Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stressful week

It's been a pretty stressful week. My house been having a lot of electricity problem lately. *sigh. Few days of half electricity problem. Dragging extension cables from my brother's room, dragging extensions from the outside. GAHHHH!!! =_="""" The power socket in my room is still messed up. Well not only my room. But I'm complaining coz I can't online that much becoz of the constant disconnection and I solely blaming it on SABAH ELECTRICITY SDN. BHD. (SESB) for their lousy services. *sigh.

Hmm, I heard that they (SESB or the electrician) said that they had to change our wiring/cables? Which will cost us RM4.5k? Huh? *blurs~

This whole thing is stressful. I've been sleeping whole day becoz of boredom. Darn it!

I'll blog about kana's birthday party tomolo at work it seems. *sigh. Here's a group shot from Shadow's camera. Actually there were more CSPians who came to the BBQ party XD who's not in the group shot. @_@"""


  1. alaaaa im not in the picture. hmppph

  2. You and Dizzy seem to be stuck or something...

  3. uncle: yeah coz u left early XP

    duck: XD dizzy chan is rabu rabu desu~

  4. RM4.5K? OHMYGOD!

    It's a new week so hopefully you're less stressed by now :D

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I'd be stressed up too if there's no electricity, but even more stressed up if there's no water!

  6. yup i agree with you..if theres no water, i feel like a prehistoric dinosaur

  7. nick: yes it's ridiculous coz it's SESB's fault to begin with. One of the power supply thing at menggatal blew up. @_@

    Dan: yeah, I'm juz stressed coz I can't blog hop XD

    aj: OMG dun remind me, I ever went to Likas Complex to shower XD