Thursday, October 07, 2010

2nd NDS Gathering at Kirameki Cafe

Our 1st gathering was on 8th September 2010 at Kirameki Cafe.

Prize sponsored by Cubex.

Our 2nd gathering was yesterday, 6th October 2010.  Thank gawd there's 8 of us.  Today's multiplay is Mario Party.  We're divided into 2 teams.  Randomly picked by Zack.  Hmph~  should let us pick em papers man.  More info, here.

After 1 round of 4 player. 

Top 4 players.

We're winners too!!!!

I swear Yoshi is ghey!

If you're in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and wants to join our gathering, join the group page on facebook, here, for updates.

Today's prizes are sponsored by fallenone.  Contains pokemon and kamen rider gashapon and fewd vouchers!

GG Shadow won!

Hmm lets play Club House: Ludo next time? XD

There will be a nendoroid gathering at Kirameki Cafe on 10th October 2010 (Sunday), come join us!  More info, here.

Not forgetting.  My dinner at Kirameki.  Creamy soup with toasts for RM4.50.

Yack had Curry Rice.  Hmm, I wonder if they could make the curry thicker.  Though I haven't try this one yet.  Hehe.

Oh, and! I wanted to blog about this few days ago but it'll be another fewd post?  So, I'll combine it with this one.  I went to Usagi Japanese Restaurant with my brother for lunch the other day.  They have an October Promotion.  Only 2 types of combo set for RM15 each.  We decided to try both.  Available for dine in ONLY from Monday to Friday.

Chicken Teriyaki Combo set

and; Curry Udon Gozen.  I so love this!

My raves, here.  Usagi Japanese Restaurant also have a 50% off on Sushi Belt items from 5pm onwards.  Maybe I'll have em next week? See how, I got 2kg to go.

And yes, this is somewhat yet another fewd post *rofl.

Shite, past 12 liao.  Have to sleep fuuuuuuuuuuuu~


  1. i wanna go Kirameki cafe so much since the opening.. someday if i go KK, i will go XD

  2. @Merrinette: come come! XD

  3. you forgot to mention Kamen Rider Gathering. XD


  4. I wish I was there........ ;_;

  5. i wanna go kirameki also ;______; a noms the food !

  6. @clay: u were but u left XP

    @ki chan: wrell? when come back? XD

  7. that curry looks... off.
    been sooooo long since in balik KK. Everything seems different nowadays.

    I swear we did not have people in maid uniforms walking around carrying NDSes back then :)

  8. @madmoz: Yeah I swear the curry should be thicker.

  9. Would've gatecrashed if I was in KK! Haha! :-P

  10. @Dan: come anytime. XD

  11. Why la u always post photos of food? So ngam I just got back from work, check my emails and blog hop to your place.. (belum makan lagi ni, Jaya tengah memasak :P) and BOOM! Photos of FOOD!!!!


  12. @Cindy: I seriously dun know how to not post about fewd kekekeke..