Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lunch at Angus Mama's Grill

My fren Kuyachan (not real name lmao) told me about an English setting place I think last week or was it this week and planned to go today.  Actually we plan to go but didn't set the time, so smart, and here I was at home being all laggy, wait more like I was waiting for my laundry to finish then went out around before 1pm.  Meet up with Ms. Paha coz we wanted to check out the place.  It's our first time there. 

Karamunsing Capital parking is RM2 per entry.  But looking for parking there is not farnie.  There's limited parking space and some are reserved.  The not so fun part was the fact that I had to turn 3 times and there were like 2 parking lot that were wasted because of stewped drivers.  *sigh.  I think Ms. Paha is my lady luck today coz when I pick her up nearby there, I got parking :) hehe, so happy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Updates

Oh gawd, I've been neglecting my blog.  I seriously wanted to blog few days ago but I was bz doing something else, okay fine, the correct word for it is lazy.  Yes I admit!  I dun do lying very well.

Anyways, my eldest sis and her husband came back home last week.  I rarely see her, I mean I do see her but it's like a Hi and Bye situation coz she was bz meeting all her KK friends.  You don't know how many friends she has.  I mean seriously.  She's that famous.  To cut the story short.  She came back to celebrate mum's birthday.  Yay for free meals.

This was on the 15th btw.  

Mum suggested we go Upperstar since she never been there and my bro been bragging how gewd that place is.  Er ok.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

2nd NDS Gathering at Kirameki Cafe

Our 1st gathering was on 8th September 2010 at Kirameki Cafe.

Prize sponsored by Cubex.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

L62 LIVE BAND @ Spices Karaoke Pub

First of all, thank gawd yesterday was a holiday for my sis, coz at least I did my runs at Tun Fuad yesterday.  I am 50kg now.  HAPPY!  I knew I won't be able to wake up this morning since I went out "partying" at Spices Karaoke Pub coz a friend's band, L62 was playing whole nite.  Okay more like 10pm to 1am (was it 1am?).  I wore a new dress and it is blue ;D

I was dead sleepy.  I should have slept earlier but I didn't.  I went to watch latest ep for tv series (Fringe, Mentalist and Grey's Anatomy) new season instead.  Anyways, but still I went.  First time there.  Thank gawd Jna was with me, or I'll be so damn blur and the place aren't so hard to find.  What's with the 1 way road man.  1 big circle!  Oh yeah, here's the event page for info.  The band's page, on Facebook, here.  Their youtube, here.  I think they'll be playing for a month at Spices.  I think.  Ngam ka ni Clay?  Blurs.  I swear I should have sleep longer.  I had 3 hours of sleep only.  I'm feeling like jello and am going to Gaya Street in a bit.