Sunday, October 04, 2009

Koby's open house and Boardgame Outing (Part 1)

I'm gonna divide this into 2 post.  Coz I know for a fact that it's gonna be extremely long if I make it into 1.

Part 1

Koby invited CSP forumers to his open house yesterday around noon.  I nearly couldn't go coz my legs are tired from driving.  But, since it wasn't that bad, I pushed myself to go.  My concern was getting there and parking.  Since I never been to his place before, I'm reluctant to go.  Lucky he posted his address, Panja posted a map through wikimapia but I couldn't understand it, so I search with google map, I understand it better.  It wasn't that hard to get there and parking wasn't a problem.  It's just me being paranoid, as usual.

No regrets.  Fewd was nice and I think we were high.  We were loud and laughing like nobody's business.  *giggles.  I think that usually happens with CSP members.  They tend to be loud and high for many reasons.

We were there around past 1:30pm till 4pm.  Went to Internet Arena, Citymall after that for COD5:  World at War.  There's a new map, Nazi Zombies.  AWESOME!  Love it!  Lets blow some brains.

We played till 7pm and head for dinner after that.  I had Fish Fillet Burger at Tenom Station which was kind of nice.  I've raved it, here.

Went to CarcaSean for some boardgame.  Since we didn't get to play Red November last Friday, we decided to play that this time.  But before that, Panja picked a new co-op boardgame called "Ghost Stories".  I got interested because the graphic/artwork was really really nice.  And it looked kind of interesting.  I insisted we play it before starting with Red November.

So, what's Ghost Stories?

According to BoardGameGeek.

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game in which the players try to defeat the spirit of Wu-Feng, the lord of hell, and his legions of ghosts before they haunt a town and recover the ashes that will allow him to return to life. Each Player represents a taoist monk ghost hunter who is working together with the others to fight off waves of spirits and other beings mostly inspired by eastern mythology.

Max is 4 players only. 

Lets just say that we're protecting a village against evil.

Here are some photos.

The players.

The board (in play).

Player boards, there's four (4) player for this game represented in red, green, blue and yellow.  Each have their own special skills, there's two (2) types of skills for each.  This of coz are random.  As you can see from the photos I took below.



The mantra token, only the yellow player board has this ability to reduce the ghost's life by 1.


The players, buddha and ghost miniatures.  Er...*takes a moment.  I'm not gonna explain this scenario LOL.  Coz it doesn't exist in the game LOL.

Lookie lookie, CSP monks is in the game LOL.

Anyways, lets move on.

Once the player determine which board they'll be playing, place all the player miniature pieces at the center of the village tile, which in this case is the Tea House.

These are village tile.  There are nine (9) in total.  Er, we didn't play the expansion.  I think we play normal mode.

 Notice some of the tiles are flipped?  It's possessed by ghosts.  Bad, very bad.


And when this happens, we all die!

The village play tile aid explains as the following photo.

At the beginning of the game too, each player are given, er 4 Qi tokens (your HP, if you got none, you die and goes to the cemetery tile), a Tao token and a YinYang token.  Tokens are as shown below.

This is an inactive Tao marker.  Only will come into play if activated by a certain ghost with the symbol.

Usually activated by black ghost cards.

Ghost cards.

Sample ghost cards.

Abilities of the ghost, for reference.

Some ghost are able to block your power/ability.  You must kill that ghost to use it back again.  So yeah, you don't want this token on your board.  Bad! Very bad.

The dices.

I hope I got most of the pieces explained here.  It's easier if you play the game.  Explaining is hard at first but once you play, you'll get it.

Now, where were we?  Oh yeah, here's a player movement guide.

Player must first perform a Yin phase, which in this case, check if you have any ghost card/s on your board.  Some cards have a moving ghost, we must kill those ghost (fear it might possess the village).  If you have three (3) ghost cards on your board, you have to discard a Qi token.  A player only has 1 movement.  He/she must perform his/her special skill after his/her moving phase  Done with Yin phase, you have to perform a Yang phase, according to the above.

When you're on a tile with ghost on both different color board which are adjacent, you can attack either one or both (depending on the HP level).

Once you killed a ghost, you'll receive reward accordingly.  Some ghost card/s doesn't have reward.  You may ask for aid from the villager or buddha, but you won't get any reward.

Pretty much how the game works.  Gosh, it's harder to explain somehow.  But this is an interesting game.  Would like to play this again ;)

Anyways, first (1st) time play, we died.  Photo as evidence as follow XD

End of Part 1.


  1. wah! nice game!
    nanged u! experience the fast windows 7 by nang this!

  2. yeah it's a really kewl game. Thanks for visiting ;)

  3. Where do you actually find all these neat games ah? They're pretty cool la. I'm looking around to start playing Axis & Allies again but can't seem to find it over here. I had this game long ago but my mom threw the game away (Stares at mom! LOL!) ...

  4. @Nick: I thought there's few shops there in KL? That sells boardgame. I know there's one around Subang ka tu? @_@ But here in KK, there's only 1, which is CarcaSean. This shop sells german boardgame and ppl can play it there too.

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