Sunday, November 25, 2012

[Running] 5D4N Penang + Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012 (Part 1)

*takes a deep breath.  This is so gonna be a long post.

Photos taken with Sammy (my new Samsung Galaxy S3) eventhough I brought along my digital camera.  I didn't get to use that lol! WHY? I don't even know.

I don't even know where to start.

But, I'm gonna say that Penang trip is not cheap!

My 2nd attempt at Full Marathon.  Penang was a bad idea.  Bridge all the way!  *yayface.jpg.

I had a 6 months training schedule planned for this one.  I get to run 3 times a week.  Speedwork on Tuesday, tempo on Thursday and long runs on Sunday.  You can probably say that I rarely enjoy cause I had to wake up as early as 2am on a Sunday for the past 6 months.  Cut story short, I sort of changed to a new shoe, an Altra Intuition 1.5 (more about altra running shoes, here.  I got mine from running warehouse, here in less than a week!) quite late and shin splint my left leg.  Lets just say that I "forced" myself to complete a 10km with a target pace and made it worst.  Worst in the sense that the pain went from above the ankle to nearing to the knee, moves up to the back of knee and my right leg.  I think I didn't do a proper cooldown and drove home, the new place is a bit further than my usual place, reason for switching place is cause my car got broken into like a month ago.  Sad case.  

It was a Thursday when I did my 10km tempo run and I continued running that Sunday.  Walking was so painful.  I end up resting for a week before the race.  *sigh.  Went to Likas Sports Care Plus for treatment.  Felt slightly better but not fully recovered.  Had to tape my left leg till race day with that ActiTape Kinesiology tape I got from Watson for RM59.90.  Got to thanks Hadie from Sports Care Plus for the guide and tips and definitely for taping my leg.  Felt slightly better when walking compared to when I did not had it taped.  I tried the trial pack of the KT tape that I got from Royal Sporting House but with my excessive sweating it doesn't seem to stick.  Acti-tape seems to works better cause I taped it and showered, left it for 2 days, still strong.  

Yes, I was walking with this pink tape for more than a week.  Maybe 2 weeks?

I was worried that I couldn't run cause every jump is pain.  But before flying to Penang on 16th Nov 2012, Friday, it's not as painful anymore.

16th Nov 2012 - Friday - Day 1

In comparison of the flight cost from last year's and this year's air ticket, price almost the same except last year we were flying via KL, we nearly missed our flight on the way back cause of the delay from Penang to KL.  This year we were flying direct.  Thank god!

Morning flight with Daniel.  Though seat very far apart.  I was seated around 9 and he was seated around 23? OMG! so far.  I was gonna like sleep all the way cause I had a roughly 2 hours sleep, last minute packing, I think I brought along too much clothes lol.  Backpack all the way.  No check in bags!  I have problem eating when I'm sleep deprived.  Wanted snacks but couldn't find any.  So, I had tea for breakfast at that overpriced restaurant at Terminal 2 airport.  

An old man took my seat but I insisted cause it's a window seat.  I'm sorry, I have respect for old people but I can't give up my window seat *sweats.  A stranger changed his seat with the old man cause we were talking about running.  Yes, I forgot his name lol but it's his first time doing Half Marathon.  Both of us were sleep deprived but end up talking in flight for more than 2 hours lol.  Almost reaching Penang only I realize some other friends from KK sitting in front of me *facepalm.  Why most of my running buddies are doods?! I need more female running friends!

Arrived at Penang International Airport at 10am-ish.  Waited for the rapid bus 401E to Queensbay Mall for an hour.  Ticket fee is RM2, I think.  Gonna go collect my race pack!  

Arrived Queensbay Mall at around noon.  Booth just set up but the collection counter and PowerBar booth is open!  

Lets just say that I learned my lesson, well not really.  My first attempt to Full Marathon, I did not have any energy gel with me.  LOL!

This time, I got 7.

This year's toilet so colorful.  And labelled.  Male 1 row and female another row.

Getting hungry.  Time to brunch.  Where to have lunch?  No idea.  We were walking around the mall looking for food, in the end, Subway Sandwiches, I CHOOSE YOU!

Actually we saw a Kim Gary's Restaurant very crowded, got curious but decided only go there after the race.

So here's lunch.  Meatballs, cheese with lettuce and pickles.  How come I has no taste of mustard?!

Walked around a bit and thought we walk around mall and look for a small pouch to carry our gels during the run.  Went to check out the booth but none set up yet haiyah!  Met Shaiful, Ray and George.  YUNO take pictar? :(

Felt slightly hungry right after that.  Went to grab Melonpan hehe.


And you think that's enough?  Nope.  Gotta grab myself Auntie Anne's Pretzels with Sour Cream *nyum~  Actually I was already full when I finished my Melonpan.  *burps.  Saved the pretzel for later.  More like Dan helped me eat my portion, I only eat a bit of it lol.

Past 3pm, waited for the bus to Georgetown.

Omg! What is up with this hot weather.  MELTING!

Took another bus to Jalan Penang and walked all the way to our hotel.

Checked in and rest.  My room were on the 3rd floor, stairs *sweat.  We stayed at this place, Cozy Home Inn at Jalan Argyll last year too :)

Running pack!

S size running vest would fit nicely except there's this "longkang" on both of the sides.  The most nice fitting one I got is from Standard Chartered KL Marathon.  I was gonna just wear it and let it be but I was too agitated that I went to Watson and bought sewing kit to sew it.  Yes, I'm that crazy.  Next time I bring my own.  

Unsatisfied look lol.

I think this one looks nicer than last year's running vest :) 

Took the bus to Komtar to look for pouch and that perfume from AGift for Amber.

Rapid free shuttle bus in front of 7eleven at Jalan Penang.

The routes.

We arrived at Prangin Mall (my eyes were all shiney cause there's so much stuff to shop there) thought that's Komtar.  Komtar is more dead lol.  But both me and Daniel found the pouch for our energy gels.  Not the ones I wanted but that'll do.  Couldn't find the perfume (later realized that the shop located at 1st Avenue).  Went for late dinner at Georgetown White Coffee. When I say late, it was around 9pm-ish.

Super sweet Lo Han Ko.

I had Penang Yee Foo Mee.

Dan mistaken this place for the one at New World Park at Hutton Street.  Wait, that counts as Lorong Amoy or Hutton Street? *sweats.

10pm, walked to the bus stop for the bus.  Wrong place.  

There's like 5 lanes at this stop but none states exactly which lane we should be waiting.  Then we realized that we should take the free shuttle bus at the place were were dropped off.

Which is this one.

Arrived the hotel around past 10pm and went to bed after shower.  I think I had 2-4 hours of sleep.  What is wrong with me?

Oh and this is the pouch that I got from Komtar.

What is with me and pink?  I can't explain it.  It's like an addiction.  For those that know me before, I used to be anti pink lol.

17th Nov 2012 - Saturday - Day 2

Good morning from Georgetown, Penang!

Went for breakfast nearby.  Kon lou mien! Slurps!  This is so tasty!  It's few mins walk from our hotel.  

Super love green chili! *slurps.

Walked to the bus stop at Jalan Penang for the free shuttle bus to Komtar again cause this time I know where the shop is located already.

AGift With Care shop!  Check out their website, here.

AGift With Care is a social business run by Universal Joy Sdn. Bhd., that aims to help special people (SP henceforth) both financially and through self-improvement.

Cleared a task!  Hehe, that perfume for Amber.

Other loot for myself.

Light snacking.

Tom Yam Spaghetti.

Strawberry pearl drink.  This reminds me of that milk from kindergarten.

What caught my attention.  

From 8th floor at 1st Avenue.  Don't look down.  FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Went to Carrefour for bread and peanut butter for light breakfast before marathon in the morning.

Look what I found?

RM8.99 each.  Tapau 5!  Not enough but I ain't that greedy.  Now feel regret that I didn't get more.

Another snacking moment at Prangin Mall.  Kill time.  Dan gave me 2 hours of shopping time but not enough time *sigh.

Wanted to eat Snow Ice but scared it might be too sweet that would make us stay up for a long time lol.  Instead, we ordered Gyoza.  Then to realize it's a disappointing pan fried vegetable gyoza.

We actually wanted Yogurt but forgot where that place was, till we went back to 1st Avenue only realized this *facepalm.  Was walking at the wrong direction.

Went for lunch before went back to the hotel to sleep.

Did not expect Lasagna to be that spicy.  Sandwich for me.  Surprisingly I finished this.

I sewed my running vest and went to sleep around 6pm after shower.  I keep waking up every hour.  In the end I did not get any sleep.  Had 2 piece of bread with peanut butter.  Got ready around 11pm and went to jetty terminal via taxi for the free shuttle bus to Queensbay Mall.  Different stop than last year.  Still have to walk though.  

I'm ready!

Slightly nervous cause my shin still has minor twitch.

Meet up with Shaiful, Ray and George.  I think quite a number of people had problem sleeping.

Warmed up with Daniel and got to the starting point at 1:45am.  

18th Nov 2012 - Sunday - Day 3 - Race Day!!!

And we're off at 2am!

Starting off with Dan at 7 mins pace.  So far so good.  I was trying to keep up with him cutting anywhere we can cut.  Took my first energy gel at 8km.  Passed to few water station till I grab 1 bottle at one of the water station.  I think I drank a lot of water cause I couldn't swallow the gel without water help lol.  Gastric at 9km, tried to not think about it and keep running till I end up walking.  Tried to continue running but I was feeling uneasy, I think I was walking for few km till that whole "gassy stomach" phase was over.  After that it was a total struggle.  I end up run walk all the way back.  Oh and the bridge elevation did not help.  Dan was way in front of me and I was waiting for Karvinn to pass me lol.

Don't get me started with the weather.  It was nice and cooling last year cause it rained.  But this year, since the day I arrived in Penang, it's been super duper hot!  The air felt a bit dense and it's harder for me to breathe properly.  I hope it's not just me complaining here.

My legs were pretty ok.  My heel starting to pain.  I think I heard Dan cheering on me when I was heading for the 19km turn.  I heard Mohan's whistle from afar, motivation!  That kept me going for a bit.  Met Karvinn halfway and I went ahead.  I don't think this year have those Salonpas spray, they used ice.  Stopped at one of it cause my calves were straining.  Ahh yes, this is the part when every part of my legs were fine but my shin were in so much pain after that whole ice thing.  Kept running, pain or no pain.  I can see how "kuyak" my pace is.  Screw target, I'm just gonna finish it!  Heading towards 30km more uphill.  Yayface.jpg.  In my head I thought "when is this gonna end?"  Till I crosspath with Dan.  Must keep running!  

I was counting time in my head few times but my legs couldn't take it, my heel and ankle were too painful.  Once I reach 6 hours, I started swearing at myself for giving up so easily.  Reached the finish line at 6 hours 21 minutes fuuuuuuuuuuuu~  Collected my medal and finisher shirt.  Ouch my legs!  Tried to call and sms Dan but couldn't get through.  Oi Digi! YUNO?  Went to the baggage collection counter to collect my bag.  Long line.  I know I should like rest and take a breather but I don't know that time I wasn't thinking straight.  Was so hungry.  I had like 8 energy gel, but took 4 only.  Should have taken more.  But that did not happen.  

At the baggage collection counter, lining up.  There's this dood with body odor in front of me, oh lord dizzy.  I mean I know after a run, sweat smell, this one is okay I better stop there.  It was so crowded.  I kept thinking, come on! Faster!  Fatigue kicks in.  Messed up breathing, starting to have signs of passing out.  Guess what? Vision starting to get blur and I can't anything for few minutes.  I tried to reach out the dood behind me just in case I passed out and couldn't regain consciousness but that did not happen.  I saw this line barrier thing and hold on to that till feel better.  That was a long blackout phase.  Cold sweat running down my forehead.  All I can think of is "Don't faint Massy! Don't faint!".  FML.  I also nearly wanted to sit down at where I'm standing.  But after awhile, started to get my vision back eventhough still feeling a bit lightheaded.  I also feel like taking a dump but I told myself to hold on a lil bit longer, grab my bag and go take a dump if I want to after that.  

Finally it was my turn, got my bag and went to the toilet.  I think I changed my mind after I saw how dirty the toilet got.  Oh and did I mention?  People couldn't bother with labelled toilet.  It becomes unisex toilet like last year again *sigh.  Oh well.

Went to look for Dan after that.  Met with Jiki instead.  :)

One of my motivation to run faster! :)  Super woman!

Thank god I found Dan!  Called my other friends but they all went back to the hotel already.  *sobs.  But I wanted group photo :(

Me and my running buddy, Mr. I don't like my photo taken with our medals.  

Went back to the hotel by bus.  Mind you, both of us were in pain waist down.  Need new pair of legs!

Dreaded stairs and walking.  3rd floor to our rooms, yayface.jpg.

Finisher shirt and medal.  I did it! Wish it could be better but at least I completed.  

Here was the plan.  Nap and have our lunch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear or order Dominos Pizza.  End up sleeping till 4pm-ish.  Dinner terus!

At 5pm went out for early dinner.  Nasi kandar it is!  We walked!  *cries.

I was definitely hungry.  Finished *burps~  Was eating so fast that I almost get burned again lol.  Yes yes, this would be my 3rd time for doing it but I learned my lesson, so I was chewing and swallowing slowly.

What's the next plan?  Lets go visit 


This place is located at Lebuh Pantai, heck we didn't know where this place is, so there's a number of bus rides and walking.  I walk funny hehe~  For those who're in Penang or visiting, do check out this exhibition :)  by awesome people from Sabah! :) Totally worth the walk, eventhough I was in pain.  LOL.  This exhibition will go on till 3rd Dec 2012.  Their facebook, here.

You'll pass these awesome murals along the way.

Oh lord my tired face.  Why I look super overly tan here?

We took a wrong turn but finally found the place we were looking for.

The exhibition is at first floor, OMG stairs!  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Clown themed exhibition.  Massy is happy :)

An introduction:

Flanegan's photos.

Sifu kwan's work.

And some other cool artist from Sabah's work. I took a bunch of photos and posted on my gallery, check em out.  I think these are for sale.

There's also another exhibition going on there.

And we're done.  Going down the stairs.  Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Light snack and drinks.  Met Karvinn and friends there.

Baked potato creamy parmesan, I think for RM10.

And juice.

You can draw on the table cause they lay a piece of white paper with some color crayons.

Memory lost but I think we walked back.  

Imagine you have this parade but playing at the background is Oppa Gangnam Style *facepalm.

This was also the time when I was stunned when walking around Chulia area.  *sweat.  Late night snack, was trying to find "buah berangan", char kuey teow, cendol and other food to eat.  Too many stalls around, couldn't decide what to eat.  Like Dan said, you throw frisbee at any direction, you'll land on food stalls.  Ehehe.

Wargh took me 2 hours to compile this and felt like it's super duper long.  I think I'll make part 2 instead fuuuuuuuuu~ gonna shower and continue in part 2.  Happy reading hehe.

- to be continued -


  1. Reading this also I already sweat. *wipe sweat* LOL

    Shoppingthon, walkathon, makanthon, phototon... and all before the actual marathon! ;p

    Congrats on another FM! *clap clap* and with a shin splint to boot.

    How's the kaki now? All better, I hope?

    I was disappointed about the no (almost none... I think only got 1 or two, right) sprays available at first aid stations for runners. My PF hits at KM10 and I was crying for a spray on my foot but had to endured it till KM18. o.O

    Ice just doesn't do it for me. Unless I;m at home lahh...

    Sweat again, as going to read your second post now. ;p

    1. Super panjang kan, I had to stop cause it got too long. Thank you. OMG! Ikr, mo nangis se indada spray. Neways, the leg is fine when walking. I tried jumping and other intense workout, still can't do it. Not fully recovered, but the shin pain moves slightly above the ankle instead of the knee. So I'm guessing it's healing but slowly. Gonna tape it again so I can run tomorrow.

      On another note, the weather, food and lack of sleep makes my face ancur, berjerawat around forehead and cheeks :(