Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 Trip - Part 2

19th Nov 2011 (Saturday)

Rise and shine!  It's day 2.  I woke up as early as 5am.  Don't ask.  Was lying around with my eyes wide open till around 6 and did a little push ups and got ready by 7am.  

Went to check out New World Park (the place where we had our dinner the night before) if it's open but it's not open yet. It's not even 9am yet.

Our place is near the mosque.

Decided to eat at Fook Cheow instead since it's already open.

What I had for breakfast.

I'm a big fan of green chili!  This noodle soup cost RM2.80.

After breakfast walk back to the hotel and got out later after that to the nearest bus stop which is at Jalan Transfer for about 10-20 minutes.  This will take us to the Weld Quay Jetty Terminal and will take another bus to Queensbay Mall for BIB collection pack.

At Weld Quay Jetty Terminal.

Arrived at Queensbay Mall around 10:30am and proceed to the designated tents for collection.

Hassle free.  So convenient.

Other tents there.  I got my eyes set on 2 new balance shoes.  Dammit!

Went to the mall to window shop and look for lunch after that hehe.

Dan wanted to check out Daiso for some Oyumaru.  Do not have oh well.  But he got these ear plugs instead *chuckled.

Food court.

This has got to be the most troublesome way to eat.  I couldn't put the handle down oTL.

And the guys have these for lunch.

Went back to the tents to get some information about the bus pick up location and took some photos after that.

Starting and finishing point.

At the bus stop, spotted this kitteh, so cute.

In the bus, the guys didn't wanna camwhore with me, so I camwhore myself hmph.  Control macho!

Took the bus back to the jetty terminal.  Thought of dropping by Fort Cornwallis (dad suggested me to go there), but Ripz got confused when we wanted to go down, so we had to take another bus back lmao.

Free shuttle bus to some of the locations.  So much fun!  If only we have more time.

Blazing hot sun in the afternoon.  Walk for a bit before reach main entrance.  Eventhough it's hot, there's still wind :) 

Recycle pl0x!

The lighthouse.  It's close, oh well.  Just snap a pix.

We're almost at the main entrance!

"Help me take photo eh!"

RM2 entry fee.  Francis Light vs Mastura Light, are we related? *rofl NO!  Reminds me of high school.  I have a friend called Flora Francis lmao.  Some friends tease us when we're together.

Go around the place.

Okay, that was fun! Time to go back to our hotel.

Back at the hotel.  Goodie bag!

Saya suka!

How I look? XD

Went for an early dinner.  Before 6pm.  Went to New World Park for pasta.

Tune hotel is just right next to this place.  Since the cafe/bistro that we wanted to have our pasta is not open yet.  They only open around 6pm, we decided to eat spaghetti from the same stall we had the night earlier.

Spaghetti with mashed potato and egg.  RM9.

Ohai kitteh, j00 hungreh?

We wanted to buy the banana from the drinks stall but the guy said it's not ripe yet.  Oh well, there goes the plan for tomorrow's breakfast before the run.

I just found out this is a maid cafe, we sort of saw a maid when somebody entered the cafe, but we were so focus for the race tomorrow.  Sleep early after dinner plan.

My shoes are ready!

OMG! I got a little tan from the earlier sight seeing trip.

Chit chat with the guys a bit and went to bed around 7 or was it 8pm? @_@

Wake up time around before 11pm.  Requested a cab for 12:30am to the jetty terminal for the bus to Jerejak Jetty.

- to be continued -

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