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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Luk Luk Outing

This was suppose to be a random 3 8 outing but end up to be something else.  The initial plan was to do it at Tanamera, Lintas Square but that place has been close for renovation for weeks.  Decided to move it to Lido Square for Luk Luk King!

Definitely a good turn out.

Price range from RM1, RM1.20, RM1.50 and RM2 depending on the stick color.  And four (4) dips to choose from.

What I had.

Sharing is caring :)

Chicken wings and Oyster Omelette.

Le peeps.  Fun times.  It was so much fun that we started at 7:30pm finished at 11:00pm lol!

Lets do this again!


  1. Murah oh luk luk sana... dont really prefer luk luk here in KL =.= damn expensive!

  2. @Daniel C: Most definitely

  3. i normally got the lintas sana dekat salim tu. RM1 each for all items...dang now I am craving for lukluk~

  4. Eh? Near salim? sebelah mana tu?

  5. Sharing is caring. But sharing food pics makes your friends hungraay. Wakakaa.

    Happy Friday, Massy!

  6. It's been a while since my last visit to Luk Luk. :)

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  7. Lido Square? Which one..or rather.. where is it ar?

  8. @Cindy, at Lido. Etto, ko tau mana tu market dia? Ada tu food court, sanalah tu ;)