Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday 25/03/2012

Here's what happen yesterday.

It's been almost a month that I am smartphoneless.  It's so hard cause I love taking photos and stuff but unable to do so.  It's killing me.  Le sad.  I think I called the service centre like a couple of times but they told me that they try to rush it so I can get it this Thursday.  Not happy.  I wanted to get a new phone but no budget for it.  I'm sort of saving money for an apartment.

Slept around midnight the night before, woke up 3am for my 5am run.  16.09km scheduled run.  My sides were still in pain but I refuse to give up.  Ran with Daniel.  Just the two (2) of us.  Everyone else couldn't make it.  Unable to maintain my pace, stomach ache and the strain near my left rib were too great, tried to pick up the pace but I end up finishing it in more than 2 hours.  That's for going too fast the day before.  I had an 8.05km run on Saturday and that went great.  I did a 6:11 mins pace for that.  *slow clapping at self.

After run, went to Kedai Kopi Janggut for fish mee.  Nyum nyum, it's been awhile.  No pictar :(

Went home, thought of sleeping but my sis woke me up asking if I got buy her breakfast but no, she didn't tell me what she want earlier, if she did, maybe I would.  End up staying up watching TV and tried to catch up with TV series from online stream sites.

Showered around noon and get ready to Just Wargame, Damai for boardgame with Daniel and Sakuya.  Arrived early and hungry.  Waited for the other two (2) to come.

Sakuya made burger for us.  Yay :)

One for me and the other is for Daniel.  There's thousand island, chicken patty, a slice of cheddar cheese, some sauted onions and I think she said spinach.  Delicious! I want more! :)

First off is a game of Arkham Horror.  Set up is faster this time.

The ancient one that we'll be fighting.

Pick at random character.

I'm playing as the rich trust fund bitch!  I love this character just because of the money.  Get $1 every time :)

Sakuya as the Gangster.

Death card for Sakuya's character.

Daniel play as er...what is his name again? Ashcan Pete.  He has a dog called Duke.

JW's aircond is so cold it's not even funny.  Me and Sakuya was wearing shorts and we keep complaining lol.

Fun game.  But we died.  

My character died last with these possessions.  

Next, tried to play Space Hulk: Death Angel - the card game.

The dice is so cute.

First time play, all pick assault lol!  DIE!

Vincent explaining how to play.  Btw, I'm not sure how to explain this game.  Here's a link.  But I understand how to play, roughly.  Would love to try this again.  Co-op game to kill aliens?  But very strategy type.

The cards and tokens.

Went for dinner at Kopi Ping around 6:30pm.

Fish sauce fried mee hoon with chicken for RM7.  Got dried prawn inside oh.

The other two (2) had Watan Ho. 

After dinner, went back to JW, hey they close late on Sunday yay!  I thought close around 7pm but extended to midnight.  Too bad I was too tired so stayed till 9pm only last night.  My eyes were so heavy it's not funny.  

Played two (2) rounds of Red November and died lol.  Fast game is fast lol.

Vincent the firestarter.

I is blue gnome hehe.

I drove home with my eyes on partial and when I reach home, I wash my face, brush my teeth, wash my feet and sleep.  

My sides felt slightly better today.  Was planning to go to the clinic in the morning but since I woke up kind of late, I decided to go after maybe.  See how it goes.  Hopefully can self heal. 


  1. Wah! What a fun-filled and productive day, albeit with a little bit pain.

    8K run at 6:11. *clap clap*

    Don't delay seeing the Doctor, Mas. What if it gets worse? See doctor, get it heal faster and can run quicker. OK? :)

  2. @lina: Thanks. Yeah, I think after salonpasing for few days, macam ilang sikit tu sakit. I think this year I have less time, or maybe I'm overthinking my training again.

  3. All awesome board games. I don't really play them though. The closest I have encountered such a game is chess. Wakakaa jk.

    Have you played World of Warcraft's board game?

    Or do you have another virtual of character online in WoW. If so, do tell. Manatau we can party together and kick some boss ass. :D

    Happy Wednesday, Mas!

  4. @Arms: If you interested mari main boardgame sama kami on Sunday at Just Wargame sana Damai.

    Btw, I've played the WoW boardgame before, wait, more like the setting up phase made me don't wanna play it. Takes too long to play. Same goes with Starcraft. And no, I don't play those games. I have steam and play some games though hehehe.