this trip cause my dad changed my line to P1 and I totally killed it by downloading Borderlands2 *uhuk~ shhh~ one must not tell) or more, I can't remember.  Pick up time at 7am.  I'm already up at 4:30am and get ready, double check my clothes and everything is packed.  I initially thought Kuya gonna pick Jna up first since my house is the furthest but somehow that plan changed, lucky I got ready early hehe.