Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 Trip - Part 1

I don't know where to start.

I'll make this part by part coz it's gonna be long XD

I contemplate in doing this run but decided to do it and since I manage to drag 2 more people to go with me, we went to register and start booking. I did the flight booking and accommodation for myself and 2 guy friends but couldn't find nearest to the event location. It was my first trip to Penang, I've been wanting to visit but never had the chance to.  My friend been bugging me to book it early (like 6 months early) but I only manage to do it in September, a bit late but it's ok.  Cut the story short I'm gonna start with flying there on the 18th Nov 2011 (Friday).

Been trying to add on when check in for Air Asia bookings but there was an upgrade to the Air Asia website a week before I did the web check-in that I couldn't manage my booking, I end up checking in without the add ons.  Oh well.  Lets just say that whole process of me arranging everything was a stressful one.  

I think it has been a struggle for me a month before the event, I got sick and injured my right leg and it's not healing properly coz I wasn't resting it properly.  Manage to fix it before race date but there's still some minor twitching, so decided to take it slow and don't overdo my running.  Cut down my speedwork and just did normal runs.  It was okay, I could have done better.  Anyways, back to  my flight to Penang on the 18th.

Day 1 (18th Nov 2011).
Flight is at 1:05pm from KK International Airport Terminal 2.  My dad sent me, we got out around before 11am, gawd that was early.  Met my 2 traveling companion, Shariff and Daniel there and flew direct to Penang.
HAHAHAHAH omg, cross eyed.  Anyways, credit photo of me to Ripz.

We went to KFC coz Ripz wanted to eat before the flight, just in case there's nothing left to purchase in flight and wait departure time.  But guess what?  He purchase in flight meal lmao.

I took some map and get information about the rapid bus.

Gawddamn belt makes me look fat lol.

 Photo credit to Ripz

Waiting for the bus at the airport.

Arrived at before 4pm, went and check which transportation to get to our hotel.  I did a little bit of research and found out that taxi to the hotel is around RM30++ since it is at Georgetown.  Decided to check for the bus instead.  Yes, convenience.  There's a list of location with the bus number but no list of the fare.  So, we estimated from RM1.40 to RM2.70.  Need a lot of small change.

Took the bus to Weld Quay Jetty Terminal, make sure you have change for this, my friend bought tickets since we didn't have small change and I didn't get the message and bought my own ticket.  How would I know if nobody tells me anything and I was behind the big guy, I has no visual.

It started raining but it stopped when we reach our stop.

Took another bus to Jalan Penang to look for our hotel, we got lost.  We stopped at Lebuh Penang instead of Jalan Penang.  Okay.  But lucky for us, 2 local ladies helped us held a cab to our hotel, got cheaper cab fare :) Penang people so friendly.  Since the place we're staying were open in 2010, a lot of people don't know where it's located.  People not sure where Jalan Argyll is.  And Digi 3G were being an ass that I couldn't get any decent connection.  *le sigh.  I think we only reach our hotel at around 6pm?  Yes, should have taken a cab.    

But along the way, I saw Domino's Pizza and told the guys that I wanted to eat that.  Decided to eat it after the run.

The place we're staying for 3 nights.  I booked this from for RM80 per night.  2 double rooms.  I emailed the Inn that I want 1 of the rooms to be with 2 twin beds.  If not, 2 of the guys will be hugging to sleep for 3 nights, not funny.

And this is my room.

What I like about this budget hotel.

  • Free drinking water.
  • Awesome wifi connection.
  • Hot water.
  • Air-conditioned.
  • Clean room.  Housekeeping upon request.
  • Soap and clean towels.
  • Taxi, car rental, laundry service available.
  • Friendly staffs.
  • Hotel staff brief about places to visit, places to eat and transportation information. 
What you need to know,

  • A bit far from main attraction.  The nearest bus stop is 10-20 mins walk.
  • Food court is few mins walk behind the hotel, it closes at 9pm if I'm not mistaken but there are other restaurants/cafe/bistro that opens till late not sure what time though.  Hawker stalls nearby only opens in the morning till maybe noon.  Not sure.  
  • A bit hard to sleep, coz the sound from people opening and closing doors bugged me.
  • No shampoo, lucky I read the reviews about it and brought my own hehe.
Discuss about BIB collection and rest for awhile.

Went to New World Park for dinner.  It was raining..  Some stalls already close so decided to eat western food.


Cincau RM1.20.

Food arrive.

Fish with spaghetti less than RM10.  The spaghetti sauce taste different, curry flavor.  And the chili sauce taste like there's lemon in it.  Interesting :)

Chicken chop spaghetti and mix grill.

After dinner, went back to the hotel to discuss map to Queensbay Mall by bus route, we're gonna collect our BIB the next day.

After shower that is.  LOL.

Photo credits to Ripz

Showing on GPS map.  Newbing.  I seldom use it.

Done discussion, went to my room and sleep!  It was hard to sleep, I think I keep waking up every now and then coz the room next door keeps opening and closing their doors and I think they went clubbing coz I heard it around 3am lol.

- to be continued -

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