Monday, July 06, 2009

Horror Meal

Before I start of with the whole dinner conversation. I'm just gonna say that I just started playing Treasure World for DS and I'm so addicted!

Imagine this.

I started playing at before 4pm. I turned it on since then till the battery died at 1Borneo. Wanna know how long was that? It died around 7pm I think. I manage to collect around over 50 wifi spots from Gaya Street to Sadong to 1 Borneo. I know I'm crazy but this game is so exciting. My bro is evil. He made me jealous on the way home coz he manage to get 70 over wifi spots around 1 Borneo. *sigh. No worries. I'm gonna walk around Gaya Street tomorrow where there's more wifi spots MWAHHAHAHAHAHHA.

Ogie, enuff of that whole game craziness.

Lets get to the fewd business.

As you all know. I love to eat. And I'm somewhat "particular" about fewd. *ehem~ *clears throat. In other words, I also like pretty fewd. Fewd presentation is important in a way that it could totally kill my appetite or I'd love it for sure. In this case, *sigh.

With skipping lunch today, I was pretty hungry when it's past 7pm. Had to wait for my bro to arrive coz his friend recommended this fried rice.


Jaws Seafood Restaurant. Located at Ground Floor of 1Borneo Hypermall facing I.P. Zone, near Dome Cafe.

What is recommended?

Spanish Seafood Fried Rice.

How much it cost? RM12.

Look at it! Tell me what you think of that? Check out my rave, here (just read it here).

Lets just say the whole thing is a total disaster.

I'd ordered the Chinese Style Chicken Chop with rice. *sigh. At least it looked decent than the other 2. LOL.

My brother ordered the Fried Kuey Teow. *sigh.

Conclusion, I don't know what kinda taste bud my bro's friend have. This is bad, man.

Check out my other raves, here.

I'm not going there again. That's for sure. Oh yeah, and if you order for warm water please check your bill, coz warm means adding ice to your hot water LOL. And they charge you for it LOL.

That's the end of horror meal. LOL. Hope ya enjoy reading it hehe.


  1. lol I knew it.
    cubex keep telling me about the fried rice but I knew it wasn't that great. well I didnt expect its THAT terrible though. lol

  2. @Arine: 12 bucks fried rice taste like crap. That's all I got to say.

  3. wah rm12 for a fried rice??!!!!! i can get 3 - 4 plates of fried rice in kedai mamak! so damn expensive...wat abt other fewd massy? d pics putside looks sedap only...heheheheheee....

  4. I went there as well,punya lama tu nasi rm12 mau sampai! And the portion isnt worth rm12 at all. haihz.

    Like you,I'm not going to that place again :D

  5. @Amy: I'm not sure about the other fewd. I dun think I wanna experience it again. Like mell said, lambat oh tu makanan sampai.

    @Mell: OMG! So true, lambat gila. We were wondering when it sampai, then chinese tea pun xda refill. Price is RM1.50. Normal seafood restaurant pun only cost like less than RM1 or so. Ancus eh.

  6. What? You love to eat? Really? I wouldn't have guessed ... LOL!

    Actually I love to eat also but these days my tummy expanding too fast la. If I continue my eating habits, I'll be like Jabba the Hut soon ... LOL!

  7. @Nick: LOL, please dun remind me. I need to work out so I can eat more. If not have to cut down lur T_T

  8. OMG massy, i think everybody gila main game already now. I abandon my blog because i want to catch the ghosts in FB..hahahaha

  9. @kadusmama: wakkakaka ancus @_@

  10. woah! A game to hunt wi-fi spot?never heard of it before but sounds fun!

  11. chien: if you have NDSL can play this XD *giggles.