Monday, April 21, 2014

In pursuit of happiness

Oh wow, my last post was around end of February.  The same time when I injured my left leg (more like pelvic/hip area), I was on painkillers and joint meds for almost a month and couldn't sleep on my left side.  Somehow, thinking about it, I actually looked funny trying to drag myself off bed or car coz I couldn't lift it.  Even trying to put on pants I would need to hold on the table for support.  I feel so old! 

Keep reminding myself that I shouldn't push myself even if I want to.  I could be really stubborn sometimes, I think I'll only stop running if I'm dead.  Haven't had a proper run for almost 2 months is driving me nuts, was alternating with hiking but I recently found out that I shouldn't be doing that either.  Canceled Mt. Kinabalu climb last Friday via feratta.  Gone through a series of ups and downs (more like a pile of frustration) and trying not to occasionally break down from it. 

In the process of healing, estimated recovery time is 6 weeks.  Going through physio, slow exercise is so slow.  Took up Yoga and Swimming.  Lost almost 5kg in the process.  Friends are good support system.  Next race pending Borneo International Marathon on 4th May 2014.  Not sure if I'm able to run for this but being hopeful since there's only minor twitching. Probably just do a relax run not with target time.  Looking forward to meet IG and facebook runner friends. 

I'm planning ahead for next year's activities!  YOLO!

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