Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ali's trip to the house

He found the house!

We invited Ali to the house last nite. Too bad Amy couldn't make it. If not, it would be fun! :) So, this is wut happen (well not really, some are manipulated :P).

i wanna join em and eat but it was too late for me to eat. >_<" i'll only eat before 8pm hehe (yes, i'm very particular with my time). serves u guys rite mwahhahaha~!

my bro, ask me to stop taking his photo hahahahahahha. *hint hint, this is him immitating a kid from the showcase when i was trying to get a video of her singing hahahaha (noted: i failed coz she was fast)

We stuffed him with fried rice and chicken wings.

bro, serious jugak tu muka? wakkakakak :P

He stayed up till 11pm. Past my bed time *yawns~

say cheese!! freeze urself! dun move!

the guys pose?

the girls pose hahahah kidding kidding~


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Wah..syok-nya!! belated keduri raya kot!

  2. i've noticed that semua pakai baju hitam nih ( ur shirt is black or dark blue?)

    happy belated raya!

  3. whahahahha...

    aceone: belated indeed...tunggu tu budak saturang bah datang my house..finally datang..

    amy: i wear dark blue ahhahaha...only my bro and ali is black hahahah :P

  4. Iye jelesnya me!!! I also want!! Nda, pa. Nanti around Xmas I go KK. Still got open house ka? hehe

  5. hahahhahaha sure can can! :D

  6. Who's Ali anyway? :)

  7. *rofl...saiful...ali is my fren / bro. i know him for few years oledi.

  8. weisey... makan2 sumore... hahaha

  9. bah justine come down to kk..we go makan! XD

  10. wait... 28/12/2006 be there.. 2 days.. hahaha mark that date OKie

  11. *rofl hahaha bah! cya when u get here then XD