Monday, March 19, 2012

1000th post after 2 months of silence...

I'm sorry for the lack of update.  Lets just say I'm less motivated to blog these days.  I'm losing my mojo.  Or mebbe the Full Marathon training since end of last year made me so tired that everytime I got home, I got so lil time to do things.  Okay, wait, wait a minute, I have time to do other things, just when it comes to blogging, my brain gets really tired.  But I'm back now.  And I'm gonna talk about boardgame.   Oh! I realize that if I turn off my computer when I sleep, I sleep better and I wake up early and feels energetic.  DAMN YOU energy sucking mechanism!  Stop sucking my energy when I sleep.  Yes, it took me this long to realize that.  Or mebbe I refuse to believe that le computer sucks energy :)

But, before we get to that.  I wanna say thank you to Sakuya for cooking Japanese curry rice for me yesterday for lunch.  I super <3 it!  It's delicious! :)  Oh, there's little rice there coz I'm minimizing rice intake.  Heck, I don't each rice that often.  I eat pasta though :)

Meet up with Daniel at Just Wargame, Damai at 2:30pm.  Before that went to get Yoyo! :3 Green tea with pearl yay~  My long distance running session didn't go as planned.  Reason I'm not that tired.  But sleeping like a snail on the sofa after drinking a can of 100 plus is bad.  The good thing about being petite, you can fit and "blend" in with the sofa lol.

Just Wargame posted photos of the new boardgame they brought in last Friday and I wanted to play :)

Our first game.  Red November.  Now, the last time I played this was...wait, *do a google search on previous posts.  OMFG 4th October 2009, check the post here for comparison.

Objective of the game, KILL the Kraken and save the submarine!  But in other to do that, we'll have to go through a series of events.  Here's BoardGameGeek for explanation.

To Daniel,

"SEE! I told you the one we played before is smaller in width *hmph~"

I just realize I use the same color gnome lol!  FURFLE!

The board and cards.

 Didn't continue this coz it felt like hard to win and we keep getting bad rolls lol.

Change game to Citadels.  The first time I play this is in 2008?  I think?  I'm not sure.  I played this a couple of times actually but it's been awhile.  Refreshes memory.

Unwraps new deck!

*smells new deck of cards.

 Reference.  Your movement phase.

Shuffle shuffle oh wai- no, selecting cards.

The basic 8 character cards to select from.  Minimum 4 players.  I want to play bonus charactes!

Gold!  Looking like strepsils.

I won! :)  Most points hehe.  Must learn to poker face.

Good game peeps.

Finish early today.  Usually we finish nearly 8pm.  Today finish around 6pm.  Went to Kg. Air for dumplings after that! :)

Till next post :)


  1. welcome back *hugs*

  2. Thanks ;) got so lazy omg.

  3. WCB to the blogsphere! Games aside, the opening food pic looks good!

  4. Thanks :)
    Yes yes, friend made that, it's delicious ;)

  5. Postlah about your BIM training progress. :)

  6. @lina: It's so depressing sometimes XD nanti lah tu. I try to think of something ;)

  7. You should visit me at my workplace and we can test run almost ALL the interesting games :D miahaha

    Ps: I really hate co-op games... SUPER HARD to win xD

  8. @Daniel: Too bad. I like most games except the one that takes a long time to set up. I think I told u which before lol.

  9. Morning Curry! okay, now I'm hungry again

  10. @Tom: LOL! macam nama saya curry lol