Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Show

To think that I'll have a normal day at work huh?

Today was sort of "Special".

What is so "Special" about today?

Free show. *giggles.

What's spotted?

This fellow, I think it's a dood. Singing, very loud. Yes, I nearly thought there's some kind of karaoke contest without a microphone thing going on downstairs. Sorry this is all I could take. I was taking photo from 4th floor of my office building LOL.

He was singing so loud that it distracted me from my routine facebook gaming session LOL.

I just had to check it out.

Here's a video. Yes, I manage to take a video of him singing.

Youtube hates me, I've been trying to upload it for hours. I'll post up the video once I upload it. Sorry.

Oh sorry for the wind. I was recording it from 4th floor after all.

I think he's on drugs or he lost it? @_@

Or izzit a she?

Anyways, notice the plastic?

After the whole singing, he went on to dancing. Yes. Some pass by and applaud to him LOL. Oh man, I dunno whether I should be scared or laughing when I saw that.

I told my colleague about it and all of them went and check it out. One (1) of them yelled "Poco poco" LOL adui~

But after awhile, I think he got tired and went off to another "stage" LOL.

What a weird day. Though it was entertaining.

Oh yeah, btw, I went to Kolombong Food Court (at the old Laundry Mart place in Kolombong) and had these delicious fewd.

sweet and sour fish fillet. absolutely delicious~

fish stomach soup is damn delicious. I want more!
I've raved it here.


  1. What show, I thought it was the "free show" kind of show. *___*

    but normal singing and dancing only pulak.

  2. @duck: LOL the dood isap gam bah. he nyanyi kuat kuat ni. Sot @_@

  3. But I also wanna sing and dance on the street. Like Akiba.

  4. @Arine: Er, oh ogie. If you want I can record you also, but don't take plastic and breathe ah.

  5. Ok baitu, ada hiburan ringan2... hehe

    Macam sadap seja tu sweet and sour fish... aduiii... *tapun*

  6. @Nessa: Yes, sedap tu. I was skeptic at first. Manatau. I wanna go again XD

  7. Hahaha So teruk lah record people and post up on Youtube lagi! If me malu gila oh! I'll keep an eye out for you Massy! :P Control terus!

  8. Aiyerrr. The kid hisap ganja kah that @__@

  9. ASTAGA!! MASSY JAHAT O!!! XD go to record org bah~ next nampak him again~ MASSY TERUS AMBIK SIGNATURE FROM HIM!!! XD

  10. @Rozie: Free entertainment have to be shared bah LOL XD kekekekekek.

    @Fara: looks like isap gam tu kan? Coz he was singing, then berjoget after awhile dia sakit kepala. @_@

    @sakuya chan: I'm not evil. I'm the nicest person ever. This is free entertainment that needs to be shared bah. It's free publicity after all hehehehe XD

  11. Aikk!! dalam post urang isap gam pun ada iklan makan2 nih.. btul la ko Massy!
    err.. tapi.. ya ba mcm nyaman this yg sweet2 sour fish fillet tuh.

  12. @eshark: the sup perut ikan pun nyaman tu XD sedap eh XD *slurps~ yes harus! makanan sedap harus dipost XD

  13. You mean there is such a thing as fish soup?????? OHMYGOD! ... hehehe ...

  14. @Nick: Sup perut ikan. Sedap oh.

  15. That guys is really high...and nuts. Glue does that to you. I see this a lot on Pulau Gaya.

  16. @Perry: you mean there's lotsa ppl there who sing as loud as him?

  17. die tgh baca jampi tu.. ahahaha

  18. @Jard: macam nyanyi lagu thailand pun macam kan?