Friday, July 03, 2009

Photo usage

Before I start this post, I'd like to *ehem apologize if this might sound harsh or irrelevant. It's just something that I need to get off my mind. I'm such a thinker that I need to reduce the amount of data that's coming in and out of my brain coz this whole thinking is a bit exhausting. And of coz the fear of this happening to me.

I've received an email from a friend regarding this matter. I've been thinking for days about this. I'm reluctant to post this coz it doesn't relate to me but the thought bothers me.

I've read about the same problem or you could just say scenario from eshark (his Violation or Disrespect post) and saiful (somewhere in his blog, I tried looking for it but I can't find it LOL) before.

Anyways, what the hell am I talking about? Stop beating around the bushes already!

Hehehe, just like wut's stated as the title. Photo usage. I know it's such a bad title LOL. But I couldn't think straight. Ogie, more like I'm a bit sleepy. Hmm, I think there must be some electricity sucking magnet somewhere that's making me a wiw (little) tired.

Back to the topic.

Ogie, lemme share the info I got from my friend. An attached print screen of a photo at the following website taken from Life in Borneo, here.

original link, here.

I'm sorry, that's the only size of the print screen I got from the attachment.

Please compare the above circled (in red) photo with the following. Ehem, I copy the image location just to make comparison.

Photo taken from Life in Borneo site, here.

Are these two (2) photo the same? Or my eyes playing tricks on me?

Wait! Wait a minute. Why am I posting this again? This kind of thing is very common. Post anything on the internet, it's bound to be use rite?

Wrong! We ask for permission or we credit it back hehehe. Hey sometimes I use google to search for images and erm try to credit it back, if I remember where I took it from. *sweat.

Even for my photos, I'd watermark it. Or leave a note about photo usage. If they can use it or not. I mean sure they can use it, just credit it back to me. Easy peasy.

Actually, the email I receive is about the feedback that the photo owner receive from the opposing party. In this case erm, the website that uses the photo. We don't want to name names, just follow the bread crumbs.

Lets just say that it's an unhappy email. Hey it's not a problem if you told somebody who uses your image and he/she apologizes and give credit to the photo owner ogie. This is one thing I would like to prevent from happening. Try having somebody who uses your photo and told you that it wasn't taken from your website, when the photo is the exact same one. And not forgetting tell you that they forgot the URL for the original site from where they took the photo? I'll leave the obvious to let you guys figure it out.

No apology no nothing.

Wuah! I'd be pissed man. I'm telling the truth. Whoever is using my photo without my permission. I'm gonna put a HEX on you guys! *rofl. Kidding! I happen to know people who use my photos. What's wrong with apologizing? I know it's the best (proper) way to solve problem. Isn't it? People won't bite, you know?

Besides, it takes effort to take these photos ogie. I'd do it for fun sometimes but still, it's an effort! Sure, maybe they take it themselves, same angle and shite to make it identical. But what's the likelihood of that?

But then again, I still think this is not as serious as using it for and print it to make money. *roll eyes. I know who did this to my photos! *cries. I even came across a post from a deviantART artist from somewhere Europe about her work being printed as calendars or was it notepads in China. That's be the worst case scenario where you can't even trace the person who's doing that.

Anyways, I'm not posting this to give people bad names. I just wanna get it out from my head and just need feedbacks on how to avoid this thing from happening. That's about it.

I apologize if I said anything that is out of context.

Uh oh, and I'm sorry if my engrish is too "great" XD



  1. oh gosh .. i know what u mean .. hu.. barang siapa pakai gambar sia with out my permission im so gonna )(*&^%$# em

  2. lea: ko pernah kena ni kan XD

  3. Some of them just don't know about how important is the copyright issues. They just don't bother until they realize they receive an angry email by the owner who owned the masterpiece.

    If the other party don't want to admit it. Dorang ada masalah ni!!!

  4. @Flan: masalah besat? But some people couldn't even be bothered by it. No?

  5. if its free in the intarbutt and has a watermark.. PLEASE LEAVE THE WATERMARK ALONE!!

    dun go edit remove..


  6. @dori: hehehe I've seen some ppl's photo kena remove tu watermark leh

  7. yaya weird bah those ppl who cut off watermarks >_<

  8. Mas, where's your link for the same picture?

    I click the Original Link Here ada error.

    Hope they didn't take it down for you... coz you knowla people...

    Pics or it didn't happen.

    Bah Mas you need help writing a strong-worded letter? XD

  9. @Arine: ahh well, ppl do things for desperate measures or easy way.

    @Nicholas: LOL, the link kena tukar? Coz last nite I check still the same link. Anyways, the image kena remove sudah. That's why have the print screen LOL.

  10. eh Massy! manada suda kana remove. that pic is still there.

    here's the link

    from this page

    aiya, putting credit is simple pun malas mo buat

  11. cicak: the original photo is from life in borneo, but the person who is using the photo is life and style website from the print screen *sweat @_@

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  13. oh ya kan pula. silly me. mo kasi tabal spek lagi ni.


  14. Read this so often. Sad.

    At the very least, acknowledge the source. Better still, ask first and provide some form of consolation in return so that it's a win-win situation.

  15. @cicak: kekekeke it's ok XD it happens.

    @Perry: yeah, but the information I got, they denied it *sigh. Sad man. I'm so scared it might happen to me. *sigh. Wait, it did, *sigh, promised to put credit but didn't put credit in the magazine.

  16. senang saja tu. Send the email to that person - tell them you're not happy with that.

    If they didn't reply to you after 2 working days, create one template which you includes your original photo and the photo yang kena curi pakai, then include the the pesalah guna punya nama website. Lepas tu pegi post di semua forum photography d Malaysia. With bad practice comes bad reputation lah and they will learn their lesson when some super friend from those photography forum storming the website server with hate mails.

    Last time the m**** siap apologize and propose me to become their part time photographer for Labuan side, but I refused lah.

    It works for me last time, except for the blog YB yang nda tau malu tu. Sampai sekarang aku nda hingin ambil gambar muka dia lagi kalau ada event.

  17. Though I have no idea how to prevent these things from happening. i am actually as worried as you are as my blog is full of images. =__=||

    So if u've found a way kindly let me know too! =D

  18. @Saiful: Oh! Yang YB tu kes kena crop tu kan. I still remember, but I can't find your post LOL. In this case, I think the photographer sudah email the person tapi kena deny alar~

    @chien: The only thing I could think of is put up a big watermark that crosses the image LOL XD

  19. huhu..they shud ask 1st if they wanna use orang lain punya photo..huh! last time*tis week juga*, a friend of my friend copied my fb photos and post it into his blog..damn! bila tengok the blog, mcm promo biatch..luckily, he already remove the photos, but nda mengaku dia yg post..

  20. @Ruth: LOL, itulah tu, suka ati durang sija mo post kan XD

  21. Hmmmmm.. no wonder I got more than 10 hits coming from this blog recently.

  22. @eshark: wakkakaka isn't that gewd? XD

  23. Dear Maslight,

    I would like to offer my sincere apologies on any miscommunication on our part regarding lack of acknowledgement and creditation for images.

    As you may be aware, this issue has been rectified and I personally was unaware of this issue until a few weeks ago. Nevertheless we have taken steps to amend said issue and assure you that all images from now on are and will be appropriately credited.

    Should you wish to discuss further please do contact me.


    Shan Sandhu
    Chief Editor

  24. Hi Shan,

    Thanks for dropping by. I just hope this kinda issue would be handled in a better way in the future.

    Thanks again.

  25. Noted with thanks.

    If there's anything that you guys would like to bring directly to my attention in the future please do feel free to drop me a line:


  26. Shan: Ogie, sure, thanks. All the best!

  27. Dear Maslight,

    A sincere apology and honest explanation has already been issued to the owner of the photograph in question.

    The feature has been removed entirely and as far as I am concerned, this matter is closed.