Thursday, January 03, 2013

CSPian Year End Trip 2012 - Nagapuri (Part 1)

I have been waiting for this trip like forever.  There's a lot of stuff been going on throughout last year and Nagapuri is the best place to relax.  I went to this place last year but I did not blog about it cause of the overwhelming number of photos taken during that trip that I sort of wasn't in the mood to write anything about it.  I think we had around 12 people for last year's trip.  There were new faces for this trip but the number had been reduced to 8 cause some had to work.  5 cars for carpool reduced to 3.  It's ok.

We had 2 days and a night's trip last year and we increased the number of nights there this time cause it was that much fun.  I think some of us were in the state of not wanting to go home.

Lets begin.

So I thought combining 3 days post might be a wee-bit too long, so I'm gonna make 2 parts.  And this is part 1.

28th Dec 2012 - Friday - Day 1

The girls carpooling again.  Kuya is driving again.  Sleep deprived Kuya and Massy.  I think I was overexcited? Maybe, I'm not sure what was my reason but I probably had around 2-4 hours of sleep (vague memory is vague, I think I was compiling the playlist, yes I compile songs for roadtrips lol but not everyone likes my taste in music but I'd like to think that I have good taste in music? yes? I only manage to compile up to 40 songs for this trip cause my dad changed my line to P1 and I totally killed it by downloading Borderlands2 *uhuk~ shhh~ one must not tell) or more, I can't remember.  Pick up time at 7am.  I'm already up at 4:30am and get ready, double check my clothes and everything is packed.  I initially thought Kuya gonna pick Jna up first since my house is the furthest but somehow that plan changed, lucky I got ready early hehe.

There I go with my camera, backpack, wine and a file of guitar tabs (no I don't play the guitar but I like to sing, though I don't think I'm good at it *chuckles).

Meet up point with the other peeps is at Sri Rezeki, Lintas (just like last year).  It's a matter of convenience for everybody.  I think.  I totally forgot that it's a Friday and was wondering why there's so many cars lol.  My bad.  I actually wanted to eat something other than Soto Ayam but I couldn't think of anything, so decided to eat the same thing.  Darn it, should have ordered Rojak instead.

Looks like everyone is eating Soto.  Oi! Ada urang sasat sana.  Hehe.  Somebody couldn't sleep, so kesian. Should have joined us but I guess he got plans.  

We brought a lot of junk food and carbonated drinks for last year's trip and decided to cut it down a bit this time around.  Okay, lets do this correctly.  So since it's a new year, I'm gonna say 2011 and 2012 trip instead omg, I got confused myself.  Sorry 'bout that.

Went to Pick n Pay to pick up some stuff, additional stuff for the trip.  And off we go.  We had to drop by Lido for a bit and off we go.  No, I do not wanna tell you the story about that whole miscommunication thinggie before the trip hehe.  

And off we go, we left at around 10am-ish.  Chucky lead, Rendy was next, and there's Kuya.  Hehehe, I think Rendy let Kuya go after Chucky cause we were laffing at the plastic rope trying to escape, looking like jelly fish actually.  

We arrived around noon.  That took about 2 hours or more cause we took the longer route to avoid traffic.

We're HERE!  Hey! Got signboard already.  I didn't realize that it looks like that logo from Dead Island till somebody mentioned it.

Package:  RM100 per night inclusive breakfast, lunch and "emperor" dinner.

*Warning:  This place is not suitable for people who's not laid back and doesn't know how to enjoy.  *chuckles.  Personally, this place might not seem much but the food is great and hospitality is top notch.  Best place to relax, no tv, just you and the beach.  Haaaaa~ 

Ahhh I miss this place.  Stairs!  Good exercise :)

The view from the lounge area.

Blue skies and clean beach!  Happy!  Though, we should have called the owner telling him that we're coming cause lunch came a wee bit late hehe.  It's ok.  Some of us end up napping and some of us had a game of Mansion of Madness boardgame hee~  My first time as a keeper, but we'll get to that later.

Kurang 1 chee mui, Amber!

We were given 2 rooms initially and requested another one.  A room can fit up to 4 person.  Well maybe can fit more but there's 2 single beds and a couple bed.  And, uh oh, we got our same room! Yay!  

Mine is the corner left, near the toilet.  I think they changed the mosquito net already.  

That sofa is not there before.  How did that get there?

The curtain behind me is the shower/toilet.

Each room has a stand fan.  But don't really need it at night cause it's so cooling.  Ahhh the sound of wave.  

While waiting for lunch.  Unpack a bit and relax for awhile.

Oh waw, it's hot this time around.  

Lets go back up.

I had problems going up and down the stairs the first time but sort of got used to it already.  

This might be a challenge for some.

The lounge/hangout area.

Looks very homey no?

The dining area.  

This leads to a toilet with a view.  I just realize I didn't go there and take photo, there's always next time.  Hee, wait for it! :)

The kitchen and pantry.


Setting up Mansion of Madness as the keeper and there's 3 investigators.  Daniel can't play this round cause he's guiding me.

Max (the owner) is back by 3pm.  Lunch is prepared.  Game paused.

Fried noodles and fried eggs for lunch.  Makan sampai kembong.  And not forgetting the salad, Ivy brought from KK.  

Still looks kinda sunny so continue game.  I think this was around 4pm?

We're almost done!

I think we finish this game around 5pm or so?

Keeper won this round cause investigator fail to kill the monster.

Yay! First time as keeper, so far so good.  I like playing as keeper hohoho.

Pack it all up and lets go to the beach!

Mind you, my plan was to take as much photos as I can.  But the girls asked me to join them play.

So, I had to go back and keep my camera and play water!  Okay, more like play with sand orz.

It's my cousin, Ihsan's birthday that day.  So, we sang him Happy Birthday few times.  Too bad didn't bring cake.

Dinner for Day 1.  Can't believe I'm drooling while posting these photos.

After dinner, chit-chatting and playing with flash.

Hang out near our rooms till midnight.  Singing and chit-chatting.  

Slept at 1am-ish, end up waking up around 2am cause of a knocking sound.  Maybe a woodpecker?  Don't know, but then kept waking up every hour till 6am.  orz  What is wrong with me?

More photos on my facebook, here (limited to those who's in my friend list only, sorry).

- to be continued -  

Day 2 and 3 in Part 2, stay tuned.  I wanna go shower first.  I thought I'd be playing game on steam tonight but end up posting this instead cause wanna kill some time hahah.


  1. Wah!

    Syoknya holiday. :)

    1. Yes, sangat best, tulah haven't been running, eating too much XD have to shed the fats again.