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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hot pack

Funny looking hot pack.  I was asking my mum if she have this thing cause I have to place warm water on my rib three (3) times a day for 15 mins.  Mum actually have those hot/cold pack but I was too lazy to wait or do anything with it.  Initially I wanted to just use a water bottle but somehow the thought of sleeping with a water bottle doesn't seem fun.

This morning, mum found this.  What you do is "charge" it and it'll get warm.  Ok, this is so nice.  megusta.jpg.  Thanks mum, you collect the weirdest things.  Wait, that'd be my dad.  *chuckled.

I woke up early today.  Slept at 11pm.  And the pain has gone down a bit.  I'm guessing it's a bit swollen cause I didn't treated it immediately and still be running.  High endurance is high.  But at least I can breathe better than yesterday, and sleep soundly.  Eventhough I still think the weather is crazy hot.

I have a scheduled run today.  Just hope no other problem arises.

Oh, not forgetting.



  1. Take care. Don't push yourself too much.

    Rest first. Run can come later.

    1. @lina: will do, I can run but I'm gonna take it slow.

  2. Yes, take it slow. Macam i yg ngeri reading u get quite a number of pain as a result of running. Not that I mean running is bad. Just that, take care ya...and since u're going for BIM, all the best again. :)

    1. @chegu: I think cause I wanted to improve my pace so badly, overtraining hehe. Happens to me all the time. I tend to pressure myself more than I should. I'm a thinker and I think relaxing is a problem for me.

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    1. Thanks, were that I saw u at BK with Bev earlier?