Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Updates

Oh gawd, I've been neglecting my blog.  I seriously wanted to blog few days ago but I was bz doing something else, okay fine, the correct word for it is lazy.  Yes I admit!  I dun do lying very well.

Anyways, my eldest sis and her husband came back home last week.  I rarely see her, I mean I do see her but it's like a Hi and Bye situation coz she was bz meeting all her KK friends.  You don't know how many friends she has.  I mean seriously.  She's that famous.  To cut the story short.  She came back to celebrate mum's birthday.  Yay for free meals.

This was on the 15th btw.  

Mum suggested we go Upperstar since she never been there and my bro been bragging how gewd that place is.  Er ok.

We ordered.  I think there were two (2) or was it three (3) camera that nite.  Me and my sis were taking fewd photos.



Best of all, I get to try everything! Hehe~

This draft had been delayed for few days becoz of that problem with the photo uploader.  And the fact that I was exhausted.  Heck I slept damn early last nite.  I feel so refreshed now and determined will finish this post today but facebook failed on me, coz some of the photos I wanna post is in there.  *sigh.

Anyways, the next day, which was on the 16th, I had a boardgame session with Zack and some of my other friends.  We were playing "Fury of Dracula" that belongs to Ripz.  My first time playing.  I think this game took us nearly 4 hours to finish.  There was also a Kamen Rider Outing going on that day at Kirameki Cafe.  I'm not a fan sorry.

I was gonna explain how and what not about the game but I think when you delay a post for so long, you tend to skip that whole story and just show pictures.  I'll try to briefly describe though.  If you want a boardgame session of this game, maybe can drop me a comment and I'll try arrange with Zack or Ripz for you.  :D

Anyways, upon arrival.  I was on OMG mode becoz of this.

It's not an ordinary alphabet.  I remember vaguely that I have this when I was younger.  This btw, belongs to Zack.  Dammit, I want to go back to Tawau and start digging my old toys man.

I don't know what these are though.  Belongs to my bro and Zack.

Cute ain't it.

Uh, wut is this?  Buddha?

Guess again.  It's my fren acing.  It's been months since I last saw him.  Sorry bad image.  Facing the light without flash orz.

And this is my bro with his Kamen Rider iono wut is this thing.  Sorry.

Anyways, now to the boardgame.  We have 4 players.  I'm sorry I wish I could explain this better.  But if you need better explanation, google it hehe.

Here's are 4 types of hunters you get to choose from.  In order.

Here's the board.  I mean map.

Dices.  The white are hunter's combat dice, red is for the train and the black one is for the bad guy XP

A figure to represent your character.

Hunter turn sequence and hunter resolve.

Basic combat cards for hunters.

Marseh what is u thinking?

Gameplay, just figure out where that darn vamp went and kill em before he reaches Castle Dracula.  When encounter, just attack.  Oh you move 1 step (from 1 city/town to another) on each turn, unless you got some special card or you roll a train die to use the train.  When on your turn, you can stock on events or items.  Depending which character you're using.  

In the end, we failed T_T  Almost! RAWR!


There's more stuff to explain in playing this game but I'm a bit lazy to explain coz I'm trying to keep this short.

Last but not least, one of my cat, Pretty, caught sleeping in a bucket *rofl.  Wut a cutie ;D


  1. I've been too lazy to blog too ... Dunno why la, must be the weather :D

  2. @Nick: I've caught the lazy bug T_T

  3. "Mum suggested we go Upperstar since she never been there and my bro been bragging how gewd that place is."



  4. @Nex: LOL, spam his blog instead not mine about em kg lol