Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nasty Customer with TMNet Customer Service Operator

Most of the time browsing through I stumble upon this thread. Click here.

But for original blog post. Click here. Oh, btw, there's an audio file there. Listen to it. It sure it the most retarded emo conversation I've ever heard hehehe.

Seriously, I've complained to TMNet so many times. It pisses me off. Though I can't blame the customer service coz they are not the one checking on site? It's the technician. Anyways, it's juz lousy coz they work very slow. I juz wish we have the right person to call to if we faced any kind of problem with our connection. *sigh.

Though, things really got outta hand with this Mr. Chua person. I think he snapped. *hiks~


  1. hahaha... i listen to this call before mas....

  2. yeah? i still think it's retarded hahahha

  3. i think this thing is long's consider a new thing for me though hee :P