Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boardgame Outing

I'm suppose to be sleeping and it's past 2am. I came back half an hour ago. Thank gawd my bro went home at the same time as me. *giggles. If not I'll be paranoid thinking.

Had a boardgame outing today at CarcaSean at around 8pm.

We were trying out on new boardgame that Panja brought along today. There's like er 3 -4 boardgame that we wanted to try out.

We started with Illuminati: New World Order. Being first time player, this seems a bit complicated for 7 of us. I mean seriously. *sweat. Ogie, not a bit, but a lot. It requires a lot of reading. And reading is so not my forte.

I couldn't explain this game since I'm not familiar with it. But I'll post up some photos. And let google do the search for explaining hehe.

According to Steve Jackson's Game site, INWO is the trading-card version of Illuminati, the original game of conspiracy and weirdness from Steve Jackson Games. And further weirdness: Assassins, a 125-card supplement, and INWO SubGenius, a 100-card supplement and standalone expansion. Plus the INWO Book, a complete player's guide to INWO.

There's a total of 450 cards. From that explanation, I still dun get it LOL.

At the start of the game, you get this much cards. Er, plot and group cards? Ogie, I still dun get it.

Just follow the link to understand the game better. I'm just gonna wait for Panja to explain to me. Easy that way. *giggles.

To summarize what this game is about. Look at the following photo.

Erm not this. @_@ woops. Lets zoom it.



You need to roll some dices during an action phase. Maybe? @_@""

Action tokens, we use Betrayal boardgame tokens *giggles.

After 2 hours still confuse.

We stop at 10:15pm coz sotong gtg. Started Betrayal boardgame after that. Ended past midnite and went to yamchar till 1:30am only went home @_@""

Sorry. I seriously dun get this card game. Maybe if we play again next Friday, I could explain this in a better way. Just wait. If no post about it, then read up from wiki or the page I linked. Hehe.

There's another game that we wanted to tried out which is Paintcheck. A paintball game. No explanation yet coz we haven't start on this yet. Maybe next week. Stay tune~~

Well, that's pretty much about this week's boardgame outing. Thank yew for reading / viewing.

It's almost 3am. Urgh. I have a photography workshop at 10:30am @_@ omg~


  1. @Arine: Ew? @_@ *blurs

  2. Looks like you guys had fun...

  3. @duck: bah next week u join us! XD

  4. so did u buy the bulu2 cat? ehehehheee....

  5. The paint ball games looks pretty exciting. I'll stay tuned for explanations on how you play this game. And don't make me wait too long now, ok? LOL!

  6. @Amy C: no, I didn't go KAC XD

    @Nick: wait next week. Hopefully can play by then XD hehehe.

  7. WHOA! Theres a paintball boardgame???

  8. @dino: yeap there is

  9. wahahaha yes we had LOTSA fun!

    i like the part this game makes u knock on the table n go "muahaha".

  10. @sotong: wkakakakaka. ah yes @_@ i got lost the 1st time.

  11. Wah, I think I only play a boardgame like once a year. Itupun during Christmas, coz Kay will force us all to play Monopoly with him whole night!

  12. Ah..I haven't played board games for a favorite is definitely monopoly though..xD

  13. @cin: LOL monopoly ok bah. I haven't been playing monopoly a long time liao T_T. Oh I like playing Sorry.

  14. chien: try other boardgames, fun this XD