Monday, January 07, 2013

CSPian Year End Trip 2012 - Nagapuri (Part 2)

I'm so delaying this post.  

29th Dec 2012 - Saturday - Day 2

Went for walks along the beach.  Daniel has been attracting sandflies.  It was me, Kuya, Ihsan and Daniel walking.  Rendy meet us halfway.  Took photos, like a bunch of em.  I think we walk for almost 2km, not too sure about the distance cause I forgot to track it.

Me walking and taking photo with Sammy.

We walked till this place and turned around, felt like too far and we were getting hungry.

As usual, our breakfast will be toast bread with jams, and some fried eggs, or you can cook instant noodles.

I think some morning, I'll be having more than 4 piece of bread and 2 fried eggs.

Waw, I can't remember what I did around noon but I had fried kuey teow and fried rice for lunch.

These taste so good.

It's a good day to laze around.  Guess what Rendy did?

Make a sand pyramid.  Hoi, u're attracting sandflies!


I went for a jog around 4:30pm.  At first I thought I'll jog to the rock formation but there were too many people and there were construction going on around that area so I decided to turn back.  Oh I ran barefoot. I started running from Tempurung Beach Lodge and run against the wind.  I swear it was challenging cause it was hard.   Nobody is sighted at this side of the beach.  But it's still weird running alone.  I decided to run till the rock that we crossed earlier this morning but I couldn't seem to find it, might as well run 3km then only turn back.  I think  I went too far away.  Running back was easy though, I went below 6 mins pace and it felt good.  Overall completed around 5.3km and in time to take photo of the sunset.

After everyone's done with their shower.  Head up for dinner :)

Did not manage to take photo of all the food together cause everyone was hungry.  So I just took whatever is on the table hee.

My plate.  Yes, I don't eat rice, well I do but I'll skip white rice.  Unless it's fried, then that's unavoidable.  LOL.

Don't worry, I eat more than this actually, this was my starting plate hee.

After dinner, hangout and play Mansion of Madness.  Hee, got the hang of playing as keeper.  See, I'm not a big fan of reading, so I tend to skip some part of when finish the game only know what I missed out *rofl.  But I'm an epic keeper.  Give chance one.

With mosquito coil around the table, my foot got attacked by mosquitos!  Gawddammit!

And we have light snack omg, non stop eating.

In the end, the investigators won this round.

After game, eat crabs!  Treat from the owner :) Yay~ another crab session.  Noms!

Wash hand with lemon tea after feast.


After that play game, suggested by Daniel.  It's hilarious.  I think my head were gonna explode from all the laughing.  All you need are papers, pen/pencil and a good imagination.  But that whole thinking won't work when you're drunk/having a headache.  

Ended the party around 1am I think.

I sure had a good night sleep.  We had mosquito coils in our room, actually I took the pillow from the other bed.  I slept soundly like a baby that night.  Must be too tired from running.

30th Dec 2012 - Sunday - Day 3 (final day)

Woke up around 6am but slept till before 9am.  The pyramid is gone!

Went up for breakfast.  Yes, the same breakfast.  Toast, jam, fried egg and instant noodle.  Went to the rock formation with Charles, Ihsan and Daniel.  Omg hot and sunny.  I'm burning!  

Spotted a stick bug.  I took few photos of it and it was moving towards me omg!  It's so kewl and creepy at the same time.

Somebody left their Rayban.

Loads of crabs!

Walked all the way for this.

Tried some panorama shot using Sammy.

That whole walk is around wait, was it 5km?  I can't remember.  But it was far.  Took us an hour to walk back and forth, well including the time that we stopped to take photo of course.

After all that, go play with water!  Since I can't swim.

Chucky's photo 

So much fun.  Should have do this since day 1.  

Showered, packing and ready to eat lunch before we leave.

Friend corn beef!

Us again XD

Group photo with the owner :)

Last year was point up.  This year, mesti datang XD

Group photo set timer by Chucky hehe.

Bye bye Nagapuri, I'll be back!



  1. Gosh so fun! Hanging out with friends somewhere outside the city hehe. Siok o kan.

    And as usual, board games juga la kan hehe.

    Happy Wednesday, Massy.

    1. Ini blog lama nda update sudah hehe