Thursday, November 24, 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011 Trip - final

21st November 2011 (Monday)

Last day in Penang.  I don't wanna go home!  Not yet!  I haven't finish exploring this place yet nouuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ *cries.  I was having a little big of regret for not impulse buying on some of the clothes which are on sale and the food, don't get me started, I wanted to eat a bunch of em.  Friend on the other hand regretted didn't buy more books lmao.  See, I say already.

Woke up early in the morning and went for breakfast at Fook Cheow hawker stall.  I was gonna camwhore myself but the guys teased me.  Said I pout too much.  "SUKA HATI LA!"

Look who's pouting hmph.

This was breakfast hehe.  RM2.80, so tasty!  Dim sum not mine.

After breakfast, me and Dan went "Jeruk Buah Pala" hunting.  While Ripz/Blek went back to the hotel coz his legs were in pain.  Okay blek.

Walk around and found this market.  There's hawker stalls everywhere zomg! I want to stop by but I'm so full already dammit.

We found the jeruk!  Not sure if it's the correct one though.  I remember mum told me it's not the dried kind but I just get 500grams of this and 200grams of almond?

Later found out this is actually Chowrasta Market.  I remember Dan mentioned this before few days ago, we didn't know where it was, now we do.  Now proceed to check around the place.

And finally found another place that sells it.  A different kind.

I bought a pack of mix jeruk, another 500 gram of jeruk buah pala and a bottle of char kuey teow sauce.  Dan reminded me not to impulse coz he don't want to help me carry it back.

And we're done!  Lets go back to the hotel.  I think it was 10am.

Near the hotel area.

But, look at this. How cute is that?

We requested a taxi to the airport at 12 noon but since the driver was there early, decided to go early.  Before leaving the hotel.

That was around 11am.  The taxi driver was kind enough to bring us to a spot where we could take photo of Penang bridge, a bit far but it's okay.  I think that was at Jerejak area.

He told us an epic story of how he and his friends went clubbing and ran the marathon after that few years back.  That was a funny story.  Bad idea peeps.

I can see the bridge!

Zoom zoom zoom!

Take pictar :)

Fun trip indeed!  Cab fare RM35.

Deciding where to go at Penang International Airport.

Went to check the listing, met friends whose flight to KK got delayed for 2 hours 30 minutes.

Went to Air Asia office to check if we could add on the AA insure.  Freaking cold while waiting in line.  Couldn't add, we're just gonna risk it.  Our flight to KL takes 45 mins, arriving at 3:55pm.  Next flight to KK is at 5:15pm. An hour gap.  Pray hard for no delay.

Had lunch at McD.

Waited till departure time.  Boarding time is at 2:55pm.  No delay but the departure hall was a bit warm due to renovation.


Flight got slightly delayed coz there 2 people got into the wrong plane.  MY GAWD!  I was surrounded by kids oh lord.  Arrived at LCCT at 4:35pm, just in time to catch our next flight.  Fuuuu, close call.  Check the list still no status till 15 mins before our flight, the status changed to "Boarding".  Are you serious?!

Lucky no baggage claim.

Just in time to get banana cakes.  Fast ninja fast!

Seated 1 row with the guys.  LOL!  Thanks Dan for letting me have the window seat yay~!

I wanna eat!  This is dinner!

Sleep after eating.  I frigging hate turbulence! It's like roller coaster ride oh lord.  Argh! =_=  And I see lightning omg, scary.

Arrived on time which was at 7:45pm.

Out of the 3 flight, KK-PEN = rough landing,  PEN - KL = rough landing, KL-KK = nice landing but turbulence haiyahhh haiyahhh.

Overall trip, EPIC and FUN!  Lets do this again! Weeeee :)



  1. Nice pictorial trip and those dim sum sure look yummy.

  2. @de engineur: thanks ;)

  3. I heard about the good food from Penang and the Baba Nyonya Culture which I love the most. :)

    Might visit there once again for my Cuti-Cuti Malaysia trip. :)


  4. @Meitzeu: too bad we didn't have enuff time to check out everything ;_;

  5. I disagree. It seems you did check out a lot of stuff and places. Hahaa. I've been to Penang twice and I didn't manage to go all those places.

    But I was there outstation la, working. Wakakaa.

    Happy Wednesday, Massy. Oya, if you're free. Do join my tag ya hehee.


  6. @Arms: Inda cukup jak, belum merasa makanan bah.