Sunday, October 03, 2010

L62 LIVE BAND @ Spices Karaoke Pub

First of all, thank gawd yesterday was a holiday for my sis, coz at least I did my runs at Tun Fuad yesterday.  I am 50kg now.  HAPPY!  I knew I won't be able to wake up this morning since I went out "partying" at Spices Karaoke Pub coz a friend's band, L62 was playing whole nite.  Okay more like 10pm to 1am (was it 1am?).  I wore a new dress and it is blue ;D

I was dead sleepy.  I should have slept earlier but I didn't.  I went to watch latest ep for tv series (Fringe, Mentalist and Grey's Anatomy) new season instead.  Anyways, but still I went.  First time there.  Thank gawd Jna was with me, or I'll be so damn blur and the place aren't so hard to find.  What's with the 1 way road man.  1 big circle!  Oh yeah, here's the event page for info.  The band's page, on Facebook, here.  Their youtube, here.  I think they'll be playing for a month at Spices.  I think.  Ngam ka ni Clay?  Blurs.  I swear I should have sleep longer.  I had 3 hours of sleep only.  I'm feeling like jello and am going to Gaya Street in a bit.

I didn't take any photo coz my batt died.  Needs to get new ones.  Instead, I leech from people yay~

The band!

Some photos from Nova.  This was when it just started.

More photos from Nova, here.

Their playlist were awesome, except for JB song.  We need more bottles *rofl.  I had some sing a long moments.  And there was a 10 minute break for the band, make way for karaoke people, and I was hoping it would end quickly so the band could continue playing.  It was fun! 

Group photo!  Credits to duck.

Oh shi- just when I thought I could hide my legs!

More photos from duck, here.

I don't think I had enuff sleep.  Screw it! I'm gonna showah!  *stretches.