Thursday, November 16, 2006

As promised, shots of BIMP-EAGA Showcase 2006. I'm really sorry for the delay. I've been lazy and bz. Anyways, what does BIMP-EAGA stands for?

B = Brunei, I = Indonesia, M = Malaysia, P = Philippines and EAGA = East Asean Growth Area. Ogie, did I get this right?

This showcase is to create awareness for people who is not aware of wut BIMP-EAGA is all about. This is the 1st showcase from BIMP-EAGA. There's only less than 40 booth participated.

Companies from:
1. Malaysia: MATRADE, DPBS Holdings Sdn Bhd, MIDA, Sarawak Tourism Board, Sabah Tourism, Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, UMS, Uniang Plastic, Sawit Kinabalu, POIC, Matrix Power Services, Sabah Port, Labuan Tourism, SUDC, Sabah Timber Industries Association, Margaret Florist (not sure who I missed out here).
2. Indonesia: If I'm not mistaken it's a combined booth of 2 or 3? Provinsi Sulawesi Barat (this is wut I could remember from the banner).
3. Brunei: Total of 6 booths.
4. Philippines: A combined booth from Mindanao.
5. Northern Territory, Australia: 1 booth.

a shot of the backdrop after everyone left mwahhahaha

memento to the minister of industrial development (who officiate the showcase) from bebc

our uniform for 4 days. me, marjie and melissa. uh uh, those two are siblings. or i could guess most of you guys would realized it already? :P

one of the exhibitor from indonesia. he was taking picture with everyone. oh and this is dpbs holding sdn bhd booth

with the exhibitor from the philippines. (ewwwwww look at my hair)

me, my bro and his best fren

this is marjie's niece. ain't she the cutest? uh my messy hair again >_<"


  1. One shirt, four days? STINKYYYYY :P

  2. 2 shirt for four days la hello?

  3. its better if no shirt at all oppss.heheeh

  4. zaini = pervert

    now how obvious is that?

  5. datuk zaini, if there's no shirt at all, I bet you and me will fly down to KK and enjoy the 'natural scene'huh? Lol!!

  6. wahhahahah another pervert!!! u guys are totally marked! :P