Friday, January 10, 2020

[Food] Roadtrip to Keningau: Keningau Food.

It has been a struggle trying to blog.  One reason being exhausted on a daily basis, another would be that I needed fast internet connection and blogging from home is not an option due to this issue and doing it from work, well, I don't really have all the time in the world thrown on my lap.  

On another note, am finally catching up on writing (being motivated and all), so hopefully all those pending posts will come out this year (given that, am still motivated).

So last Christmas (okay a day before Christmas, 24th Dec to be exact), me and my group decided to go on a food roadtrip to Keningau.  This was our first trip together as a group and coz we clicked (we spent a huge amount of time together food tasting for a year or so already).  We didn't really have a  clear plan but we compiled a list of some worthy places to visit based on my personal trip (to Keningau), Keningau people's recommendations and Google Map.

First trip with my cabinzero Adv Dry 11L (thank you cabinzero for Cyber Monday).  You could follow cabinzero via Instagram for latest update and sales, who knows you could win one too!  Or if you can't wait that long, use my code for 10% off, here.

Left at 7:30am and got to Papar for breakfast in an hour.  Carpool! And we had a system to how we were gonna split the bill.

Our first stop is Restoran Liang Yun Hua, Papar.
Non-halal restaurant.

One of the best old shop in Papar town.  Open-air shop with limited tables.  Service can be a bit slow and occasionally will forget your order.

It drizzled, weather was promising that day.  Cloudy, so cooling (just the way I like it).

Took the Kimanis road and stopped at a new rabbit farm, Rabbit Land Singgah Bayu coz I need to pee!  I vaguely remember an entry fee for toilets like 30 cent or 50 cent. 

Accommodation in construction.

Entry to the rabbit farm is RM2, food for the rabbit also RM2 per pack.  Can be purchased at the restaurant opposite this compound.

There's also a platform for scenery but we didn't go that side coz it's too misty = no view?  I saw photos of people camp here but not sure what's the price, maybe can check their page or Google Map?

How can you say no to mango?
Happy bunch.

Photoshoot session hehe.

cabinzero Adv Dry 11L
I think we spent too much time here, we only got to Keningau almost noon haha.  Focus people (an easily distracted group)!

Kung Sang, Keningau.
Non-halal restaurant.

Our first stop in Keningau is this old shop, Restoran Kun Sang.

This restaurant has been around since the 60s and is famous for their freshly made cakoi that comes in condensed milk and kaya which is available till noon (just ask to double check if they still have it coz sometimes they run out).  Also for chicken rice and kon lou mien pork. 

cakoi with kaya and condense milk, I think RM2 each.
Old skool design.  Can get really crowded.

The parking area in front of this shop is also a bus stop for mini van.

A person sells mata kucing.  1kg for RM15.  The fella was carrying that basket all around Keningau, we spotted him at another location.

Kris-Vin delicatessen.
Serves no pork.

This place has been around for years.  I have known this place from a friend from Keningau during my last trip here.


A MUST try is the custard tart, you must be early though, these tarts sells out like hot cakes!  Also recommended are the chicken pie, nasi lemak, butter bun and cheese custard.  I tried the coconut tart this time around and it's good.  Butter cakes a bit dry though.

Lai Pao Chicken Wings.
Serves no pork.

Has been around since the 90s.  I added this place based on Google Map reviews.  The best chicken wings in town they say.  We were there at 1pm and it hasn't started yet.  It opens at 2:30pm till night time.

They sell juicy fried crunchy chicken wings for RM2.50 each.  So good that I tapau-ed some home.  

So juicy so tender.

Also available are fried noodles and choices of tauhu.

Bottled drinks.  Coffee, honeydew, bandung etc.  Coffee was a bit sweet for my liking.  Heard the wheatgrass drink is good.

A designated smoking area for smokers.
District 88 Coffee & Co.
Serves no pork.

A new coffee cafe in Keningau.  I stumbled upon this page on Instagram when I was scrolling my feed.  I checked if they are open before the holidays and they remembered me on the day I visited :)

Surprisingly affordable.  Less than RM10 for coffee, RM5.50 to RM8.50 for drinks.

2 choices of cakes available on that day.  We had Chocolate Moist (taste a bit minty though). 

Classic pancake with ice cream and maple syrup.  This was a good recommendation :) LOVE!

Ho Ciak Kopitiam.

As recommended by Charlotte's dad.  He can't stop raving about it, so we had to stop and get it, every single flavor.  Also available are buns and pastries. 

We brought this back and I only had this the next day.  I tried the vegetable steamed bun and thought it's yummy.  Mum tried the peanut steamed buns, it was good.  Too full.

Crofter Cafe.

The first cafe in Keningau.  Heard that it's permanently closed though.  Sad.  The time when I get to go and didn't get to try.

Kedai Kopi Foo Nyen.
Non-halal restaurant.

As recommended from a friend is the peanut steamed buns.  Also available are different type of steamed buns like Ho Ciak Kopitiam.  Personally I think is a bit lacking on taste, but good to try.  

There's other places listed that we didn't get to visit, guess we'll save that for next roadtrip.

Imagine eating all that in a day hahahah.  God save me!  FULL!

If you have any suggestions to where we should go next, leave a comment below.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Thank you :)

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  1. Looks like your trip to Keningau is all about food. By the way, thanks for sharing this cause I can refer this in case I'm planning for a road trip to Keningau. Happy blogging!

    1. Yes this trip is solely about food. There's still much to cover but we were so full that we reached a point where we just wanna lie down hahahha. Thanks. Hopefully can blog more often :)