Sunday, April 22, 2012

All in one update

BIM (Borneo International Marathon) 2012 is nearing.  I'm excited and anxious at the same time.  I think reason why I'm not getting enough sleep lately.  There's been ups and downs during my training, the best part is running faster and maintaining my pace, bad part is my body got so tired that it keeps giving up.  I'm frustrated sometimes.  But I guess cause I don't know how to relax?  Like seriously relax?

My smelly wet New Balance

Anyways, it's taper week and I'm back on track.  I manage to maintain my pace at 6:28 mins for 14.09km today, it could be better if it wasn't because of the rain at 6 something this morning, but am still proud of myself.  Heavy rain!  It felt like I was being pushed with that strong wind, I couldn't be too skinny now, cause last I check, I weight around 46.5kg which is bad cause I lost 3kg muscle :(  too much cardio?  It's okay.  Lets just leave the weight at that till after my full marathon.

Had Ngiu Chap for breakfast.

Notice how the photos aren't center?  I take using instagram lol

Went home, thought I would sleep but I end up staying up playing Borderlands on steam and unlocked 2 achievements.  I'd play longer but I had to go out for boardgame at 2:30pm.

I've been off facebook for 3 weeks now.  It felt good and bad at the same time.  I needed some of the updates but it's too much of a distraction.  But here's another problem I've encountered.  Instagram!  I've been on it since 4th April, I've uploaded over 200 photos, WTH is wrong with me?

Crazy or not?

I even got some of my friends hooked lol!  Sick I tell you, sick!

The actual one now is 216 photos and 136 followers.  It's facebook all over again.  Stop taking over my life!  Oh lord!

Today went for boardgame session.  Today, played Lord of the Rings boardgame and Zombie!!! with Daniel and Joanna.

This time for Lord of the Rings boardgame, I'd be Frodo.  So called breaking the curse and win the game.  Okay failed.  The ring bearer died.  I'm sorry.  Look at how gay this drawing is.

Smeagol looks fugly btw.

Next, we played Zombie!!!

The first time we played it wrongly, I like competitive game.  We can play co-operative too.  By removing some of the cards.

Lemme rollback and refresh my memory to how we play the co-operative format.

Each player/survivor starts with 3 Life and 3 Bullets token.  Max is 5 Life and unlimited ammo, if you collected any.

So, first player would be the one who watched a zombie movie recently.

Not today's photo but it shows where the survivors start

Summary to the steps:

  1. Survivors start at Town Square.
  2. Draw tile and place it according to where the road leads.  Adds number of zombies according to the no. of exits.
  3. Combat with zombie (if any).  Success on a 4 and above.  If you're in a group of survivors, you add the no. of survivors to your dice total.  I.e. in this case, +2.  
  4. Draw event card, nothing good come from this.  Like you could lose your turn or your dice roll becomes half.
  5. Roll survivor movement.
  6. Roll zombie movement.  Roll 3 (no. of player) d6 is total no. of zombies move.  Each zombie gets to move 1 square.
  7. Draw survivor card.  This is good.  Add bonus, i.e. +2 Life or 10 movement and etc.

The tiles, event card and survivor cards

And we're good.

You win the game if you manage to kill a total of 35 zombies or, survive and get to the helipad!

Conclusion, we manage to kill 33 zombies in total till the helipad tile appears.  Damn it!  Nearly win it.  It was hard to get to the helipad.  I'm the last survivor and killed the most zombies!  Yes I like trophies!

I also like to unlock achievements for games lol!  Achievement whore.  Anyways, back to the game.  More photos.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention you need a big/long table for this.  Simply because...

Notice how the tiles going to the edge of the table?

The survivors grave.  The place is overrun with zombies.

I want a rematch!  And win this game!  RAWR!

Oh yeah, checking other boardgame at Just Wargame.  But 2 players.  I would wanna play these.

Lost Cities.  What are these cards?  I have no idea, yet.

 Space hulk with damn kewl dice.

So I heard this song on MET10 today when I was boardgaming at Just Wargame and fell in love.


The song is by Natasha Yap called If You Would. Up vote her, here.  Yes, I went through using Shazam and trying to browse by lyrics but failed.  In the end, I went to page, thank god I found the song on youtube.  Or I'll be screaming not knowing at all.

Oh yeah, the Avengers is out soon! I'm watching next week!  YAY!  Finally!

But in comparison, this song with the song by Christel Alsos - When the Lights Dies Out.  I still prefer that song :)

After boardgame, went to dinner at Lido Square.  Thought of having Luk Luk but they're not open today :(

Don't worry, we got Uncle Bob chicken and Pari Bakar!  BWAHAHAHA *burps~

Tummy happy.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I recently found some of my old studs (nose studs actually, well not all) and decided to test poke the ear holes and nose hole I used to had.  And guess what?  The ear holes still can poke, nose, no, cannot.  Oh well.  Guess I'll stick to this.

For both ears.  I was crazy once.  I had 4 ear holes on my left ear, 2 on my right and 1 on my nose.  *ahaks.  I still have some wishlist piercing in my list.

Oh gosh, it's almost 11pm and I haven't shower yet.  Aights I'm done for today.  More updates soon :)  Happy reading.


  1. It's your first marathon so take it slow, forget the speed, forget the pace, just concentrate on getting to the finish line in one piece. At least that's what I plan to do anyway ... LOL! All the best.

    1. Thanks Nick, will keep that in mind, I think I got so used to obsessing about my pace lol

  2. Well, have a blast at BIM. Fast pace, on pace or out of pace. xD

    1. @lina: thanks, I hope fast pace la. kekeke jangan out of pace, last year sudah out of pace banyak kali, mo kasi motivation talk to the legs ni lol.