Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 Trip - Part 3

Woke up at 10pm, had about less than 3 hours of sleep, I guess I was nervous or I just have problem sleeping.  Did 30 push ups and prepared for a hot shower before 11pm, what?! NO WATER?!  WHY?! Omg, that's when I start panicking.  Went downstairs at slightly past 11pm to check what's going on.  There's a pipe burst and they're fixing it.  Only will be able to fix it in less than 2 hours time.  Oh lord, panic mode.  But owner told me I could shower at the toilet downstairs but no hot water.  Okay.jpg.  Went  back up to my room and took my toiletries and towel and went back down.  Before that, I smsed the guys to inform them about it.  Found out later that they just woke up.  Somebody set the alarm clock wrongly *chuckled.

Left the hotel in a cab to the jetty terminal.  Free shuttle bus to Jerejak Jetty every 30 mins.  Just in time.

I tie and clip my hair differently today.

Arrived at the Jerejak Jetty and had a 20 - 30 mins walk to Queensbay Mall.  Okay, didn't expect that.  But okay.

Went to check if the PowerBar tent was open or not to get some energy gel but it's not there zomg!  We're screwed.  Me and Dan both.  End up running with an empty stomach.

It's still early from race time, so we dropped our bag at the counter and did some stretching and few mins warm up.  Ripz stopped halfway during warm up, don't know where he went.  Quite a number of people was warming up at the same road.  Kenyan warm up = sprinting omg so scary.

Went to the toilet and wait for the time.

The guys went off at 3am.  While the ladies start off time is at 3:15am.  Foreveralone.jpg.  I couldn't find any of my girl friends around.  I think 15 mins before I got so nervous that I was having tummy ache aiyah!   Had my legs spray coz I was feeling a bit of twitch.  It felt really good after the Salonpas spray.  OMG I so like.  Just in time to get in line lmao.  And off we go!

I've studied my route few times already but still couldn't properly remember which it was but thank gawd it wasn't that hard when you have a bunch of people in front of you and the signs do help.  The volunteers and supporters was very motivating at the beginning of the race.  My throat started to get a bit dry so I stopped at the first water station for a drink, drinking while running = not farnie.  I sort of sipped too fast and choked a bit, but continued running, I've estimated that I could probably do a 6:30 mins pace but that didn't happen, I end up doing below 7 mins pace and it gradually went down the hill when I was running up the bridge omg.  It's in my head!  I'd stop at the 2nd ,3rd and 4th water station but they ran out of water, oh gawd, talking about dry throat.  I'd normally don't stop for water till I reach 10km but somehow on that day my throat were so dry and the wind was blowing like crazy.  Freaking cold.

Saw people queuing for toilet break along the road.  Tried to spot Daniel but I think he's way to fast for me to catch up.  Cross path with Ripz at 5km and Chin Yit after that.  Didn't know Chin Yit was sick, determination!

Manage to run for 14.5km non stop till my legs and body started giving up.  Had a little walk run session and  stopped at the water station for more water.  Ran again for few km and stop again for walk run session, till I reach the 17km mark where they have the best 100 plus EVER!  megusta.jpg. That was refreshing.  Cross path with KD at our last few km.  Happy!  Tried to run the last 4km but my calves were paining and I couldn't find volunteers with Salonpas spray.  More walk run session till I finally reach the finishing line at 2 hours 42 minutes.  Manage to shave off 3 mins from my previous HM.  Darn it, I could've done better.  I know I could.  Got my HM finisher medal and lucky draw coupon.

Went to look for Daniel near the Digi booth, I think I look at the wrong place and went to the Allianz tent for a bottle of mineral water.  Gawd I was thirsty.  Finally found Daniel sitting near the Digi tent, and he got me banana and another bottle of water.  :)  Legs were so painful and I'm all covered with sand.  Had a cup of 100 plus after that but it wasn't as chilled as the one I had earlier.

HM Finisher medal.  I feel great!

Waited for Chin Yit and Ripz.  Chin Yit arrived few minutes after that.  3 of us waited for Ripz near the Digi tent for almost 2 hours.  We were freezing our ass off, bad location to wait, the wind was blowing directly at us and we were covered in sweat, I was shivering and we had the funniest conversation of how Ripz could either be lost or he probably resting at one of the tents or got collected by sweepers or went back to our hotel already lmao.  We even thought of telling the dad that we lost his son.  That was funny.

The sun is rising and Ripz finally arrived.  Oh lord!

Smartphone camera!  Didn't bring my camera with me.

Move to sit near Queensbay Mall to wait for Chin Yit's friend who's doing FM.  The sun is shinning!  I think it was around 8am.  Wanted to change but couldn't find a place to.  I was so hungry.  But we wanted to eat Domino's Pizza but it's not open yet.  It's only open at 10:30am.  So decided to go back to the hotel to shower.

Took the free shuttle from Jerejak to Weld Quay Jetty Terminal and took another free shuttle to Jalan Penang/Jalan Transfer.  I'm not sure what's the deal with this particular driver, he was so pissed and were yelling at passengers and complaining about the traffic and marathon.  3 of us were eye rolling at each other. He even yelled at some old folks for taking the wrong entrance to the bus while sipping his cold drink.  OMG that was scary.  The way he drives the bus is also scary.  I couldn't wait to get down from the bus.  We had pressed the bell to stop but he stopped at the next bus stop which is further by few minutes.  We end up walking a longer distance back to the hotel.  *sweat.  Met a tourist along the road back, he was asking us about the marathon till we missed our junction lol!

Had passed a Buah Pala shop but weren't sure if that's the one mum ask me to buy.  Smsed and called mum but she didn't answer oTL.

At the hotel, the stairs were a bit painful XD

Finally back at our hotel, I charged my phone and checked for Domino's Pizza hotline number.  Took a shower and went to the guy's room to pick the menu.  Thank gawd for delivery!  Thanks for treating us lunch Dan.

We had meatasaurus (hand toss) and tuna extreme (double decker cheese crust).  Yummeh!

Had a little incident when eating the pizza.  Ouch my throat.  What happen there stays between the 3 of us.  *chuckled.

Very full omg, pat pat tummy.

After lunch, sleep!  Actually more like we had a little 3 8 / chit chat session till the 2 guys were feeling a bit sleepy.  I know I wasn't sleepy but I was freaking cold.

Manage to sleep for few hours and I woke up I can't remember what time was it but mum told me it's the correct jeruk buah pala that I should get but the guys still sleeping.  I did 30 push ups again, showered and waited for the guys.  Can you guys believe that I was so hungry?  It has been only 2 or was it 3 hours omg.

Went to Queensbay Mall via cab coz Ripz wanted Subway Sandwiches.  Cab fare RM30.  I don't think we'll survive with taking a bus, well maybe we could but I don't think Ripz can ekekekke.

Did a little window shopping and went to Subway Sandwiches.  Damn I wanted to eat at Johnny's, Dave Deli's and TGI Fridays.  Subway Sammiches!  My treat!

Mine is the one with meatballs and jalapeno hehe. It was cold!  It rained and it's windy oh lord.  I was wearing shorts.  I was grabbing the guys arm for body heat.

Next, we wanted to eat ice cream!  But first, we went to look for sports wear.  Ripz went for a massage.  While me and Dan went for a little window shopping.  Both of us then went to Borders.  Mr. I love books.  I'm not a big fan but I don't mind accompanying him.  There's a number of books that he wanted but he refrained himself and got 1.  I told him that he'll regret buying one.  LOL!

Ripz's massage session is over we went to Baskin Robbins after that.

See, somebody didn't wanna let go of his book.

Ice cream.  Ripz's treat! XD Y U NO want ice cream?

I had green tea with pistachio.  Yummeh!  Dan's one is er I can't remember, but one of it is coffee blargh!

Left the mall in a cab, cab driver don't know where the location of our hotel, asked another cab driver, roughly know where it is, I explained to him some of the landmark there, he roughly gets it.  We pointed him to the right direction.  Except the last part illegal turn opps.

Took another shower and then went to sleep.  Haaaa~~~ today was fun!

- to be continued -


  1. OMG! I haven't read Part 2 yet and now you put up Part 3.

    Will come back later after reading Part 2. ;)

  2. @lina: hehehe I thought make it into few parts coz it'd be too long if I combine all into 1. I think part 4 will be the final post, before I forget everything lmao.

  3. You did good and congrats on shaving off 3 minutes off your previous HM :D What's your next race?

    I'm planning to do the Borneo International Marathon next year but only if got money la! LOL!

  4. @Nick: Next race would be next year's BIM hehe, maybe gonna try Full Marathon this time. :) lai lai come to Sabah! ;)

  5. well done babe!!! :D FM ah next year! :D

  6. @Izuan: HELL yeah! Next year FM! Kasi heal ni kaki terus training start till BIM XD semangat ni.