Saturday, November 25, 2006

I did my laundry last nite. But still in the washing machine. Not finish yet. Er...did I put too much clothes last nite? Er...

ewwwwwwwww froggie. ewwwww...eeee another diff kind of froggie

mumu trying to act all cute and all. stop faking it!!!! mumu faking his faking it

Little that I know. Last nite, mum told me that there were a snake juz outside near to where I do my laundries. Ogie. Now you can forget me getting all my clothes now. TQ. I'll totally freak if I saw one. Trust me. I saw many. I won't be going anywhere if I saw one. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww I hate reptiles!!!!!

This morning, one of the mimi woke me up. Guess wut she did? She slept on my neck. How the heck am I suppose to sleep with that kinda weight on my neck!? Kitty!!! >_<" I actually put her aside so I could return to my sleepy moments but no. She gotta bite my fingers or maybe bite my hand (in a manner of like cleaning her furr). Wot? Kitty think my hand got "kutu" ka? Adoi~ Ohh, F.Y.I, I have 2 crazy kitten in my room. Wait, rephrase, living in my room. Hahahahahha. I know my sis gets irritated by it sometimes but heck. Who cares!!! It's my room hee~ :) Besides, they are clean and cute. Weeeeee

Till then, let the kitties run like mad kitties.


  1. wat da froggie do on ur basket... hahaha

  2. Fuiyoh!! Your house got snake? I sked of snakes wan. Err..that frog smells something good in your basket? Oh dear..your hse do have alots of visitors!! Wakakaka!!!

  3. guys..i have no idea why the frog is there..but house is surrounded with bushes. dangerous *sigh.

    justine..bukan ko pernah datang rumah se meh? ko teda perasan kah macam mini jungle?

  4. hahahah... yup i do notice that... heheh cool place leh...