Monday, October 21, 2013

Oktoberfest 2013

Oh wow, my last post was around January lols.  And my come back post is about Oktoberfest 2013 hee~

This month, Malaysia leading beer and stout company Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) is celebrating the iconic German Oktoberfest with a promotion of a special edition 1 liter Ceramic Oktoberfest Mug for the consumers! Everyone can enjoy their favorite brews using this mug!

Besides, can also look forward to a series of themed party across the whole country throughout the whole month of October (somehow this post seems to be short notice, but it's never to late till October ends!).

Beer lovers can hang out together enjoying decent delicacies from all over the world and also take part in the exciting contest, promotions and activities which promise great fun.  of course, most importantly, you get to enjoy GAB's selection of award-winning beers including Tiger, Guinness, Heineken and the official Oktoberfest Bier, which is brewed exclusively for Oktoberfest season.

The parties will be at: -

On 25th October 2013

Lintas Square

  • Hello Bar (Club M Pub & Lounge)
  • Ballroom Bar
  • Crystal Lounge
  • Le Face Spaccio Di El Bar & Lounge
  • 9 Night Wine Bar
  • Hitz Voice

KK Waterfront

  • Bar Tzar
  • Novus Karaoke
  • Shamrock Irish Bar
  • Cock & Bull Bistro
  • Step'In Restaurant & Bar

Warisan Square

  • Oyster Bar
  • Hot Rod

On 26th October 2013
KK Times Square

  • Sullys Bar
  • Vino Vino Yakitori
  • Plutonic
  • The Retro Club Bar & Grill
  • Mr Ho's Fine Foods
  • FF Sport Cafe
  • Jarrods & Rawlins

To those who doesn't know what's Oktoberfest, Wikipedia is your friend :)

I want this awesome mug!

For more information, can check out Oktoberfest Malaysia on Facebook as follows:


  1. i missed all your running event blog leh... where is your BIM, SCKLM and BSN Putrajaya race report? XD

    1. Omg, I still have readers hehehe sorry. I have been too obsessed with my running schedules that I totally abandoned my blog. I'll write about BSN PNM soonish :) Thanks for supporting.

    2. hahaha.. someone achieved her half marathon PB in BSN PNM o... i know because i saw your endomondo record... =P

    3. heheeh yeah thanks :)
      2:19 yeah, could have been better but legs cramp for my last 5km ^^;;;

  2. Everyone in KK been posting about this lol. I should be there drinking with buddies! LOL.

    Happy weekend, Mas Light!