Sunday, May 11, 2014

[Event + Food] BunyiGuitar x:po @ Sabah Art Gallery + Kung Fu La Mian + Jing-Si Book & Cafe

I'd planned to do an easy run this morning but I got lazy from the lack of sleep.  I also initially planned to go for a swim but I don't want to go alone since I never been to that pool before.  I went to meet up a friend's newborn last nite after my yoga class and got back quite late, lets just say I end up sleeping at 1am again.  Planned to check out a guitar exhibition at Sabah Art Gallery today.  BunyiGitar x:po.

See, whenever I attend an event, I'm usually curious or I wanted to check out something cool to blog about.  I almost don't have anything to blog about, well I do but I prefer not to do backdated post unless people request me to, but I prefer not cause memory tend to fail, I'll end up missing out details hee~ Best to blog when memory still fresh!  Like this post hee~  Check out BunyiGitar x:po event page, here.  In this case, I sort of got attracted with these:

ArchAngel guitars!

These awesome guitars are for sale if you guys are wondering for USD2,600 each.  The guy who's behind the design for ArchAngels guitars is Johnny Lau.  He's from Hong Kong, friendly dood and he sounds passionate when introducing and answering my question/s about his creation.  I probably need to brush up my communication skills cause I tend to get a bit shy asking questions.  The duration for him for each creation depends on his mood and ideas.  Some took around 2 months - 6 months.  He have created over 40 of these cool one of a kind guitars.  

If you need to know more about ArchAngels guitars, here's the facebook page.

Woops! I wasn't suppose to get into that yet.  But it's okay.  Back to my morning.  I end up waking up late like 8:30am late, I guess Mars waking up late since she didn't text me yet.  I texted first to check if she woke up yet and told her I'd probably be late.  Left the house slightly before 11am to pick her up and off we go.  I initially thought Sabah Art Gallery is located at Sabah Museum.  Boy, I was wrong.  It's actually the new building next to Arkib!  RAWR!  How could I not know this?

I must show my "jakunness" cause I haven't been to the museum in years.  Like probably over 10-15 years?

For those who doesn't know where's Sabah Art Gallery or Balai Seni Lukis (like me! hehe), it's actually located next to Arkib Negeri Sabah or somewhere around Ujana Rimba.  

What?! It's 39 degrees today?  *dies!  I've prepared myself wearing black so I won't look awkward when having "excessive sweat moment".  I just realize my eyeliner melted *sweat.

Entry fee for exhibition is RM15 (2 days pass).  It's free for children 12 years old and below.  For concert and exhibition is RM50 for adult and RM35 for those below 12 years old.

Some info. from the page.
The "BunyiGitar x:po - Gear, Gigs & Guitars" is a unique exhibition that celebrates the Art of Guitar.  Held at the new Sabah Art Gallery (okay my bad, I didn't read that properly lol) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, this 2-day event will showcase various instruments in the guitar family as well as to items linked to the guitar, with emphasis on the instrument as a work of art.  It aims to:-
  • Elevate the status of guitar as an important musical instruments as well as a work of art.
  • Bring an introduce to the public, rare, valuable and unique guitars (yes! I actually saw plenty of cool ones).
  • Provide insight into finer details of guitar playing, making, maintenance and upgrading. 
  •  Be a platform for guitar makers to promote their guitars and craftsmanship.  (I actually don't know any locally.  Anyone does?  Enlighten me please).
  • Be a platform for guitar-based artists and musicians to promote their music.
Among those on display include Martin's John Mayer's Signature Guitar and several guitars skilfully created by world - famous Malaysia luthier Jeffrey Yong using tropical and other exotic woods, each worth more than RM30,000.  

Guitar hybrids like the Sapetar (local stringed instrument sape and guitar).

Gambustar (lute - or locally known as the gambus).

Other stuff to expect at the exhibition:

  • Display of unique, artistic and desirable guitars and guitar related item.

These are some of the performers guitar for tonight's show.

  • Performance, showcases, talks and demonstrations.
  • Hands on experience with instruments.
  • Convert your expired credit cards into guitar picks.

  • "Draw a Guitar" session for children.
  • FREE lessons.
  • Free guitar check up.

 Some bloggers (Cindy and Daniel) and friends (sifu Kwan and Dino) I manage to bump into.

I took over 80 photos but I'll leave it up to this only so you guys MUST go check it out tomorrow! :D So awesome.  I'd probably get even more excited if I know guitar stuff.  But I don't, *sad.

Left around 1pm for brunch.

Went to finally try Kung Fu La Mian at Kompleks Karamunsing Food Court.  Chinese Muslim Food.  

I had braised chicken ramen, RM7.  Taste not bad.  Maybe I'll try something fried next time.

Haven't been to Kompleks Karamunsing Food Court for a long time.  I miss eating Chee Cheong Fun.  Uh~! That delicious Chee Cheong Fun at Bundusan Food Court mmm yummeh~!

Went to check out Jing-Si Books & Cafe at the other block, we saw it on the way to the parking and Dino wanted to check it out.  This cafe is funded by non-profit organization, Tzu-Chi Foundation which is an international humanitarian organization and the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) in the Chinese-speaking world.  They promotes charity work, vegetarianism and the awareness of world issues and environmental protection.  More info. via Google.  

I hope I got all these facts correctly, I didn't take notes ehe~  Besides, Dino was asking all the question, I was just there to enjoy my Iced Matcha Latte haaa~

This place is so zen and it's quiet compared to Starbucks or other cafe.  Only serves drinks range from RM6.90 - RM8.90 from choices of healthy drinks, coffee or tea.  No food.  Books are available for reads and purchase.  Organic goods, merchandise and clothes made of recycled plastic are available for purchase.  

Next to the cafe is the Tzu-Chi Education Centre.  They teach flower arrangement, tea ceremony, zumba, yoga and etc.

More info, webpage (in chinese), here.

That's about what goes on today.  I got home at 4pm and was talking to my sis about Mary Kay products.  *cries.  Okay sleeping late again.  OMG!  Happy reading peeps!   Sorry if it got a bit too long hehe~.


  1. Will visit the cafe soon!!


  2. The guitar exhibition looks pretty cool, and I better visit Jing-Si Books & Cafe soon, this place pokes my interest! :D

    1. Tom, ko teda pigi tu guitar expo? Yes yes, nice quiet place to read books.