Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fill your life with laughter...hang on...

Let your imagination run wild.


Alright, before I start today's post. I actually had this idea about strangers at my workplace. But then I couldn't get a shot of him, instead I'm gonna make everyone laugh. Well, if you have a really gewd imagination and you have a sense of humor of coz.

Guess what me and my sis spotted on the way home.

Please ignore the reflection. My sis took it when the car is moving while I was driving. We spotted this yesterday actually but only manage to get ourselves ready with the camera before the traffic light turns green to snap it.

I was driving pretty slow, thank gawd I'm on the slow lane and there wasn't any fussy driver behind me.

We were relating sentences with the word "Hang On". I know it won't be so funny if you pronounce it in chinese but if it were in English.

It's like, "if you wanna suicide, go to this shop: Hang On".

"if you feel blue, go to this shop: Hang On".

I know, pretty random right? But these aren't as funny as the full photo. As follows.

Hang on Hardware. I laughed even harder. I guess there's something wrong with my way of thinking but this is hilarious. It's funny the time we spotted Kedai Hang On. It's even funnier when we discovered something way funnier than the one we spotted.

I'm sorry if some of you guys dun get the joke but for the others that do get this? Bravo! XD

Have fun! And thanks for dropping by again.

p/s: I want to redesign my layout but I'm so lazy. Like uber laziness. Harlp~


  1. ....
    Hang On Hardware... owh gawd...

  2. @dori: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA oh's too funny aduh pecah perut.

  3. I think I know this, Inanam is it? LOL

  4. @blue: HAHAHHAHA yes XD

  5. KHAhakhkahkhakhakhaa! I have a bad day so far but I guess this put a smile on my face

    thanks for sharing

  6. LOL... Hang On! Hang On!!!

  7. @cicak: ahhahahah glad it help in a way. hehehe.

    @swordie: XD yes hang on! XD

  8. hang on also means..mabuk kan? kan?? ehehehe

  9. Jard: itu hang over XD

  10. At least you know when you're feeling down and the whole world feels like it's collapsing on you, you know where you can to hang on for a bit ... LOL!

  11. Me is blur... wats wrong with me?? LOL!

  12. @Nessa: hahahahah wut's wrong with u XD

  13. haa.mayb it is a way to draw people attention..

  14. @jijitankyy: indeed it did draw my attention LOL to blog about it too XD

  15. saiful: hehe best kan XD