Monday, November 26, 2012

[Running] 5D4N Penang + Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 (Part 2)

Brace yourself!  Yet another long post, okay kidding, this post is slightly shorter than the 1st part hehe.

Just in case those did not read the Part 1 for my Penang trip, go here!

19th Nov 2012 - Monday - Day 4

Woke up at 6am.  Went for breakfast at Fook Cheow Cafe, which is the same place where we had our breakfast the other day.  Wanted to eat Kon Lou Mien but decided to try everything else.

This place is usually packed around 8-9am.

We had;  Curry Mee.  That moment when you ordered 2 bowl instead she sent 1 bigger bowl *facepalm.

Reason why the photo of the curry mee looks like it's been tampered with.  LOL.

Ordered Kuey Teow Noodle Soup after that.

So refreshing *slurps~

And you thought that's over?  Pancake after that *noms!

Lets burn! Start walking again.  I think my legs were less painful than yesterday.  But of course, I had like 6 salonpas taped on both of my legs lol.  The only soreness I felt that time was around my thigh.  I won't say the same about Dan though.  Tulah, inda mo salonpas.  Baru ko tau.

Since we did not have a plan for today, decided to just go wherever we want.  And one of the location that I wanted to go is here.

I super love this place.  

Oh yeah, I just remember, I was looking for Tausa Pheah for Olie XD;;; That's why went to this part of Georgetown hee.

That famous Ghee Hiang one! 

Mass produce!

We're here!

Bought 3 box.  16 pcs selling for RM5.50 and 32 pcs selling for RM9.50.  I later found out that these Tausa Pheah is non halal.  *sobs.  And also later found out that these are available at shopping malls and airport.  Friend told me that there's a halal one too.  OMFG! Okay.jpg lesson learned.  Oh well, good sight seeing moment?

What's next? To 1st Avenue we go! By bus, free shuttle of course.

That moment when we saw stairs.  It's between crossing the road on a busy road and a safer route except that going down the stairs is a whole lot of pain.  Safer route it is lol.


Yay for free bus! Super like.  Did I mention free WiFi?  But you'll have to register to get connected longer or you'll get disconnected every 5 minutes.  Bummer.

 Not 10am yet.  Mall not open yet.

Walked around a bit.  Went to 8th floor and got myself a polka dot case for Sammy :) superlike!

Massy gets hungry all the time.  Have a little light snack hee.

This caught my attention.  Screw allergies :)

So crunchy!

Shop a bit at Prangin Mall :) aiya need more time!

Christmas decoration is up!

Went back to drop the boxes before head out to Queensbay Mall.  Dan wanted to go to Borders.

I found what I'm looking for at Chowrasta Market!  Regret that I didn't buy more :(

Looks like gonna rain.

At least not blazing hot sun like for the past 3 days.

Lunch at Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant, Queensbay Mall.

OMG! Food!

Mine was Salmon and Seafood cheese baked rice.  The steak is Dan's.

Stuffed and satisfied!

Was going around Queensbay Mall till around 5pm.  Raining!  OMG so cold.

An attempt for panorama shot with Sammy.  I think we kept telling ourselves that we should take the taxi back to Georgetown but that did not happen.  

We ran to the bus stop but that was a bad idea too, cause it was windy and no matter how we stand at the bus stop, we still got wet.  I was shivering, most definitely.  The bus only came past 6pm and it's full, standing like sardine for half an hour.

I'm starting to feel a wee bit dizzy and bought some panadol actifast when reached jetty terminal.  Took the taxi to Northam Food Court which was recommended by a friend, then to realize that it's called Northam Beach Cafe.  This place is open from 4pm to 2am.  Past 8pm already.  Detoured at a shop selling chocolates, coffee and tea.  =_="""

I gotta thank Dan for putting up with my bad moods and went and order for me hehe.  Sorreh, but I think I was so hungry till cranky.

Had Char Kuey Teow, Laksa and Fried Rice for late dinner.  I think we were still hungry but some of the stalls are close or either we need the portion to be small.

And it's past 10pm, we walked back to the hotel in the rain orz.  Both very tired.

My Penang trip loot.  Not enough :(

Bringing home Sakuya's clothes orz.  

Some coffee from Penang.

I finish packing around 1am, had to try to make everything compact but couldn't fit one of Kuya's winter clothes.  *sigh.  I think I had a headache and pray to god that Dan would help me with that last piece.

In the end, I had to wear my smelly running shoe home instead of my casual shoe *sigh.  Cause too many stuff to bring back.

20th Nov 2012 - Tuesday - Day 5 (I'm going home!!!)

I think I had a roughly 2-4 hours again.  Wargh!  Flight back to KK is at 10:40am.  Yes! Got time for breakfast hee.

Kon Lou Mien stall, YUNO open?! Nouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *sobs.

Oh well.

Lo Ma Kai and Kuey Teow Noodle then.

Took taxi to the airport.

This is me trying to straighten my back.  Lol.

And we're off! :)

I was sitting in between 2 big fella.  Adui, I'm already this small, I had to limit my space again haihs~ sandi.

Raining in KK.  Friend picked me up.  Traffic jam at the airport.  My planned nap did not happen.  I had somewhat a heavy lunch.  Planned dinner at Bomber Burger at Gaya Street with peeps!

This was a bad idea.  Adui so full!

And that's all.  Thank you for reading :)


  1. Waaa sioknya. I miss Penang food oh. My mom was in Penang just a couple of months ago. She balik bawak banyaaaaaaaaaak dodol durian! :D

    1. Yeee macam inda puas o pigi sana