Saturday, October 03, 2009

My new camera

It's almost a week since my last update. 

The weather has been crazy lately.  Strong wind and heavy rain one day and hot and sunny the next.  I certainly don't like the sun.  Coz it's not like the ordinary friendly sun, it's hot and crazy, you can't help but feel like roast chicken at some point.

I had planned to update my blog last Tuesday, but I was occupied with doing other things, hence too tired to do that post or to even blog hop.  Though, I gotta confess, I do have time for facebook games.  Nyahahahah.

 Anyways, I received my package on Tuesday. 

Registered mail from Hong Kong.  What is it?

My Holga ;)

Oh the strap is the one I got from chenta puteh last time hehe.

Yet to try it yet, I just got my films earlier.  Will test once I manage to understand how to fix the adapter and what not @_@"""

Flannie yelp!

Note: I think I overspent again this month ;_;


  1. Wahhhhhhhhhh!!! Jelesssss ni. That is one cute cam! :D~

  2. Is it Lomo cam or compact?

  3. @cicak: buy buy buy! XD

    @aj: ini lomo XD

  4. Feewit lomo! I iz very lazy to blog nowadays, but rajin pula bloghop XD

  5. @Mell: hahahahah XD jangan malas...I oso need to blog hop orz

  6. nice camera! its very unique! making it special :)

  7. Wah, can masuk askar la your camera ... hehehe! Nice camera though :D

  8. @YULI: thanks ;)

    @Nick: wakkakaka, inda mo masuk askar XP

  9. lomo!!!!!!


  10. go gaga over your cam..ah maw juga..huhu

    btw, where to develop that lomo film in kk ah?

  11. @Donna: get one! XD

    @Joan: get one! er, develop film ada at Wisma Merdeka, Ban Loong or KK Plaza, can burn to cd tu XD no need develop oso can XD

  12. niceee! don't forget to share the pictures yah! my next target: fuji intax mini or diana f+ (kalau ada $$$ lah hehe)

  13. @Viv: omg i wanted the fuji instax mini too ;)