Sunday, November 13, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 + Effective Cure for Cough

Another less than a week before the race.  I'm excited and panicking at the same time.  With all the phail runs and leg injury every now and then, today at least I could finish a 10km run.  Last long run before the race.  Do not do anything stewped in between before the race Massy.  So who's going?  Buzz buzz me!  I hope to see you gais there!

I was checking my previous 10km records on my garmin connect and very please, even though it's very minor, I've improved my pace.  So happy.

I'm hoping to do well for my Half Marathon next week.  I just hope my right leg won't gimme any problems.  It has been paining every now and then and I've been icing it like madness.  It's weird though, start run pain like madness, after few meters, the pain gradually fades or very minimal.  Keeps my fingers crossed though.  Hopefully could cut time.  My previous 20-21km records.

I'm gonna aim doing a 6:30 mins pace throughout, not sure I can do it but I'm gonna try as hard as I can. 

Wish me luck!

On another note, this is for Nick.  Effective cure for cough.  Get well soon! (Since this works for me, my dad made this for me when I was down with the flu, fever, cough + sore throat).

Steamed and Salted Orange for Cough.

This method had been tested by many people, and found to be one of the best methods to stop cough. (According to the email).
Cut off the top part of the orange, put some salt into the orange, and replace the top part. Steam it for 10 minutes and eat all the flesh including the juice at the bottom of the bowl.

May not taste very nice, but cures your prolonged cough in days.
  •   Cut the top part of the orange. 
  • Add a teaspoon of salt.
  • Replace sliced top and fix it with a toothpick.
  •  Place in a bowl and steam it for 10 minutes.
  •  Now you can eat!

Don't forget to drink-up the water left in the bowl.
It tastes sour and salty, but is good for cure.

his method had been tested and found effective by many people.
One of the simplest and best ways to stop cough.

Sekian, terima kasih :)


  1. All the best in the PBIM next week, Mas. Just keep to an easy steady pace throughout and you'll do fine. Don't worry too much about time, just go out and enjoy. I wish I was running the PBIM too. Will target the PBIM FM next year.

    And thanks for the salted orange tip. Should have read this before my CICM 21K this morning cos I was coughing like an idiot all through the race.

  2. @Nick: Thanks again, I might join the Singapore Marathon next year, not sure if I'll join PBIM again because of the ticket price, unless I win a lottery that enables me to fly everywhere for marathon, that'd be great.

    Oh another note, my bad, I should have blog hop more often, I actually read your blog after my run :( but I hope u'll recover soon, not a big fan of combo sickness too. At least I'm healthy for PBIM yay~

  3. Good luck for the run Massy! And the tips is also useful for me. Next time :)

  4. @chegu: Thank you. Yeah, I'll share any other tips that I've tried if there's any hehe ;)

  5. The recipe for the cough looks nice.;)

    Good luck on PBIM!

    I think maybe it's better to rest the legs before the race and make sure it's pain free? Are you taking anything for the pain?

  6. @Lina: The best part about the recipe for cough that it works.

    Anyways, no, not taking anything for the leg, just icing and resting it.

  7. Massy, good luck on the marathon ya, I pray for you to make it to the finish line, winning it or not you will have a great experience.

    And thank you for the tips, :D

  8. Okay... I'm very much inspired now. To run I mean... Haha see what I can do about it :D

    All the best! and thanks for the tips :D

  9. @Daniel Chiam: Yay for being motivated, stay healthy. :)

  10. Does this really work? I need to test it. That means I have to get myself to have a cough or something. Hahaa palis-palis. Thanks for sharing the tip though.

    Happy Tuesday, Maslight!

  11. @arms: Jangan cari penyakit, or cari urang yang sudah coughing then kasi makan ini hehehe. ;)

  12. cam sa mo cuba ni tu cough remedy.

    bila u go penang dis?

  13. cam sa mo cuba oh tu cough remedy.

    bila u go penang dis?

  14. @Joan: Yeap yeap, try it works, for me it does hehee, haven't been coughing after taking those. Anyways, flying to Penang on Friday.

  15. u taking airasia ka? cam sama flight kita ni. am flying friday juga dis. but goin there not for the marathon la. for zee avi's concert.

    sudah sa beli limau ni. mo pigi try la ni. panat sudah sa batuk..

  16. @Joan: Yeap yeap taking AA, my flight is noon ;) yeah yeah try try it works, se indada batuk sudah ni.

  17. No problem lol,, next week you can stay with my family, cos next year me and my wife will be doing the PBIM,my wife half and I will for full,,,,now started training already lol

  18. @eugene: definitely will go to Penang again, it was so much fun for 3 of us and it was our first time heheh.