Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mid July Update

What? It's mid month already?!??!

Sorry for the lack of update. I think I should go on a vacation (locally) or something so I can update this blog often. I got ideas to blog but I can't seem to put words into it. So, it's pretty much left with the same boring post. I apologize again.

I actually have a lot of miniature furniture in hand but I haven't got time (LIES!!! - spent too much time with facebook games) to take photo yet.

On the other hand. This is gonna be another fewd post MWAHAHHAHA. I hope you're not reading this around midnite *sweat or I'm gonna get blame for posting this at the wrong time hahahaha. My bad.

This new place I'm gonna blog about is called Chef Gusteau's. My brother recommended this place. What's the location? Basement, CPS (Centre Point Sabah) next to Uncle Bob. Yes Uncle Bob, the place where they sell "BIG sausages".

This place is very small. Only have 3 small round tables and 4 chairs at each table.

The fewd are affordable and tasty.

Here's what me and my sis had for dinner today.

Mango and Orange drink for RM1.80 each.

Fry Mini Chicken for RM3. The sauce is something different. It's Curry Mayonaise. YES, very nice.

This is Grilled Fish with Gusteau's Sauce and Rice at RM6.80. I can't explain what is this sauce. But I tasted red beans and well maybe something like thousand island taste. I don't know whether I like this one that much though. Or maybe I, .... I can't really explain what I feel towards this particular dish. *sweat.

Home made beef burger at RM4. They also have set meals at RM6.80 which include fries and drink. If I'm not mistaken. The beef burger is nice! I want this. DAMN!

Oh yeah, there's eight (8) sauce to choose from.

Lets see if I can remember it.

BBQ Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, Curry Mayonaise, Chili Lime Mayonaise, Tomato Stewed Sauce, Cheese Sauce and Gusteau's Sauce.

The chef explains Gusteau's Sauce as a mixture of all sauce. LOL.

Oh yeah, the chef is really friendly.

Here's what else available there.

Here are some of the fewd my bro had at Chef Gusteau's (click the link).

Check out the raves, here.

Are you hungry yet?

No no no, I'm not gonna torture you with anymore fewd photos. Now, where did my money go?

I recently bought a new keyboard.

Soft pwetty white Logitech keybaord ha~~~~

Yes I NEEDED it! It's not IMPULSE buying! My old keyboard was so old that it's not funny. Yes, the keys were so hard that it's not funny either. This new one is soft and pwetty. HAAAA~~~ *happy face.

I also bought a new mouse. A zebra design Logitech mouse to be exact. XD

This I gotta say IS IMPULSE BUYING. I wanna match the keyboard ogie! XD

Oh and please ignore the mouse pad. It's recycle cardboard kekekeke.

So yeah, there's other stuff I wanna talk about, but we'll save that till next time aight.

Till then. Gewd nite. I can't open my eyes already and I haven't even shower yet. I had to rave and blog about this fewd place first then only I can shower and go to bed. Kekeke. Gewd fewd must be shared so everyone happy.

Thanks for reading ;)


  1. Yup the beef patty is the best

  2. @Arine: GG oh the beef patty. I like it like that.

  3. I like the mini chicken. RM 3 for how many pcs? Very creative sauce - curry mayonaise! Tks for sharing, do drop by my blog and support by clicking the Hyundai ads for me. TQ

  4. Wow, mixtures of sauce, what a fusion!
    Curry Mayonaise : East meets West.
    Gusteau's sauce, remind me of Ratatouille... lol
    Do drop by my blog when u r online!

  5. @Jemsem: Hi hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. Anyways, will do. Heading there now.

    @iriene: Hi, thanks for dropping by. I'm heading to your blog.

  6. Makan lagi...

    But, thanks for this new place. I'm always on the lookout for new places to try. I really should walk around the basement of CPS more. I don't even know the existence of Uncle Bob!

    Cool mouse btw!

  7. i used to have the exact mouse went to heaven after less then 1 hour once it reach my dad killed it TAT

    P.s i want go eat!

  8. @Perry: hehehehe, yeah same here. I also didn't know that place existed. Well maybe I know uncle bob and saw the "big sausage" but then if my bro didn't told me about chef gauteau's. I won't know also hehe.

    @Dizzy chan: wastaga, ur dad killed the mouse? @_@ OMG! Lets go eat!

  9. im hungwy belanja me makan....oooh beef burger! nice!! :D~~~~~

  10. @Amy C: hahahahahahahah XD mari kita pigi makan XD

  11. apsal asalkan aku masuk blog neh.. mesti ade gmbr makanan.. ehehe.. lapar woo!

  12. @Jard: wakkakakak coz I specialize in fewd hahahahah XD and I love to eat XD

  13. i *heart* ur new zebra mouse... niceee..

    p.s: long time no see mas. lets hang out soon k. :D

  14. @Amy: yeah lama sudah. Anyways, we're having a boardgame outing this saturday. Join us at 8pm sana carcasean.

  15. I have issues with Logitech. Years ago, I bought a trackball mouse and it stopped working. I sent numerous complaints to Logitech and not one was responded too and since that day, I've put them on my black list :D

  16. @Nick: wahhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. @swordie: LOL gulp?