Wednesday, July 29, 2009

- Stress -

Today is pissy day. In other words, stress!!!

My everyday stress had gotta be parking. Thank gawd we're moving in few months! Parking won't be a problem. Well, I gotta blame myself for being late. I got reasons for being late ogie. *blames facebook. Maybe I should turn my pc off everytime I go to bed. LOL.

Today happen to be the worst in my entire life! Waited for nearly 3 hours. Well not really 3 hours, more like more than 2 hours. I know rite, who in their right frigging mind would wait that long. I do and did. Actually I had this experience where I waited my so called "friends" outside the state library for 3 hours. Bummer. I can't blame them for being my total opposite. Lets not go there.

Anyways, about today. I mean I don't have any problem not getting parking for 2 hours but when you already estimated which car would come out and waited for it at the same spot for that long hours and someone else "rob" that parking slot from you is just *sigh TERRIBLE!

In this case, it's the old baldy who owns plate number SA 3410 E!!!!

Lets not start the story about him digging his nose. GROSS!!! Urgh, especially when your car is located behind his car and you couldn't help but to notice what the driver is doing. *sweat.

I see this car everyday. I think. And everytime he would come late and steals parking!!! *sigh. Well from me, twice actually. This retarded baldy's excuse was "my fren called me for parking". Yeah rite! The Agro Bank driver is his fren when he randomly ask him whether he's going out? WTH is that? So baldy telling me that he knows everyone at that parking area except me?! Bugger! *sigh.

Maybe I should start be nice and get to know everyone at the parking lot huh?

On another note, I've been parking at that area for 5 years and I only happen to notice baldy this year. So, wut's wrong with this picture? I also happen to know who owns which car and wut time they will go out. *sweat. It's too hard not to notice when you see them everyday and waiting is boring, you tend to observe and see things in a different way.

Anyways, moral of the story, never be late for work when your office is IN THE CITY!

I rest my case.


  1. Moral of the story again...awal-awal bangun!! ngehngehngeh~~

  2. ..or just naik beskal! dlm office pun buleh you park. heh! heh!

  3. itu excuse macam minta tampar pulak! XD

  4. @Amy C: se mmg awal bangun tapi awal bangun check fb XD kakakkakaka

    @eshark: wahhh nya jauh aku kena berbasikal dari Inanam pigi KK XD

    @sotong: ahahhahahahahahahah se tau ko pun 2x5 jan ko tipu

  5. Manada jauh tuh.. Last time I've been berbeskal from Likas all de way to Papar, return trip. some more kasi exercise bah that.. that.. thing.. ok sia teda ckp ahh.

  6. eshark: cis! tapi kan berbasikal teda cover dari ujan bah. unless aku ada washroom persendirian at work hahahaha XD

  7. mas, you're not the only one who's stressed today.

    guess what? when i first arrived in this blog a few minutes ago, i was in the impression that this is nessa's blog. and then i saw the wish list on the right side that includes :

    Shakugan No Shana II Shana Dengeki-Daioh Version
    Macro lens *__*

    i was like.. "eh, since when si nessa suka japanese stuff ni? and macro lens?? since when??"

    and the moment i read the entry that says *blames facebook. Maybe I should turn my pc off everytime I go to bed. LOL. i lagi heran. SINCE WHEN NESSA PLAYS FACEBOOK GAME??!!

    so what i did was to scroll up and check whose blog is this. sekali i saw the life of a psychotic weirdo.. i laughed my ass off!

    oh my.. memang stress bah this afternoon. i woke up at 12noon pasal tidur lambat semalam. work berlambak waiting for me..

    gosh.. i need to login to facebook and play mafia wars first!!!!

  8. moral of the story DON'T GET ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK !!

    Tis evvviiilllll I tells yous !!!

  9. @cindy: OMG, wut happen to you? @_@ oh man, lucu jua tu. Anyways, mafia wars, I'm at my last cuba job *sigh. Maybe after this I start fight sija lah XD

    @Nick: hahahahah OMG! save me soul! Pokemon is evil. Evil I tells u

  10. aww.. mas. ya bah, i'm working on the boss part juga sudah. after that, no more job liao.

    they should add more job to cuba!!!!

  11. @cindy: yar! itulah tu..if not I haf to find new game almost like mafia wars @_@ i'm gonna be out of games soon.

  12. Tidur awal & kurangkan masa on FB la,Mas.Tp mmg bikin panas la urg mcm si baldy tu!! suka2 saja rebut urang pny parking..

  13. @mama mia: XD I think my parents should move my pc outside hahahhaha XD

  14. Dangerous facebook. haha

  15. @Nabil: very dangerous

  16. Who doesn't have friends like that? ;D

  17. @ArMs: LOL, the one who knows everybody ka?

  18. astaga...cindy...hahaa..adui... XD

    mas..kin panas juga tu org tu..adei....*jadi next time awal p keja* heheheheheee

  19. @ruth: yes ma'am XD kekekeke

  20. massy> macam 2x5? moto wo~

    u guys car park in my moto space ada lah!!! >:D


  21. sotong: ahhh teda teda, inda pernah pun aku illegal park.

  22. LOL! Funny post! You should have taken a picture of that old baldy and post here la ... hehehe ... sure hilang one your stress!

  23. @Nick: I took photo of his car XD