Saturday, November 25, 2006

Midori Days

I so love watching "The Laws of Ueki". But we're not gonna discuss it here. Hee~ go watch urself! But as the title goes. I've juz started watching Midori Days. More info about this anime. Click here. The anime omg. So cute!! Anyways, wanted to point out that the ending theme is absolutely damn nice! For me that is. I'm not sure with anyone else but yes, I've been singing this song almost everyday now weeeeeeeeeee~~~ yes I'm very addicted to the theme!!!!

Part of the theme song

The lyrics :)
(I type everything out by refering to the clip hee~)

soshite kizute toki ni
kangaeteiru no wa kimi no koto de
sorega sugoku hazukashikattari
sugoku iyadattari omoete
sore wa boku ga kimochi wo tsutai koto ga kowai kara desu

atama de osaetsuketemo
kokoro wa dou suru koto mo dekinakute
auodoi ni kimi ni satorarenai you ni
itsumo to kawari nai you ni
hanashiteru tsumori de yoyuu mo nakute
kurushikunatta boku wa
kimi ni uso wo tsuiteshimau dakedo

mou sukoshi mousukoshi
kimi no kokoro ni chikazuitara
mou sukoshi mousukoshi
ima kono toki ga kienai you ni
douka kanisama boku ni yuuki wo kudasai


By the time I noticed,
I was thinking about you
I thought that was really embarassing
and I really hated it.
It's because I am afraid to convey my feelings.

Even if I suppress it in my head,
I can't do anything about my heart
To make you not able to notice when we meet
and to make it no different from the norm
is how I plan to talk to you, but couldn't
I am suffering
I ended up lying to you, but...

just a bit more...just a bit more...
If I can get closer to your heart
just a bit more..just a bit more...
Try not to erase this moment

Please god, give me courage

Complete lyrics here


  1. ingat i'm the only one minat anime... hahaha ada juga geng... hehehe

  2. hahahhaha am a big fan of anime! XD

  3. I liiiiikkkeeee!!! But I have no astro heeeerrreeee!!! Arghhh!!! I have to wait until my brother download or buy. =D Hari tu when I was back in Sandakan for raya, dapat tengok sikit ja Ueki! Huhu. =(

  4. *rofl justine

    hey haizum..u know ueki's whole episode is available on youtube? though i hate it if i have to watch like part by part? >_<"

  5. Whaaaat? Watch in that little screeeen? No way!

    when I GROW UP I will be rich and buy myself the biggest tv ever and watch anime all day! *evil laugh*

  6. Oh, since we're speaking of anime songs, have you heard Escaflowne's "Yubiwa"? It's a really nice song, by maaya Sakamoto, the lady who sang in that other song I told you about. The one where she sang with that guy that had the dreamiest voice *sigh*.

  7. haizum *rofl. yes, i know that song. hehahahah :D i got that song in my playlist weeeeeeeeeee XD

    ooo the guy with dreamy voice..steve conte *drools`

  8. I used to watch lots of anime. Now dont have much time...

    *All time favorite is Vandread. :)

  9. when i saw the title Midori Meomry - i tot u were talking bout a drink!!!! ROFL!!!! rupa-rupanya anime pulaaa! aiseh!!

  10. sweet! everyone is a anime fan!!! yay! XD

    amy omg! got drink called midori?

  11. amy : ahahahaha

    Mas : wat else u tgk ??

  12. justine: besides ueki and midori days?

    i watch gatekeepers, honey and clover , eureka seven, death note, air gear, naruto, bleach, god save our king, busou renkin, got few more i can't remember rite now hehehee

  13. wow... that good.. :P.. ada kemajuan hehehe

  14. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Maslight..since you sing that song everyday why not record it down and let us judge your singing ler!!! If alright maybe can masok M'sian Idol!! wuahahaha.

  15. justine: rofl~

    aceone: eeee...if i sing ah...sure like froggie calling for rain sound so gewd hahahah