Thursday, March 29, 2012

The weight loss journey

I was browsing through some old photos in my facebook album and found this.

Le fat meh :(

New Year of 2009 with Sakuya.  Holy shit! Look at those arm.  WARGH so fat oh me.

Holy shit!  I was overweight back then.  Like over 60kg.

Back then, I was wearing baggy shirt with baggy jeans.  I think I was wearing a US or was it UK size 14.  XL all the way.  *sweat.  No self confidence.  I'm very aware of my body shape and I do not like to show my fat.  I'm not like people who can work their fats when they wear tight clothes.  I hate the way I look most of the time.

Vaguely remembers the actual date when I started jogging.  But I remember it was the time when my bro got dump by his gf (best days of my life) and we were driven to lose weight that time.  It was some time around mid of 2010.  This post shows that after 3 months, I lost 10kg, well roughly. Click here.

In October 2009 WARGH! At koby's house, banyaknya makan.

In May 2010 at Dan and Mel's wedding with Chegu Carol.

How I got to the current weight.  

When I was younger, I love to run.  But I dreaded long distance running.  Why?  Cause everytime I join those, I reach the finish line and black out.  FML.

Mind you, I wasn't always fat.  I was thin in high school.  But I lost the weight the unhealthy way.  And thinking back, I could have a better support system then.

Went to jog after work everyday with my brother.  We cut down unnecessary food, cut down rice, gave up on junk food, snacks and etc.  You name it.  We eat a lot, I mean a lot of oat.  Especially for lunch/dinner.  But the best part of all that is doing it with my brother.  BEST MOTIVATION EVER!  We competed.  Him being heavier than me obviously lost more weight.  Competed on daily basis.  From comparing the number of kg drop, to who runs faster and who can last longer.  I'm at the advantage cause he has asthma but truth is, he's doing all that better than me.  More motivation for me to do better for myself.

Me and my brother in July 2010, I think I was around 50-ish kg that time.

We joined the Sutera Harbour 7k Sunset Run in 2010.  He arrived earlier than me.  I dislike losing mind you and I'm competitive.  I like to win!  Who doesn't?

Definitely hard for the first few month, cause I love to eat.  Who doesn't?  But I kept going.

Additional workout = badminton on Friday.  No gym.  No other cardio.  Just jogging at comfortable pace.  I wasn't even checking how fast I'm doing then lol.  But I think I was doing a 7-8 mins pace.  Less stressful no?

I feel lighter.  And gained a lil bit of confidence.  Wear shorts, skirts and dress :)

19th Dec 2010 in KL for Comic Fiesta.  I love my short hair.  Easier to manage, best part = no need to comb lmao.

I think by Dec 2010, I was reaching 50kg.  It took me awhile after 3 months to lose more weight cause weight plateaued.  It was frustrating.  I added HIIT as my alternate if I'm not running.  That was the year when I went to KL for Comic Fiesta and lost 3kg from walking.  Oh, I'm getting the whole abandoned flashback again.  It's also the time when my bro decided to give his ex-gf a second chance (WTFISTHISSHIT).  Friends were telling me how skinny I looked.

After that, I was sort of doing the running alone.  Though, sometimes I manage to drag a friend or two to run with me hehe.  My bro, on the other hand, gained back some of his weight.

In end Dec 2010

Less control on the food intake.  Less time for oat.

Around 2010, my workout includes running at Tun Fuad park and hike after that.  I blackout halfway up.

In April 2011.

In May 2011, I joined my first Half Marathon (Borneo International Marathon).  Twisted my left ankle 3-4 times during training.  I think I was reaching exhaustion during the actual day.  But thank god, I manage to complete it in less than 3 hours.

My car got broke into that day :(  Likas Stadium, Y U NO security?

July 2011, Sutera Harbour 7k Sunset Run.  Big shirt is big.  Another one of my motivation, I always try to keep up.  One of these days, I will surpass!

In Nov 2011, joined my second Half Marathon at (Penang Bridge International Marathon), improved by few mins :( I ran with an injured right leg.  Over train.  I was limping when I reach the finish line.

I joined some workout sessions at Kinabalu Fighters and Alpha Wolf.  Oh I so wanna join those when I have free time.

But all and all, I couldn't do all that without my support system.  My family and friends (you know who you are).  :)

With all that, I'm proud to say that:

Early this year at Sotong and Fara's wedding :) 

  • I am 48kg, wears XS-S clothes (yah I still think I'm kind of big sometimes) 
  • I still run 4 times a week inconsistently.  
  • I do less HIIT these days due to injury.  Not much intensity :(
  • Will be doing my first Full Marathon in May this year.  
  • Improved my pace by 1 min for long distance run.
  • I've made a lot of new friends who run.  Damn good motivation cause I feel intimidated and want to do better too.
Still want to improve? YES!
  • I wanna run faster!
  • I wanna fix my posture orz.
  • Learn swimming :(
P/S:  I eat like nobody's biz these days.  Less control.  But weight still maintain at 48kg.  *peace.

Most recent photo of me on 24th March 2012

Hope this post inspires those who plan to lose weight.  Do it for yourself and not for others.  Feel good about yourself cause you achieve something with your own effort.  Thanks for reading.

And if have any question, just ask away, will try to help.  :)


  1. yala, last picture put pretteh pictar XD
    I ish satisfied, you put our pretty pictures at last...

    and my fugleh one at front... *kicks*

    lessi run faster!

  2. @Kuya: but of course, u think I gila ka? sked kena strangle if dun put pretty pictar :)

  3. Your the best Mas!!!

  4. @Clay: Hehe, thanks, just need to update the blog.

  5. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Nice.. good job

  6. @Anonymous: Thanks :)

  7. i must also said i observed your weight going down, i also noticed your shopping spree activity increased and your beauty/fashion regime have also increased. In other words, self confidence boosted a lot ya? Congrats Massy! It's not easy but hey, you are one living proof!

  8. @chegu: Yes! Sangat lah betul. My shopping spree terus inda ingat dunia. I also got contact lens to make my viewing while running better cause I ran with my spectacles for quite awhile, keeps dropping, I think pasal my spec too longgar sudah, old spec, asal belum patah inda mo ganti tu.

    Self confidence definitely boosted. :) Play with make up too with the help of my chee muis.

    Yeah, kick start is not easy, temptation tu yang have to control till reach target. But now bulih relax sikit.

  9. Wow! Inspiring.

    Congrats on your journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. :)

    Over 60kg fat? I am so FFATTTTT!

  10. @Lina: Thanks. Yeah, I'm short, over 60kg is fat in my case. I wish I was taller.

  11. Wow Mass... I am truly inspired by your story. Siok ni sa baca dari mula with every single detail... terharu pun ada.

    Thanks for the motivation Mass =)

  12. @Daniel: Thanks for reading. Glad to inspire. :)

  13. I love how committed you are! Great job! Looks like I have to start motivating myself the hard way LOL

    1. @Maya: All the best! You can do it!

  14. This is amazing! I used to be overweight as well and went through a hell of lot exercise to lose weight. So I know how it feels. I have been slacking as of late but your post has made me think twice bout what I should be doing to maintain! Keep it up xoxo:):)

    1. Thanks for dropping by the blog. And glad to help :)