Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bread Fish?

Aight, lemme start with wut I did last Sunday. Hmm, lemme see, I was suppose to go jog but I feel tired. Maybe I should take Sunday as a day off for everything. I mean seriously, lately I've been bz with HobbyCon stuff that it's driving me nuts. Last Sunday was the day that I had too much lamb. @_@"" I'm gonna work on losing all those lambs *urgh~

Since the whole jogging thing was cancelled last Sunday, my sibs and I decided to go to 1Borneo. It's for Air Hockey and Daiso!!! Well I'm sorry that I can't help it. I need stuff from there XD Sometimes I just hate how the Air Hockey machine lags. You'll hit less puck.

I think that's one of the day in the week that I had too much to eat @_@ I feel ew~

Imagine this, I had laksa in the morning with 1 piece of black pepper lamb which cost around RM6 each from KPD. Damn tasty! Especially if you grill it again. *slurps~ Then lunch we had duck rice at 1Borneo. OMG! Oh yeah the duck rice was ogie. It cost RM7.

this is the shop btw

btw did i told u that u guys need coupons?

Then we went home to drop my sis off. Went to Citymall. We sort of forgot that CarcaSean closes on Sunday. But Sean was nice enuff to let us play for an hour. YAY!!!! You're the best. Uh oh, we ordered some dices from him, oh I'm so excited. But I think I have an interest for the stone carved ones damn those are nice. But too costly. Maybe in the future. Coz I've sort of reserved RM250 re-ment/mimo miniatures from Moe Yume. Opps~

Oh yeah, I've tried another version of Blokus. Waw~ Hexagon kind 4 players. WAW~

can u see those arrows somewhere in the middle? that's where u start putting ur pieces

my fish piece T_T

It's so much fun, though I lost this round T_T" I wonder how much does this cost. Hmm. I like Blokus. Oh yeah, btw, it's advisable for everyone to come during HobbyCon which is on the 6th and 7th December 2008. You'll get to test play this game. I fully recommend it!

We played a half round of Settlers of Catan. GAWD how I miss this game.

Went home and had another piece of lamb that my mum got from Eddie's D' Corner. NOoooooo~~~ @_@"" Work that lamb massy!

I'm staying away from online purchasing this month. YEAH RITE!!! I've got my eyes on some items from XL-Shop *dies~

At this point, you guys must be confused with my title rite? XD Well here. It's this part. I'm sorry if I was OOTing (Out of topicing) heheheh.

Apart from the beautiful sunset and I sort of saw somebody drop a RM1 on the ground *cough cough. Yeah out of 4 of us (my siblings), I'm the only one who saw it. No I didn't pick it up. My sis did LOL! *rofl~

Anyways, look at this sign. NO fishing!

But people are allowed to feed the fish? @_@"" Coz I saw them feeding it with Twisties the other day. Well bread is normal but with this amount? We'll get mutated fish, called the Bread Fish? *ROFL~

Well sorry for the photo quality. I was using my camera phone.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. GAHHH! I need to burn all these lambs T_T"""


  1. astagaaa zomg punya banyak bread it's creepy

  2. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Dang, I miss playing board games!

  3. arine: yes it's creepy @_@""" imagine mutated fish

    dan: XD lets play boardgames!

  4. Gee, that's a whole lot of bread ... Must have some really fat fishes there ...

  5. nick: I think those fishes are mutated!!! seriously!

  6. Haha! Mutated fish, that's a good one.

    Btw, I hate those coupon thingy at the foodcourt in 1borneo. Cis~

    Anddd... Its been long since I went to Carcasean, we love Ligretto the most. Sampai teriak2 while playing! haha.

  7. donna: Ligretto? I never play that before. Hmm should check it out. Anyways, they'll (carcasean) be at HobbyCon 2008 on the 6th and 7th Dec XD Oh yeah, the coupon thinggie sux, u change it back lagi adoi, my bro pernah lupa change back ni rusak

  8. hold on.. u mean all yg bertimbun tuu BREAD??.. what wrong with this ppl..hahaha

  9. justine: yes, yang bertimbun tu all bread XD

  10. the last time I had duck AND lamb in the same day I felt soooo ewww I couldn't sleep. Never again.. But never say never right?

    As for those fishies, yaiii.. cam bikin geli pulak.

    Oh yeah, those boardgames look confusing tapi mesti skali main addicted kan? I can't afford to get addicted nanti my kids jadi anak terbiar! LOL!

  11. Shem: YAH!!! duck and lamb at the same day makes u ewww especially if u had 2 pcs of lamb slices omg! @_@ I wanna burn the lambs away.

    And yes, the bread on the pond does look ew. It looked so eww that we had to take a shot of it LOL

    hahahaha yes, oh the boardgame isn't confusing, it's easy really and yes it's addicted XD oh nois~ XD

  12. is that all bread?? gross!!

  13. fie: yes, it's all bread XD