Thursday, November 30, 2006

The good and the bad

My sis loaned some space on my hddisk. The gewd thing is, she got a new compy. The bad thing is returning the files to her new hddisk. *sigh. I know I could plug her old hddisk to her new compy but seriously, we're giving each other silent treatment now. And since her compy can't seem to network to ours, it's all farked up. I've been trying to transfer in various ways, thinking that I might be able to have some extra space. But now. Did the hard stewped way.

  • 1st attempt: MSN share <-- gewd thing, a lot of files are transferred. but not all *sigh
  • 2nd attempt: Bluetooth <-- omg, connection slow like siput~!
  • 3rd attempt (and this is final): DVD-RW <-- burn and erase till finish >_<"
Kill me now!

My stewpedity gets the best of me weeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^"

Julian quoted: "God Save Our Computers!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sihatnya ni urang. My colleague work here for 10 over years. I think 15-17 years I can't remember precisely. But she told me that this fellow, he's been around since then grabbing people's fewd/drinks without asking. So yeah, his life is longer than others I suppose?

Have you ever wonder. Where are there beggers and crazy ppl around? Once, I was eating at McD CPS with some frens. We saw like 2 kids begging for fewd/money. >_<"

Maple Down = TM Conspiracy?

It's a conspiracy!!!! Uwaaaaaaaa!!! I can't play~!!! I can't play!!! >_<" Since yesterday 4pm. Today also still can't play >_<" But why?!!? Izzit becoz of Streamyx again? It's always streamyx. They're the ones behind all this mess!!!! *sigh~ Oooo so today. One of my colleague told me that we no need to jot down our attendance starting next month. She's saying that sarcasticly. Obviously saying that coz yesterday the boss looked angry when bitch wasn't at office. But once bitch at office, he started smiling? WTF?! Is she using some kinda spell? Coz everyone seems to "bow" to her everytime she did something wrong. *sigh~

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The frequency of taking Medical Leave

I was like helping one of my colleague printing a document. To my joy, it's a letter to bitch. Wakkaka yes I sound retarded by saying it. But juz to share how retarded this letter is to me.

So this is the story. Bitch owez take medical leave. Gawd knows if her medical leave are real or fake. But as everyone says: "It must be totally fake!"

I took the stewpedity to post this. Yes, sweet sweet revenge. *grins~!

Subject: KEKERAPAN MENGAMBIL CUTI SAKIT (as per above: frequency of taking medical leave)

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, puan didapati sering mengambil cuti sakit sebagai alasan tidak hadir bertugas semasa perkhidmatan puan amat diperlukan di pejabat. Perbuatan puan ini adalah bertentangan dengan peraturan-peraturan DPBS dimana kakitangan tidak boleh membelakangkan kewajipan kerana kepentingan peribadinya.

Sekiranya perkara ini terus menerus berlaku, pengurusan DPBS tidak teragak-agak merujuk puan kepada Hospital Kerajaan untuk menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan dan pengesahan bagi mengetahui tentang status kesihatan puan setelah mendapat pemeriksaan dan cuti sakit dari klinik swasta berkenaan.

Wut's wrong with this letter? Is this how a notice should really be? *pfttttt...

So, basically, do she have cancer or she's juz retarded? Hmmm...

Noted: At my office, no secret wutsoever. Everyone knows how much everyone earn >_<" haih~ lame~

My bro and are working on a forum for the Sabah Community

Check it out here

Still under construction since we're lack of people, time and resources >_<"
I was bz playing Maple yesterday till I was lazy to blog. I did wanna blog but I'm stuck with Maple. Last nite, I thought I might be able to level up since the % of my exp is 91%. I could go to lvl 30 already and change job weeeeeeee.

There's pros and cons about having ur own room at work. The gewd thing is, u get to do wutever u want without having ppl bothering u and asking stewped Q. The bad thing is, u dun get to gossip with ppl outside hahahha which I dun think is such a gewd idea. But somehow, I owez ended up listening to wut's going on outside >_<" it's not my fault if they tok so loud?

Guess who they were toking about this time? hahahahah still the same person. They bitch about it again. I think the cleaner lady sort of triggered our boss's anger by saying that if he dun take any action, that she would haf taken to complain straight to the big boss. Which I think is a gewd idea. Coz this bitch owez M.I.A and I do think that giving chance to others who doesn't have a job is better?

Anyways, me and bro went to eat at Vietnam around Jalan Pantai. Ahhh cold dish so nice. Sorry, but no I didn't take any shot of the fewd. It's very hot and very jam. Well, I guess coz ppl bz about their salary? Maybe? No idea. It's been like that lately. Only gawd knows why.

Ooohhh the line totally sucked last nite. We seem to get connect and dc every now and then. Which suck arse! I was playing Maple and the thing keep getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, I gave up and go straight to bed.

Kitty owez wake me up with their running around in the morning. *pokes kitty stomach poke it!

Noted: Julian, we were there at 1:10pm this time hahahahahha. And we're not stalking hahahah

Monday, November 27, 2006

dun u feel like poking mimi's stomach? dun ya? dun ya?

she love the shoe box. seriously~!

Grocery Shopping Day!

Saturday is grocery shopping day! I'm out of cat fewd, out of kitty litter, out of shampoo, out of junk fewd, damn, I'm out of everything. >_<" Went shopping with my brother and my mum. Ohhh, I saw a converse shoe I really like! Cost = RM125.90 if I'm not mistaken >_<" *calculate money. Argh! I won't have enuff money this month. *pfttttttttt~~~
stop at petrol station for fuel filling. my bro tends to let his tank empty all the time >_<" seriously? is malta an alcoholic drink? O_o?

a shot of my bro and his gf? hahahhahaha NOT! his fav person in the whole wide world. my mum hahaha..he owez does that...but where's my love?!? hahahah kidding kidding

a kitty teaser hwahahhaha. i got this free with purchase of friskies hee :D they love it. silly one of the kitty was scared of this the other wasn't. now ogie already. both of them love it. they'll be jumping here and there to catch it hahahhaha


Sunday is so my lazy day. This is the day to laze around. I basically didn't do nothing today. Maybe eat nonstop and watch tv whole day till I got headache for not putting my head in the right manner. *sigh. Oooo I watched Merlin on Hallmark today. Geez~~~ kinda interesting. Well, it's nice to watch.

I can't believe I'll get a dream about living in caves today >_<"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Midori Days

I so love watching "The Laws of Ueki". But we're not gonna discuss it here. Hee~ go watch urself! But as the title goes. I've juz started watching Midori Days. More info about this anime. Click here. The anime omg. So cute!! Anyways, wanted to point out that the ending theme is absolutely damn nice! For me that is. I'm not sure with anyone else but yes, I've been singing this song almost everyday now weeeeeeeeeee~~~ yes I'm very addicted to the theme!!!!

Part of the theme song

The lyrics :)
(I type everything out by refering to the clip hee~)

soshite kizute toki ni
kangaeteiru no wa kimi no koto de
sorega sugoku hazukashikattari
sugoku iyadattari omoete
sore wa boku ga kimochi wo tsutai koto ga kowai kara desu

atama de osaetsuketemo
kokoro wa dou suru koto mo dekinakute
auodoi ni kimi ni satorarenai you ni
itsumo to kawari nai you ni
hanashiteru tsumori de yoyuu mo nakute
kurushikunatta boku wa
kimi ni uso wo tsuiteshimau dakedo

mou sukoshi mousukoshi
kimi no kokoro ni chikazuitara
mou sukoshi mousukoshi
ima kono toki ga kienai you ni
douka kanisama boku ni yuuki wo kudasai


By the time I noticed,
I was thinking about you
I thought that was really embarassing
and I really hated it.
It's because I am afraid to convey my feelings.

Even if I suppress it in my head,
I can't do anything about my heart
To make you not able to notice when we meet
and to make it no different from the norm
is how I plan to talk to you, but couldn't
I am suffering
I ended up lying to you, but...

just a bit more...just a bit more...
If I can get closer to your heart
just a bit more..just a bit more...
Try not to erase this moment

Please god, give me courage

Complete lyrics here
I did my laundry last nite. But still in the washing machine. Not finish yet. Er...did I put too much clothes last nite? Er...

ewwwwwwwww froggie. ewwwww...eeee another diff kind of froggie

mumu trying to act all cute and all. stop faking it!!!! mumu faking his faking it

Little that I know. Last nite, mum told me that there were a snake juz outside near to where I do my laundries. Ogie. Now you can forget me getting all my clothes now. TQ. I'll totally freak if I saw one. Trust me. I saw many. I won't be going anywhere if I saw one. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww I hate reptiles!!!!!

This morning, one of the mimi woke me up. Guess wut she did? She slept on my neck. How the heck am I suppose to sleep with that kinda weight on my neck!? Kitty!!! >_<" I actually put her aside so I could return to my sleepy moments but no. She gotta bite my fingers or maybe bite my hand (in a manner of like cleaning her furr). Wot? Kitty think my hand got "kutu" ka? Adoi~ Ohh, F.Y.I, I have 2 crazy kitten in my room. Wait, rephrase, living in my room. Hahahahahha. I know my sis gets irritated by it sometimes but heck. Who cares!!! It's my room hee~ :) Besides, they are clean and cute. Weeeeee

Till then, let the kitties run like mad kitties.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I'm always terrible with title for blog posts. I'll simply type anything I want starting from now weeeeeeeeee. Friday is always the best day for me. Especially today. SALARY DAY!!! mwahhahahaha. Though I hate it when they give cash *sigh. Walk 2 blocks to bank >_<" I had fish nugget and bread for breakie. Was planning to skip lunch. But then, my brother asked if I wanted to join him for lunch at Rafflesia Chicken Hut. How could I say no? Am tempted again. This is so bad! I'm so gonna gain weight again. *sigh. At around 1pm, we decided to go to CPS. To kill time actually coz Friday's lunch time is always from 11:30am to 2pm. Guess wut we saw on the road there.
my bro said this look like a puding? *hiks. i think it would be interesting if they could cut into some other shape? like say animal? or something like Edward Scissorhand <-- did I get this right?
the cars waiting in line to get to the other side... >_<"
ogie. this suppose to be like "A Quest in search for Julian" hahahah but i have no idea why i took this pix actually?

Back at around nearly 3pm. My bro actually bought 2 giordano umbrella. You'll only get RM16 each if it rains and yes it's raining hahahhaha. OOOOoooo am so tempted with giordano clothes. I want another pants!!! So costly, after discount gonna cost RM93.90. I recently bought one that cost me around RM100++ *sigh. Am so broke!

Have you ever wonder how each individual actually think? Say like, if people ignore you. Wut are your thoughts? I dun give a damn actually. But if it's a person I really like, I would probably go crazy hahahaha literally. There's this somebody who is overly sensitive about a certain matter that everything that we say to this person even we're teasing find it offensive. *sigh~ Now dun you say that you're optimistic? Wot?!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Going through life bit by bit...with patience...(of coz)

This would be my normal morning tapau if mum didn't prepare breakie. Yes, I know I'm spoilt by my parents. But yeah, I'M LUCKY~! Breakie is prepared everyday by mummy! :D Well if there were more choices, i would get something else?

am a big fan of anchovies! XD

this is wut i'll pay for 2 days if i dun get monthly parking ticket. *SIGH. even monthly parking cost RM52.50

proof of another person sleeping at work. where can find self make "tikar" and blanket oh?

ahhhhh this is lunch? i was trying to skip lunch but somebody bought this for everyone >_<" how could i resist?

dun u wanna eat it?

Gawd I'm seriously bored. I actually wanted to blog this yesterday but I was bz leveling up at Maple hahahaha. Yes I'm now level 29 hee. 1 more level to go if I wanna change job. hee. So much fun! XD

Dun jealous hee. Oooo u know wut irritates me the most? NOISE!!! Lots of em noise! Makes me wanna go crazy! So, guess where the noise came from? ROOFTOP! I think there's few guys fixing something there but I have no idea wut. They were making so much noise even with them walking there. Imagine GIANTS? Yes, it's pretty creepy and its been going for few days now. *sigh. Even we told them to walk slowly. Oh, won't it be a good laugh if somebody fell from there? Well not fell flat on the road la. Maybe get their leg stuck on our ceiling, juz not above me tq?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ali's trip to the house

He found the house!

We invited Ali to the house last nite. Too bad Amy couldn't make it. If not, it would be fun! :) So, this is wut happen (well not really, some are manipulated :P).

i wanna join em and eat but it was too late for me to eat. >_<" i'll only eat before 8pm hehe (yes, i'm very particular with my time). serves u guys rite mwahhahaha~!

my bro, ask me to stop taking his photo hahahahahahha. *hint hint, this is him immitating a kid from the showcase when i was trying to get a video of her singing hahahaha (noted: i failed coz she was fast)

We stuffed him with fried rice and chicken wings.

bro, serious jugak tu muka? wakkakakak :P

He stayed up till 11pm. Past my bed time *yawns~

say cheese!! freeze urself! dun move!

the guys pose?

the girls pose hahahah kidding kidding~
Actually I haven't finish blogging yesterday. I got till the extent of playing Maple Story till I finish my quest weeeeeeee...Quest: Hitting 999 blue and 999 green mushrooms. >_<" well at least I levelled up!?! Ooo now I'm gonna hit 999 zombie mushroom. Can level up again weeeeeeee... (Noted: No, I'm not an addict? Hello?).

To Jay: I dun care wut u say, I like playing Maple :P

What I had for lunch yesterday. Rice + Chicken + Cucumber thinggies from Sugar Bun.

i was hungry ogie!

I had like bread + fried egg + tomato sauce (coz i dun like maggie brand chili sauce, taste like ewww) + lotsa pepper for breakie. But at 12:30 noon, my bro called me ask whether I wanna join him for pizza at Pizza Hut. Noiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~!!!!! >_<" But why?! Huhuhuhu~ I want but I'm too full *sigh~. Hot sunny day. Too hot! But it rained for a lil while yesterday. But it's still hot!

a view from my office. anyone familiar with this common place? *hiks~

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Am not trying to be mean but this is wut life at my office is like?

so this is the auntie cleaner's 19 year old daughter. she's snoring actually. ohhh, she's sleeping at the end of my room. my room at work is a triangle shape *hiks~ oh and dun get me wrong with the scissors next to her. she loves to cut papers

Monday, November 20, 2006

You won't get this anywhere else!!!

It's been 2 years and I'm still bitching about the same shite! >_<"

So yes, I'll be bitching about the bitch again. *sigh. It's a never ending story till somebody decided to fire her! Please! Fire her!!!! >_<"

Wut's new with bitch world? Lemme see, besides she owez go missing from the office every now and then, and loan shark keep calling the office like damn pathetic stalker? She's been taking leave again. Her annual leave suppose to be 19 days. Last year gawd knows how many extra day off she took. Not forgetting her fake MC (medical leave)? At least this year, somebody (not me) somehow take note of the number of days she took. So, we have concluded that she took advance 12 days leave. Meaning next year she only left with 1 week of leave. You definately won't get this kinda company with these kinda situation.

We pray so hard that somebody come to their senses and fire her already. *sigh~ >_<" And everyday listening to people bitching about it is bad. Even now I'm bitching about it. So I'm bad. Bad massy bad! People notice but they dun take action. This is why I say my boss is lame and weak. *sigh. Oooo well she's not the only one. There's another guy working there also doing the same thing. Only in his case, he owez go missing. He's probably sleeping at home. How many letters could a person send a day? *confused.

Lame~ I better stop bitching~

Who does this two look like?

Their parents obviously, a comparison between raven and his new born sister :D how cute.

So, today, my fren sent me a mms of her daughter. Oh shite. I forgot her name again. It's too long till I can't remember. I did remember but now I forgot. I think I posted about it before.

But lookie lookie. They look so cute. >_<" I sound so sick aren't I? Anyways, wut's up today. Ahhh, the plan is to go lunch at Japanese Dream Train at CPS. Ohhh, guess wut I did earlier today? I played Maple Story at work again >_<" Ohh, but before that I was updating the company's website. So, not totally wasting my time at work la. Blackout at around 11 something. Everyone was out except the normal ppl who sleeps at office around lunch time (there's 3 of them)? Told my bro to pick me up early coz staying at office is killing me coz it was so hot (refering to the damn hot weather). Went downstairs at around noon. Guess wut I saw? A dead rat! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Some ppl might think I'm crazy for taking a shot of this but I gotta show it...EWWWWW!!!

i dun think the rat is alive. seriously

Went to CPS. I had chicken curry rice for lunch. Tasty but it's too much for me. Shared with my brother.
mind the left overs of boxing chicken on top left tq~

The japanese restaurant seem to have so many new waiter/waitress. So, one of the new waitress was serving my chicken curry rice, and unaccidently pour the hot soup on my brother. Ohhh, my bro being the kewl person, he said it's ok. But I think he's in real pain. Lucky only the hand. My bro's hand was red. Though he could still make a joke about how the restaurant should give us discount for our meal hahahaha. We had california rolls. My bro had 2. I had 1. Some sushi. 2 plates of boxing chicken (*nyum), ocha.

fish head salmon. hmmm. the taste was juz ok la. mind the sushi at the top right hand side *hiks~

Oh not forgetting, my bro had fish head salmon. Total amount = RM40++.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nasty Customer with TMNet Customer Service Operator

Most of the time browsing through I stumble upon this thread. Click here.

But for original blog post. Click here. Oh, btw, there's an audio file there. Listen to it. It sure it the most retarded emo conversation I've ever heard hehehe.

Seriously, I've complained to TMNet so many times. It pisses me off. Though I can't blame the customer service coz they are not the one checking on site? It's the technician. Anyways, it's juz lousy coz they work very slow. I juz wish we have the right person to call to if we faced any kind of problem with our connection. *sigh.

Though, things really got outta hand with this Mr. Chua person. I think he snapped. *hiks~

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Story of an Idiot

Today, it's made clear that idiots are everywhere. Wut kinda idiot share network by right clicking the LAN icon? Toking about sharing files. Aren't you suppose to like right click ur folder and share ur files and folder from there? Which idiot actually share their network? >_<" sigh. And guess computer idiot's excuse is owez "I dun study computer". Ogie, wtf?!? Seriously, I gotta say, that's the lamest excuse I've ever heard. Not once but many times. I would conclude that this person is a total idiot.

I rest my case.

I've juz fix my new Hitachi 250GB hddisk. So now in total I have roughly less than 530GB of space. Weeeeeeee..yes, my first 250GB is nearly full. It reach to the limit where the free space left is like less than 30GB >_<" wtf?! Wut did I store there? Er, bunch of junks. Now, I'm organizing my files again.

the crowd around noon. more like this bunch of people making too much noise there

Weeee. So, today, went out to Damai to pick up PS2. Share buy with my bro. Then went to Cyber X, Damai for that Maple Event (for more details, click here). A lot of people. Wut did we get? Freebies! Well, I actually didn't wanna register but then I want the postcard. I want the poster and the car sticker!!! >_<" It's the prize for the lucky draw *sigh. Which will be held at 5:30pm? No way we're gonna wait that long? We went off at around 11am coz we're dead hungry. Went back to the place to check out any interesting events. Mostly I think wut they want us to do is to stay there and play. Juz to fill the place up. Make it crowded. Hee~ I prefer playing at home. Well, at least I took some photo? Check out the photos there. Wait, I'll check it out if it's there or I'll post it here. Eeks, juz check the site, hmm my bro only posted like 1 photo >_<" oh well. I'll post my version of photo weeeeee.
this is a shot of me at home. one is mine and the other is my bro's. my house haf a very nice background dun u think? thanks to dad for that. and mind the hair ogie. i'm dead tired and it's bloody hot

I'll be cleaning up my compy now.

Noted: Gewd thing my bro and me are in gewd terms oledi yay~!

Friday, November 17, 2006

The kitties does it again. Guess wut they did this morning? They pulled all the toilet paper >_<" 1 whole thick paper roll is gone. omg omg.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

As promised, shots of BIMP-EAGA Showcase 2006. I'm really sorry for the delay. I've been lazy and bz. Anyways, what does BIMP-EAGA stands for?

B = Brunei, I = Indonesia, M = Malaysia, P = Philippines and EAGA = East Asean Growth Area. Ogie, did I get this right?

This showcase is to create awareness for people who is not aware of wut BIMP-EAGA is all about. This is the 1st showcase from BIMP-EAGA. There's only less than 40 booth participated.

Companies from:
1. Malaysia: MATRADE, DPBS Holdings Sdn Bhd, MIDA, Sarawak Tourism Board, Sabah Tourism, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, UMS, Uniang Plastic, Sawit Kinabalu, POIC, Matrix Power Services, Sabah Port, Labuan Tourism, SUDC, Sabah Timber Industries Association, Margaret Florist (not sure who I missed out here).
2. Indonesia: If I'm not mistaken it's a combined booth of 2 or 3? Provinsi Sulawesi Barat (this is wut I could remember from the banner).
3. Brunei: Total of 6 booths.
4. Philippines: A combined booth from Mindanao.
5. Northern Territory, Australia: 1 booth.

a shot of the backdrop after everyone left mwahhahaha

memento to the minister of industrial development (who officiate the showcase) from bebc

our uniform for 4 days. me, marjie and melissa. uh uh, those two are siblings. or i could guess most of you guys would realized it already? :P

one of the exhibitor from indonesia. he was taking picture with everyone. oh and this is dpbs holding sdn bhd booth

with the exhibitor from the philippines. (ewwwwww look at my hair)

me, my bro and his best fren

this is marjie's niece. ain't she the cutest? uh my messy hair again >_<"

Dealing with boredom

I came back with a headache today. I'm suppose to design a website template for my brother but I was too tired and my brain dun exactly function well in those condition.

Scenario: Have anyone ever had their brain sending the wrong signal. I.e. you're suppose to shampoo ur hair, instead u think it's facial wash and start washing ur face? >_<"

It's the sign of old age *noiiiiii~~~~

I slept around 8 something. Well, more to anxious to watch the latest season of Southpark. But it wasn't out yet. *sigh to Astro. ASTRO SUCKS! BIG TIME! So, yeah, I'm not sure if I actually slept that time coz both of my kitties were running around like mad on the bed. When I woke up this morning, I got scratches around my leg. >_<"

Though kitties are cute when they sleep next to u.

At work, could somebody sack the bitch or something? Gawd. She took advance 9½ days for gawd sake! >_<" Anybody know which other company is doing that? aiya~

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yet another boring day at work. Earlier, I had a short discussion with my boss about updating the company's website. He can't be any slower? Everything that he juz told me I've already know from my dad weeks ago. *sigh. And he was giving me some updates for the site. NOT! He gave me nothing. He dun even check the website out before telling me wut to do. Like hello?! All the things he want me to update is already there. WTF!? *sigh~ in this case. I most definately would rather get information from my dad. At least he gimme text to put in rather than juz letting me figure out details I have no idea about. *sigh. Lame! This is so lame.

Life couldn't be more boring...
I know I haven't seen frozen sea before. Have you?