Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arkham Horror Boardgame

On a Wednesday night?

More info at BoardGameGeek, here.

We started a bit late, like around 7:30pm.  And this game takes few hours to finish.  But there's only 3 of us.  Le sad.

I played this game before like few years ago but my memory failed me.  Vaguely remembers everything.  To play this game, we need a big table.  1 long table not enough.  We need 2.  Unless you already have a big table then this is not necessary.

But before we get to that.  New shipment arrives at JW.

I played Agricola before.  It's a fun game.  Flashpoint never play before, I'll check that out.  What caught my attention and went slightly crazy.  Game of Thrones! I want! But can't open it.  *cries.

Setting up takes a bit of time.  It took us 30 mins cause 1st time play.

Here, we can see unique item, common item, spells, allies, skills and other special cards.

Location cards, mythos cards and gate cards.

Ancient one sheet at random.  Today we'll be fighting Ithaqua.

Monster tokens in a plastic bag cause we don't have a bag lol.  Improvise.

Played with Sakuya and Daniel.

I played as Sister Mary.  Not so happy about it cause I don't have any money and I prefer a more physical attack kind of character.  Or maybe cause she's weak.  That's why I'm not so fond of her.  There's some advantage for using this character but I guess it's a personal preference in my case.

Daniel played as the doctor, Vincent Lee.

Sakuya played as the old lady, Gloria.

We stop halfway cause want to go back and sleep early.  Before the ancient one can come out lol.

Shall continue playing this next time.  Like on Sunday.  Longer time to play.  And we need more peeps!

LOL!  This only happens to Daniel.

I wonder what happen to this.  "Masuk tabung! Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit" :)

Went to ZenQ after boardgame.  Tried the new Soy Ice Cream. Notbad.jpg.

I ordered it with the ZenQ Signature.

Slept around midnight though.  Oh lord.  I need to sleep early.


  1. game freak! haha

  2. @Nick: I need time for my games! TIME! Need more time! XD

  3. I work in a board game cafe and sadly, boss dont wanna bring in akram horror yet =.=

    I hate agricola oh! susah mo menang! damn... haha

  4. @Daniel: Alah, why not, punya best ni game.