Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CSP Mini Photography Workshop

I'm slow on the updates. I'm occupied with other stuff. Wait, today is Tuesday? *thinking.

Anyways, last Sunday, I went to Jofanna Bridal at Plaza Grand Millennium for a mini photography workshop conducted by Sir George/JoJ, specially for the ClickStartPlay (CSP) forumers. The discussion thread, here.

There's 13 participants (including myself) and 2 (zero and alvin) assisting JoJ during the workshop. Funny how random seating somehow separates between Canon and Nikon user. LOL.

I took 4 pages of notes during the workshop. Writing in the dark is not a problem for me. Oh yeah, the last sentence, I added some extra words, I think when I was copying that from the screen, I sort of end up writing wut JoJ said instead. LOL.

Learned a lot from this workshop. Oh yeah, the fewd are great! Especially the meehoon! Boxing chicken *drooling.

I now know how to "properly" use the camera hehehe. From, ISO, metering, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, type of lenses etc. Oh yeah and not forgetting the 7 AWSUM keys. Well my previous knowledge are based on trial and error. Reading is not my forte. I'm very lazy when it comes to reading. Practical and show by example works for me. And JoJ way of "teaching" is fun. Sure got my attention. At least, I didn't fall asleep. I could have since I only had 3-4 hours of sleep the day before.

We'd have our sessions with the wall.

Our test subjects.

Oh yeah, I realize when I take photo of people, I tend to er like my sis said, "crop of part of their heads". I'm sorry. It's a habitual thing. I tried getting the head in the frame but erm, I can't explain myself. Maybe I'll practice in that department.

JoJ!!! Requesting another workshop! XD

Anyways, there's more photos but those are trial error photos. So am not gonna upload it. Well maybe, see first. XD

On another note. Flan published his Anima photo book via blurb, here's his post. Guess who's on the cover? XD


photo from

I want a copy of this book! Flannie~ shipping is GG.

Anyways, my brain need some sorting. I have sewing projects pending and photos for my miniatures soon. Must resist temptation. Must not buy any nendoroids. Waiting for my Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji nedoroids and new Pinky Street figures.

My post about nendoroid figures, here.

Till the next post. Thanks for reading.


  1. waw massy on cover!! GG

  2. @Arine: was a coincidence that my shirt have anima written on it. @_@

  3. next, take some good photo for us to see.. ;)

    waw.. congrats for being a cover girl .. sort of i guess.. XD

  4. @jefferi: human shots a bit hard for me. It's like me posing but it's not hahahahah @_@ i sux @_@

    wakkakaka tq tq..pemes jua aku XD

  5. oh hey perhaps i can get my sisters to bring the book back from melbourne to you if you don't mind. :D

  6. @b: ehhhhhhh, u mean the anima book? XD

  7. wow ur on cover...but y teda kepala dat?....

  8. @Amy C: hahahah style bah tu..yang ada kepala in the book XD besides main focus is the shirt XD

  9. Eh, when I saw "Jofana Bridal", I thought you were getting married! Ha Ha Ha!

    (Was hoping to get invited and join makan-makan. I love weddings! lol)

  10. @Cindy: ahhahaha dun worry, if that's gonna happen, I'll send an invitation XD but kan, I think u'll get married before me wakkaka XD

  11. when u gonna take a picture of me??? eheehehehe

  12. Jard: wakkakak, tunggu aku pro and bila ko datang kk XD

  13. uishh siuk kamurang haa..
    De main focus (to that cover) mostly mcm de tummy ja that.. jgn ko marah ah! nanti sia belanja momom.

    Ya! sia rasa si cindy dulu tu baru si massy.. (ceh! memandai-mandai)

  14. eshark: the cover is actually a full body shot. tapi kena crop kepalaku coz he want the word anima hahahhaha XD yar T_T i'm fat..eshark jahat say me fat T_T

  15. Aik! I didn't say anything bout the 'fat' word ah, ko yg ckp that.. hehheh!

  16. eshark: jan ko reverse psychology aku sana XP