Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Boardgame Outing at CarcaSean


Friday nite is boardgame nite!

Location: CarcaSean, Citymall
Time: 7:30pm onwards till midnite

I think there was eight (8) of us who's playing and some came to check out.

First of all, I could never understand what's wrong with Citymall. Always have congestion problem. And when you got to the parking area. There's nothing. What a disappointment. *sigh. Sad part is 2 lane becomes 1 lane coz of stewped people double parking.

Lets move on to the gewddies!

fara joined us for cardgame today

I'm sorry but PaintCheck will have to wait. We didn't get to play it this time either. We though, did give a second (2nd) try on Illuminati: New World Order. I think it was so complicated that we gave up after nearly 1 hour trying. LOL. It's like playing Magic the Gathering. *faints. My brain is tired. I mean seriously.

Alar~ I didn't get to use my "ghey" card.

Move on to a new game. Recommended by rob-jr (I call him acing). This game is called

"HALLI GALLI: X-Mas Edition"
If I remember correctly. No of players is 4 - 6. But we somehow exceeded it. There was 7 or 8 of us playing.

We got it all wrong the first time LOL. *roll eyes at acing. LOL lucky Sean noticed and guided us through the game.

the wrong way to play it. you're not suppose to look at your card

The right way to play it. Having your cards faced down and flipped one card during your turn.

We have 4 types of cards, which is the candle/s, ornament/s, xmas tree/s and snowman/s. These cards are distributed till the very last card to the players. On each player's turn, he/she turns over a card until the card's item (same item) no. is equals to 5. When that happens, the player needs to ring the bell. The player who rings the bell the fastest gets all the card laid on the table.

Here's the catch. If the player rings the bell when the item no. is not equal to 5 or more than 5. That player will have to distribute his/her cards to the other player. The player with the most cards win!!!

Oh yeah, not forgetting you need fast hand. I'm not fast enuff. *cries.

Very funny game. And we were loud.

I'd record a video of the gameplay. Oh yeah, sorry, it's a bit long. I was waiting till somebody rings that bell. LOL.

Two (2) rounds till we switch to another game.

Which is...


Oh this game is kewl! I mean the drawings on the cards are pretty.

No. of players is 4 - 8. We filled up the slot.

Each player is represent by a color board (there's 8 color boards to choose from: blue, white, black, pink, red, yellow, green and orange) and there's 2 token. 1 is to be placed on the damage track while the other as your movement around the board.

Green I choose you!

Go CAPTAIN PLANET! Er...ogie, I got a lil over excited.

There character card contains Hunter, Neutral and Shadow. Each have their own win condition. Players randomly pick a card and place on the color board. Not revealing your character to the other players.

The first player rolls the dice for movement.

The numbers indicate the no. on the card which are locations.

There are 6 types of location cards which consist of Cemetery, Church, Hermit's Cabin, Underworld Gate, Erstwhile Altar and Weird Woods which are placed on random order. Like for example if you rolled no. 6. You'll go to the Church and can draw a White Card.

White and black cards are useful equipments for battle or to reveal a character.

Hermit card that are drawn by the player are given to a selected player. This card is advisable to be use at the beginning of the round to reveal or to have a gewd idea which character is the player.

After a movement phase, the player may or may not attack another player. A player can reveal their character if they choose to. This might be an advantage or disadvantage at some point (I'll explain this in awhile).

Remember the types of characters? Hunters, shadows (unknown, vampires, warewolf, etc) and neutral (human). Well, each character have a win condition and special ability.

Like for example, Hunters must kill all shadows in order to win the game.

Here are all the character cards. The win condition and special ability are on the card.

There are 10 characters to choose from but only 8 comes into play.

We had 2 rounds of this game. Love it! It's so much fun! Everyone is against me. I'm dead at the beginning of the game in both rounds. I think I'm a target coz my HP is 14 LOL. Highest HP. Aiya~

Remember, karma and revenge is sweet~! I'll get ya guys next time.

Oh yeah, just in case you couldn't understand my explanation, you can always check BoardGameGeek.

It's just me imagining. Well since the color look like frog. Might as well.

Cute ain't it?

We finish at around midnite.

"The Nasi Lemak Stand"

What we didn't get to play is. A game by acing/rob-jr from Experimental Playground called The Nasi Lemak Stand.

It's a single player game. You can download read more about it, here.

It's a simple game. You'll need around 10-15 mins only for this game. Oh yeah, not forgetting that the drawing is cute too ei?

Objective of this game is to gain points from serving customers who requested nasi lemak with a selection of egg, squid or beef. I think I'll need to play it first before I could explain it in my own words.

Ogie, I'm finally done! Hope this post isn't too confusing. It's afterall is a combination of 4 types of games explained. Well, not all explained nicely but some yeah.
Thanks for reading this long post. It's almost 3am, so I guess I'm off to bed. If I could sleep, if not, I guess I'll be watching JDorama or play Pokemon Platinum on DS.

Oh yeah. Sweet dreams!


  1. Halli Galli... I feel so stupid losing at the BEGINNING of the first round. HAHAHAHAHA! Bangang! Tu lah ndak pandai sabar. XD

  2. @fara: T_T our reflex mo kena practice. Misti kalahkan sotong!!!!

  3. haha i've never played this thing before..
    but it looks fun :D

  4. @youliang: yes yes, should play, very much fun! XD

  5. Mas> Oi! Apa kalahkan sotong? U guys gengbang me time shadow hunter! I kalah teruk kena pukul...



  6. @sotong: lulululu I dunno wut u're talking about shadow! XD kakakakkaka

  7. waw... i believe i've never seen this game, nor played it.. or touch one! but it looks so cuuuuuuute!!!!! waaahhhh! :D

  8. @cindy: hahahahahah, it's fun! wait which game r u referring to? XD kekekekek